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The Wedding ~ Part Two

On the porch of the Magnolia House
Homemade quilt from Aunt Diana
Introduction of the newly married couple
First dance
photo by Kevin
first toast
Bridesmaids minus two
Ladies dancing
Guys dancing
Guys and gals dancing
more dancing
Even the baby was dancing
Amber and Zach (a friend of Adam's since they were little)
photo by Nana
Father/daughter dance
Mother/son dance
photo by Nana
The reception was magical and I will leave it at that!


For more photos visit Mindy Sue's blog.
Queen911 Wow - How did you manage to capture such wonderful shots? Thanks for taking me there.
Queen911 · 2008-05-18: 22:24
ScubaLiz Nice shots!
ScubaLiz · 2008-05-18: 23:17
mamacita It is great that you were able to get the pictures that you did. I have a bunch and I will get them on after my batteries recharge. It was beautiful, that is for sure. :)
mamacita · 2008-05-18: 23:56
oldbabe What a glorious day in a beautiful setting. Love the quilt. What happened to your foot?
oldbabe · 2008-05-19: 06:57
oldbabe Oh, I'm back after visiting Mindy Sue's broke your foot! Wow...What a stroke of bad luck!
oldbabe · 2008-05-19: 07:00
curlyq60 ...this post is marvelous..lovely wedding...also I am sorry about the broken foot on the morning of the wedding....
curlyq60 · 2008-05-19: 07:22
Peche I'm so pleased you all had such a wonderful, wonderful day - so much love in all of these shots, and so much fun too! Add in a yummy looking cake, a great family and cute kids all dressed up... :) Perfect recipe!
Hope you're foot is on the mend :)
Peche · 2008-05-19: 07:43
Jerseyshoregal how romantic wonderful photos jules.....very beautiful......
Jerseyshoregal · 2008-05-19: 08:49
abbeyh13 looks wonderful!!
abbeyh13 · 2008-05-19: 08:50
ofwordsandphotos there's always something about wedding that people would always tak about---especially a nice one like this!
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-05-19: 09:43
dadlak the shot of the baby is are you with your wrapped foot..congratulations!
dadlak · 2008-05-19: 11:08
PaperWings Wow! Everything looked perfect! (Except that bandage on your foot!) :) I love the color scheme and the flowers!!!
PaperWings · 2008-05-19: 12:04
????? How beautiful. I love weddings. I am so happy for you guys (well except for the part about the broken foot).
????? · 2008-05-19: 12:28
????? the set is so well covered is hard to cover a wedding.. especially if you are the MOM the way you looked so cute ...

love the location ..lovely for a wedding .. :):)
????? · 2008-05-19: 12:47
sherryb great jobm these are really nice
sherryb · 2008-05-19: 13:56
????? wonderful!!!
????? · 2008-05-19: 13:59
????? There is a very beautiful atmosphere, so family. Wishes...
????? · 2008-05-19: 14:24
Dawn Julie, What a beautiful glad we could be there. What a bummer about the foot. Who'd uh thunk it...Doc to the rescue. Take care, Dawn
Dawn · 2008-05-19: 15:56
LotoFoto That has to be one of the most beautiful outdoor weddings I've ever seen!
The colors of the bridesmaids dresses were just stunning.
How beautiful!
LotoFoto · 2008-05-19: 16:36
miclaud Wow! A very nice serie! A day not to forget!!!
miclaud · 2008-05-19: 20:23
nelly The cake looks so pretty and yummy
nelly · 2008-05-20: 00:43
Anjie Heart-stirring shots Jules, all of them.
What a beautiful day :-)
Anjie · 2008-05-20: 05:47
KerBear These again are all so great. I really love the picture of Katie standing by the cake though with the glasses in the front of the shot!! The bridesmaid dresses are beautiful and what a gorgeous place for the reception! I love that it was outside and that the weather was so perfect for such a beautiful wedding. Congrats again to the happy couple... and to you, brand new mother in law :)
KerBear · 2008-05-20: 08:34
domino so nice photos, again, congratulations to the couple!!
domino · 2008-05-20: 10:25
mrutherford22 I love her colors! They look fabulous! What a wonderful event...everything looked great. And the cake looked delicious!
mrutherford22 · 2008-05-20: 20:20
picturemom such beautiful shots, I'm impressed you were able to get any- I find it hard to look through that lens without tearing up during those milestones in our kids' lives and I'm the least "girly" person my friends know! congrats to all!
picturemom · 2008-05-20: 21:59
BreezyOnTheEyes i teared up. how beautiful these are! the smiles, the fantastic color choice, the CAKE! everything is so vibrant and happy. what more could you ask for, it looks like it was truly wonderful and special. i'm so happy you overcame the ankle debacle, but i'm soo sorry that it happened at all. you must be incredibly proud. *sigh* someday it'll be my turn but shhhh don't tell nick ~_^
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-05-22: 01:00
bamommy Everyone looks so awesome! I love all the photos! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you .
bamommy · 2008-05-22: 09:50
mindysue these are great! I can't believe you managed to get such great photos under the circumstances.....hurt foot....teary eyed....etc... I love this set! Especially like #24. megan was one of the missing bridesmaids in #10! She was probably with Brad ! ha ha ha ha!
mindysue · 2008-05-22: 15:15
climbergirl AWESOME! You look amazing by the way... a very gorgeous mother of the groom. I love the wedding colors. So pretty!
climbergirl · 2008-05-22: 23:58
ncshutterbug Such beautiful, happy photos. I feel as if I was there. Everyone looks so joyful and and full of love. The father/daughter dance brings a tear to my eye - and the mother/son one as well. That couldn't have been easy - with or without an ankle injury!

You're going to be a fabulous mother-in-law. Congratulations on the new daughter!
ncshutterbug · 2008-05-24: 22:19
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