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Theme: Hippie Day 124

I couldn't really think of what to do for this theme, but I just decided to put a flower in my hair and snap some shots. I'm not a flower child or love child, and my parents were not hippies. However, I did spend some of my childhood during the hippie era, and I always thought the hippies seemed pretty cool. I love the music that was born during this time, and still love the listen to artists such as, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Van Morrison, James Taylor, and Cat Stevens....just to name a few.

I was born in 1968 when so much was going on in the United States. I came into this world during the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, I was born six days after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. There was a curfew in effect when my parents drove to the hospital for my birth.

I feel lucky to be a child of the 70s and a teen of the 80s. As a child, I played outside until dark, rode my bike, acted out movies, listened to my 45s, and made make-believe lands in the woods. During my teens, music became my sanity, and I spent a lot of time with friends. There were no cell phones or internet, and I sometimes wish my kids knew what that was like. Well, times change quickly and I love the time I have had so far. Here's to peace:))

I've been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one. And I believe it could be, someday it's going to come.
Cat Stevens

Feeling groovy,
camilleauteuil wow ! what a nice photo !!
camilleauteuil · 2008-05-21: 23:59
leocheung Wonderful tone and color!
leocheung · 2008-05-22: 00:27
BreezyOnTheEyes this is just fantastic jules. i love the narrative as well. it all comes down to just giving peace a chance ya know? you don't have to be a hippie to enjoy that sentiment, you really nailed it sister. i definitely can understand how my generation and your kids' generation is so removed from when you and my parents grew up. i would have loved to be a child of the 60's. nick and i were totally born in the wrong era hehe

anyway, i haven't been around much, but i'm trying to catch up! great shot, once again, it's a fav. l&h.
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-05-22: 00:47
ronin53 :):):)
ronin53 · 2008-05-22: 03:45
kopackukac :*:*:*
kopackukac · 2008-05-22: 04:15
oldbabe This ended up to be pretty creative and a great shot. Let the sunshine in...the sun shine in!
oldbabe · 2008-05-22: 07:20
mrutherford22 Beautiful photo! I love the lens flare. Thanks for sharing your story!
mrutherford22 · 2008-05-22: 08:12
Jerseyshoregal very cool shot jules lovely!
Jerseyshoregal · 2008-05-22: 08:29
tomie very nice shot! perfect for the theme! i like yours words too...
tomie · 2008-05-22: 08:42
bamommy Great idea for a shot! This is beautiful
bamommy · 2008-05-22: 09:54
PaperWings Really fantastic shot. Love the color and the light shining through. Very natural!
PaperWings · 2008-05-22: 10:09
ThomasChu elegant! very special perspectve...:)
ThomasChu · 2008-05-22: 10:11
ofwordsandphotos My mom has a collection of beatles song and I hate them when I was young. Now, that I'm growing older, i learn to appreciate their songs. ;)
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-05-22: 10:36
CJLata exceptional work. good job.
CJLata · 2008-05-22: 11:13
LotoFoto This is amazing!
Beautiful & surreal.
Love to see this creative side to your photography.
LotoFoto · 2008-05-22: 11:52
abbeyh13 love this shot and love those word from cat stevens!!
abbeyh13 · 2008-05-22: 12:19
????? This is a lovely post for the theme and it was nice to hear your supporting words...
????? · 2008-05-22: 16:19
lorinalynn Great shot! It would make a fantastic album cover. ;)
lorinalynn · 2008-05-22: 17:08
Queen911 Love the photo and the sentiments attached to it. I wish my grandchildren could grow up in the world I grew up with.
Queen911 · 2008-05-22: 18:36
????? that's a very cool photo, i love the way it came out!
????? · 2008-05-22: 20:21
mojaroo dats a very nice shot
mojaroo · 2008-05-22: 21:47
climbergirl Wow, beautiful!!
climbergirl · 2008-05-22: 23:56
sherryb nice shot I really like the way it turned out
sherryb · 2008-05-23: 10:36
seabreeze Wow, it is a beautiful shot. I love the sepia look.
seabreeze · 2008-05-23: 18:04
????? Awesome picture, great photography!~ R
????? · 2008-05-23: 19:00
mamacita did you do that?! :)
mamacita · 2008-05-23: 21:25
nelly I love it. I wish I could have more time to learn all the thing that you guys do.
Very nice pic.
nelly · 2008-05-24: 00:19
meiling Yes, it was great being a child in the 60s and 70s, and I have great memories of those times, too. Thank you for providing the opportunity to reminisce ... Have a great weekend!
meiling · 2008-05-24: 13:03
mahdisafarali i really love to be teen in that time ;) great light :)
mahdisafarali · 2008-05-24: 14:21
ncshutterbug I love this photo, and especially your narrative. I agree - it was a great time to grow up. I miss so much of the innocence we've lost - being able to walk anywhere we wanted without fear, trick-or-treating for what seemed like miles from home without worry of being poisoned - I could go on. Like you, I treasure the memory.
ncshutterbug · 2008-05-24: 22:11
Anjie This is just GORGEOUS Jules!
The tone, the theme, the sunlight, everything about this image is spectacular. faved it because I just couldn't not ;-)
Anjie · 2008-05-24: 23:55
KerBear Julie - not only do I love the photo but I loved reading about the way you look back on these eras. Being born in 1985 I feel like I missed out on so much in the eras before my time.... so reading and learning about them are all I can do!
KerBear · 2008-05-25: 14:24
????? fantastic shot!!!!!
????? · 2008-05-26: 20:34
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