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BFF's reunited: Day 148

A couple of years ago.
Every summer Amber meets up with her very best friend, Mikaela, in Virginia. We parents make this happen by meeting half-way in Bristol, Tennessee. They have been besties since sixth grade, but Mikaela moved to Virginia after the seventh grade. We promised the girls they would still see each other. Mikaela's extended family still lives in this area, so they see each other a couple times a year, but they get a whole week together in the summer.

I'm happy for them, because they are so good for each other. And as a female, I know how important true girl friends can be.

Here's to all the girlfriends out there who don't see each other as much as they would like!!


BreezyOnTheEyes *sniff sniff* i miss my best girl!

this is the sweetest post ever. it's so true that when you find a good and true girl friend, it's more important than anything else to keep in touch and see eachother if only for a week a year.

it's so wonderful that both of you (sets of parents) make an equal effort to keep your girls together. totally cute shots too.
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-06-14: 21:35
????? here here! Wonderful photos- so neat! R
????? · 2008-06-14: 21:45
bamommy That is so cool! Good for you parents for helping the girls keep in touch. I still keep in touch with my bestfriend that moved away after the 7th grade and I'm 31 years old!
bamommy · 2008-06-14: 21:48
mojaroo wow what a livy and freindly post
mojaroo · 2008-06-14: 22:09
PaperWings So sweet! that Amber is a good girl...I'm glad you guys make a point to help her see her bud!
PaperWings · 2008-06-14: 23:20
sherryb aww, that is so sweet and nice of you to make it happen for them
sherryb · 2008-06-14: 23:27
jet28 So happy :-)
jet28 · 2008-06-15: 03:42
ronin53 [b]:):):)[/b
ronin53 · 2008-06-15: 03:57
????? everyone happy.. ;]
????? · 2008-06-15: 04:58
ofwordsandphotos nowadays, bestfriends are rare. ;)
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-06-15: 10:21
KerBear Aw how sweet of both sets of parents to make sure the girls still get to see each other - that is so fantastic :) Great pictures and I hope Amber enjoys her time with her best friend.....
KerBear · 2008-06-15: 10:48
oldbabe They are so cute! I just learned the other day what BFF stood for ;-)
How nice that parents help make their good times happen along with the memories.

oldbabe · 2008-06-15: 14:32
miclaud Nice story! They look like sisters!
miclaud · 2008-06-15: 17:44
????? that's so cool that you make an effort to make sure they see each other as much as possible!!
????? · 2008-06-15: 18:42
picturemom adorable shots, pretty girls. It is really great you make sure they get together still.
picturemom · 2008-06-15: 19:58
mindysue thats so nice! they look like they are very happy to see each other!! great post!
mindysue · 2008-06-15: 23:07
Queen911 That is os nice of you and their families to make this happen. Very, very nice photo of the girls.
Queen911 · 2008-06-16: 01:05
Anjie Aww :)
I'm still very much in touch with my bestie, we've known each other since we were 12 as well (18yrs now!). I'm so glad the girls still get to spend time you, I think your girlfriends are sooo important :) Beautiful shot of them, they are such sweeties!
Anjie · 2008-06-16: 06:22
climbergirl Ahhh, very sweet and such beautiful girls!
climbergirl · 2008-06-16: 11:15
mrutherford22 This is precious. It's so special that you make this happen for your daughter. This will be some of her fondest memories! I'm speaking from my parents also drove me 6 hours to meet my best friend for a week at her house and then a week at my house ever single summer. What a treasure!
mrutherford22 · 2008-06-16: 15:09
pzf64 A high five to you, Mom, for making this happen! Great shots ~ beautiful smiles, both then & now. My best friend today is my best friend from 7th grade ~ and we're 43 now!!!!
pzf64 · 2008-06-16: 22:13
????? very sweet! :D
????? · 2008-07-02: 20:23
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