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The Day After Surgery: Day 210

Thank God for a new day!
I am thankful for hospitals, but comfortable is not a word I would use to describe the way they make me feel.
God bless all of those who have to spend long periods of time there, and those who choose to spend their life's work there.
Kudos to the hospital for their pain management policies. I was glad I didn't have to raise immortal hell to make sure my child was not in pain.
Liquid diet for a few days. Andrew was not interested.
My sweet baby boy.
Dr. Heithold successfully removed Andrew's spleen. He told us that Andrew had lost 1.6 Liters of blood. (An average adult has bout 4L of blood.) Wow! That meant that he had lost nearly half of his blood! All the "what ifs" ran through my mind: What if Andrew hadn't woke me up? He's been known to try to deal with pain on his own. What if I had just told him to go back to bed, and I would take him to the doctor in the morning? I have done this before. What if I had given Andrew something for the pain that also helped him sleep through the night? I had considered this.

I thanked God then and there for being in control, and allowing all the circumstances to lead his healing.

The day after surgery Andrew was pretty out of it. For pain management, he had morphine pump he could push, as needed, for pain. Of course, it would only allow him to do it only so often, but I am thankful the hospital staff managed his pain well.

I will continue Andrew's remarkable story of healing and living tomorrow.


KerBear I can only imagine how thankful you must have been that everything worked out the way that it did!! 1.6L - that is incredible! Poor Andrew...
KerBear · 2008-08-27: 21:13
ScubaLiz Wow! I'm so sorry to hear of Andrew's surgery, but I'm thrilled that he (and you!) are doing well. Hope he makes a rapid recovery!
ScubaLiz · 2008-08-27: 21:30
????? awww- it's hard to believe baby boys get that big! Your blog is very well thought out and you put it together well- I agree 100%!!~ R
????? · 2008-08-27: 21:53
jusshel39 Thank God. Amazing.
jusshel39 · 2008-08-27: 21:55
BETSABE Thank God that everything is fine and could act in time. Andrew will be in my prayers.

Blessings for Andrew and You

<< FLICKA >>
BETSABE · 2008-08-27: 22:31
nojum4 Thank God
nojum4 · 2008-08-28: 10:50
LotoFoto oh my gosh!
What a story! I'm so sorry your family had to go through this but so happy & relieved you have a happy ending.
How many times do we do the things you said you could have (gave him pain medication to help him sleep?) What a blessing you've received!
LotoFoto · 2008-08-28: 11:39
sherryb Thank God! I hope Andrew starts to feel better soon
sherryb · 2008-08-28: 14:12
abbeyh13 #3 cracked me up....
after having 2 kiddos, I have grown to love that button!!

Your son still looks so tough!!!!
I hope you will continue to recover!!!
abbeyh13 · 2008-08-28: 16:30
dadlak Thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes to Andrew for a speedy and complete recovery. I remember the "happy button" well.
dadlak · 2008-08-28: 17:56
Queen911 Glad to hear Andrew is okay. The photos are awesome.
Queen911 · 2008-08-28: 18:45
????? Sounds like you're doing ok too. : )
????? · 2008-08-28: 20:44
PaperWings so glad everyone is doing better!!!
PaperWings · 2008-08-29: 15:50
climbergirl I am thankful he is healing and you seem to be holding up well. What a scary time for you all! My thought and prayers are with you.
climbergirl · 2008-08-31: 11:01
oldbabe What ifs...I think you instinctively knew, as a mother who knows her son well, what to do without contemplating too much.

Poor baby!
oldbabe · 2008-08-31: 15:10
aurian Poor Andrew!! Thank goodness he woke you, and that the medical professionals were able to figure out why he was in pain! How scary, but I'm glad that you're all holding up well after all of this. :)
aurian · 2008-08-31: 17:35
Anjie Thank God for all the blessings that made everything work out for the best. Poor Andrew...I feel for you all so much :( **HUGS**
Anjie · 2008-09-01: 23:16
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