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Belem Tower (2)


Myth is the nought that means all.
The very sun that opens up the sky
Is a bright and silent myth-
The dead embodiment of God
Alive and naked.

This one who called here at port,
Found existence in not being.
Without being he sufficed us.
Because he did not come, he came about
And created us.

And so does legend flow
Across the threshold of reality
And enriching it, runs forth.
Down below, life, half
Of nothing, dies away.

By Fernando Pessoa

Ulysses, the mythic hero of the Odyssey, is said to have sailed into the Atlantic and landed where Lisbon is today. And from his name derived the name of the town he then founded (Lisbon was once called Ulixbona). So, although Ulysses never existed except as a myth, Fernando Pessoa reasons that he is one of the pillars of the Portuguese nation (one of the castles in its coat of arms) and in this poem he muses on the importance of myths.

In the opening part of the poem he refers the myths of solar gods who die at sunset only to reincarnate at dawn in the Sun itself. The poem closes with the thought that, compared to the everlasting quality of myths, life in its fragility is indeed of little value... This thought calls to memory that Pessoa once said of himself "I want to be a maker of myths".

Text from João Manuel Mimoso
EvaLizette Great set and thanks for words of Ulysses :))
EvaLizette · 2011-11-01: 11:08
deandrade Wonderful set! Great Pessoa his poetry is always present, transcends time as a myth.
deandrade · 2011-11-01: 12:01
josy63 Merci Antonio d'avoir choisi ce poème de Pessoa l'intranquille, le faiseur de mythes et mythe en soi, pour illustrer vos photos.
josy63 · 2011-11-01: 12:24
unreal Another very nice set about Belém
unreal · 2011-11-01: 16:33
JustmeG " life in its fragility is indeed of little value... "

eloquently put....
Stunning shots! the first shot is so dreamy and a bit magical as well...the smoothness of the sky draws me right in....great details to the rest of the photos as well...do I detect a subtle hint of HDR?
JustmeG · 2011-11-01: 18:14
Nukee Another wonderful post and excellent words...#4 is fantastic!! :)
Nukee · 2011-11-01: 18:48
renatomartins Cá estou de novo... na vida normal a repetir o que disse aí: Gosto muito da intensidade que colocas nos teus trabalhos... sejam eles quais forem. Gosto também muito da #4
renatomartins · 2011-11-06: 03:50
YUKJA I really like the way you make the idea of the tower with lots of fascinating little details. Very interesting set.
YUKJA · 2011-11-09: 18:08
Nanci22 Eu sinto uma serenidade nesse conjunto, o texto de Fernando Pessoa além de verdadeiro dá vida a cada foto!
Nanci22 · 2012-07-24: 19:09
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