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Art by the sea (5) – Pinta, Nina e Santa Maria

The sea as a large canal of adventure and discovery.
In ages past it was the great scenario of epic times,
from Ulysses’ Odyssey to the sea-faring epics of the discoveries.
This is the Sea, an immense open space that
challenges men by its emptiness,
Kindling curiosity and pushing them towards the
dream adventure.
It was in this open space that in the 15th century,
the The Pinta, The Niña and The Santa Maria set
out on the adventure and sailed, got lost, sailed and
ended up by discovering the “New World”.
Now, in the dream they are able to dock in
Portuguese lands and tell us about their travels
and adventures by means of the three “little paper
sailing-boats” which have moored in the safe
harbour of Estoril, attracting the attention of the
little folk and grown-ups strolling by the seaside.
Perhaps by narrating their stories, they make men
dream once more as they had done one day long
ago with all the little boys who had dreamed of
going to sea.
Marco Fidalgo
Patricia132 Superbly done!
Love these shots of the sail boats!
Patricia132 · 2012-06-11: 09:37
nynkeb #2 in my favorites! Love it!!!
nynkeb · 2012-06-11: 09:53
nicephore34 J'aime ! Les bateaux de papier font penser aux enfants et les enfants font des rêves . Tour comme ceux qui contre l'avis de tous poursuivaient le leur d'Ulysse a Colomb sans la capacité de rêver,de croire a l'impossible rien ne serait arrivé.
Le monde a besoin des rêveurs!
nicephore34 · 2012-06-11: 09:58
JustmeG ahhh...of course recognizable names :))) I like that there are different tones for each shot..but #2 captures my attention the most because of the texture you've captured of the rock...lovely work Tonio!
JustmeG · 2012-06-11: 10:20
Lsample Dream a little dream. Fantastic!
Lsample · 2012-06-11: 11:11
EvaLizette Folding boats :)) I made so many of this to Larsb when he as little..We waxed the paper with candle lights so they would float longer :)

Thank you for bringing back memories. Beautiful art Antonio and great captures
EvaLizette · 2012-06-11: 11:51
josy63 Certains ont vécu leur rêve et ne se sont pas contenter de rêver leur vie... Et le monde a changé !
josy63 · 2012-06-11: 12:11
Paradoxigal I love the words and the shots, what a great post :)
Paradoxigal · 2012-06-11: 12:41
DancingDolphin Those are very cool... I like the idea of duplicating a paper folding!
DancingDolphin · 2012-06-11: 14:05
Unchained Quem é que não fez estes barquinhos de papel em criança? Se calhar até Cristovão Colombo os fez, mas transformou seus sonhos em realidade.
Gosto sobretudo da última, que me lembra ao mesmo tempo das pirâmides.
Unchained · 2012-06-11: 14:38
????? De trés grands "bateaux" pour les petits enfants:-)
????? · 2012-06-11: 15:35
inawe Wonderful photos. Another great post Antonio :). Paper boats bring back such great memories. Making them and sending them out on the water in hopes that they make it to some far away lands ;)
inawe · 2012-06-11: 20:40
liveandletlive Very very cool Antonio. I take back my previous comment.
liveandletlive · 2012-06-11: 21:58
helys Amazing !
The artist is a great child !
So romantic
helys · 2012-06-12: 09:34
mmfotos i like the second one- though i don't like the fact that ther represent those ships
mmfotos · 2012-06-15: 01:25
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