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short story of self portraits

i love tight crops
better half
prim and proper
First of all my self portraits aren't made of some kind of self love , but from a simple fact that i cannot always go out as i have to look after my disabled husband and my daughter and hubby are not always up for posing so i have to take matters in my own hands- this have his good points as i have to be creative - and don't always look like "me" as this would be a bit boring , making self portraits its difficult and sometimes it takes me a lot of time to get the look that i want , with available light ((and in my darl house is not much ) sometimes i miss a good shot just because focus is not where i want it to be , and i cant re-create same one .. .
Hope you all enjoying looking at the pictures and have a lovely Sunday
*All rights reserved please do not use, recreate my images
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- it is always nice to meet new friends
petresandu see you work hard at these pictures; are made ​​with talent!
petresandu · 2012-05-06: 05:01
davidcardona Superb! Great concept plenty of beauty and art! Thanks a lot for sharing!
davidcardona · 2012-05-06: 05:14
Lsample Very impressive! And thanks for sharing a piece of your life. Good luck with all you do!
Lsample · 2012-05-06: 07:27
????? gosh. you're very pretty and these are fantastic. i admire your ability to do self portraits. i don't do very many of these because it's difficult and i don't like how i look but sometimes i will do one if it's requested.

i respect you for caring for your obligations. you're a strong young woman

i like the first one because you look tough, yet soft. the second is a good crop and it's well done in b/w, the third makes me wonder where you are with that faraway look in your eyes, the fourth is from another time. i don't much like the last one. it makes me feel unsettled. superbly done
????? · 2012-05-06: 08:27
photocreators Great Works! Congratulations.
photocreators · 2012-05-06: 10:16
promise Cool edit the last one! Welcome to PB!
promise · 2012-05-06: 10:18
mossy Love the last one, Great portrait set :^)
mossy · 2012-05-06: 12:37
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ahhermesbags · 2012-05-06: 13:17
borogovoi Welcome....
The second one is wonderful for me ...
Ciao !
borogovoi · 2012-05-06: 13:59
????? A great set
????? · 2012-05-06: 16:29
qsilver1 great set.....lov the last one !
qsilver1 · 2012-05-06: 20:43
stormfish i'd say if you continue posting portraits like these, you gonna take PB in a storm... :-)
stormfish · 2012-05-07: 09:22
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