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Unter Den Linden

This one in Szeged is lesser known than the famous one in Berlin...and which was memorialized for all generations by the great Marlene Dietrich ...
This title brought back quite a lot of memories from my younger days... among others, a poem from my German literature studies. I was also thinking of my newest "bestest" friend, Andrea who also experienced the thrill of learning about Vogelweide and other Minnesaengers at the distinguished German Chair of the University of Szeged not too long after me, so I dedicate this gem to her:

Walther von der Vogelweide (1170?-1228?) Unter der Linden

Under der linden an der heide,
dâ unser zweier bette was,
dâ mugt ir vinden
schône beide gebrochen bluomen unde gras.
vor dem walde in einem tal -
schöne sanc die nachtigal.
Ich kam gegangen zuo der ouwe,
dô was mîn friedel komen ê.
da wart ich enpfangen hêre frouwe,
daz ich bin sælic iemer mê.
kuster mich? wol tûsenstunt!
seht, wie rôt mir ist der munt.
Dô het er gemachet also riche
von bluomen eine bettestat.
des wird noch gelachet innecliche,
kumt iemen an daz selbe pfat.
bî den rôsen er wol mac -
merken, wâ mirz houbet lac.
Daz er bî mir læge, wessez iemen,
- nu enwelle got - sô schamt ich mich.
wes er mit mir pflæge, niemer niemen
bevinde daz wan er unt ich
und ein kleinez vogellîn!
daz mag wol getriuwe sîn.


Under the linden
by the meadow,
where our bed was,
there you can find,
beautifully broken,
the flowers and the grass.
Before the forest in a valley--
Beautifully sang the nightingale.

I came walking
to the meadow,
my lover had come there already before.
There I was received,
(Holy Virgin!)
for that I am happy forever.
Did he kiss me? At least a thousand times.
See, how red my mouth is!

There he made--
so splendidly,
a bed out of flowers.
Those will laugh,
who come by on the path
and see by the roses,
where my head lay.

That he lay with me--
if anyone knew
(God forbid) I would be ashamed.
How he was with me,
Never, no one
may find out, except for him and me,
and a little bird
that will well keep my secret.
danrav Initially I was only fascinated by the slight tilt that your picture had to it! You know me and my tilts. I investigated via Google and got the low down on Berlin's version and it is indeed an interesting history.
Your town's version is very pretty as well. That poem is pretty spicy for days gone by. I am so uncultured - I am sorry! ;-)))
danrav · 2011-07-06: 12:09
boronkai Ágikám,
ez IGAZI meglepetés volt - köszönet a szép összeállításért!!!
Andrea, a legújabb barátod
boronkai · 2011-07-06: 14:57
djnana Wow - intriguing words, inspiring image, and interesting information! (Is Andrea "Wildduck"?)
djnana · 2011-07-06: 16:52
Jarvo Well that's impressive. This was the only German rhyme that I learned:

Es war einmal der känguru,
der macht die augen auf und zu.
Jarvo · 2011-07-06: 18:11
honzicek OK, OK, now I will be humming the song all day long.....!
Great post!!!
honzicek · 2011-07-08: 10:12
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