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lgnelson · 2010-05-18: 18:25
Found your image on the front page... gorgeous warm lighting. :)
Thanks! I was really flattered and pleased.
Peche · 2010-04-09: 00:55
Well said, I can relate to your words.
Thanks Bec :D
Peche · 2010-03-31: 19:39
I find that a lot of hybrid roses just don't smell. Science can recreate the colours of the blooms, but not reproduce the scent. :)
Very true! These ones had a fair bit of scent to them in spite of that, but still, nothing near the heady smell you get off a proper, full-blooded rose ;)
????? · 2010-03-29: 06:01
Reply ⇔ Green
Thanks for your comment on my entry into the 'green' themed comp on here, I can imagine the wind whipping playfully over the long grasses in your picture.
Thank you. You have a strong imagination :)
Loverman87 · 2010-01-10: 12:14
Loverman87 Hey :) You might not know but I've been around the whole time, and saw people's updates, especially yours :) I'm happy for your new home. Take care!
KerBear · 2009-12-26: 08:10
KerBear What a great gift! Hope you enjoy your new toy... and that you had a wonderful Christmas!
almostarebel · 2009-12-23: 01:15
Reply ⇔ 356/365
I have a bright pink polish in the same brand (although I don't think I've painted my nails all year... perhaps you'll inspire me!)
I considered the bright pink! But i'm weird like that :P
KerBear · 2009-12-20: 22:52
Reply ⇔ Harley
*squees happily* He's gorgeous, congratulations on the new little one. :)
Thanks! :) He's the perfect addition to our little family and everyone who has met him loves him (he's my little suck and likes to cuddle on my lap haha)
????? · 2009-11-30: 08:52
Reply ⇔ Old School
I can honestly say that I've never seen a stovetop photographed so artistically. :)
Why thank you. I found this behemoth in my parents' basement on Thanksgiving. It's like 50 years old; my mom used it the whole time I was growing up and it still works!
chrisbuchan · 2009-11-22: 23:40
Congratulations on a year of PB'ing. :)
thank you