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No-No Bad Kitty

This was my very first digital image taken four years ago.
Bad dresser
A variation of #1
Please read about No-No below. I meant to write it here, but goofed.
It's the second comment. Penny viewed this while I was writing it.
Hi Penny!
PennyWyatt Oh my gosh, #5 is it, you are having way to much fun !!! Love the kitty !
PennyWyatt · 2009-01-23: 21:12
betsymurphy Yes, that really was his name.
His original name was Sammy, but one day after I wrestled him from
the interior of our fridge for the 10th time that day and after 3 of us fought him to retrieve the chicken leg he had stolen, I screamed out in frustration, "I'm renaming this cat...I'm always screaming "NO-NO!
BAD KITTY" so that's what I'm going to call him.!" He never knew that it wasn't a compliment. No-No grew up to be a wonderful pet and friend. Thank goodnes!

No-No was very much loved and we miss him terribly. I know that he looks evil in some of these images, but in reality, he was very friendly and so funny.
Some of my favorite memories of No-No include how he trained himself to use the toilet. And he let you know that it irritated him when anyone else had the need to use the facility. He also loved to go for walks with the dog. Neighbors would come out to see this cat walking along on our morning walks.
No-No would wait in the middle of the driveway for my teenage daughter to come home. And on Halloween he parked himself
next to a pumpkin to greet the trick or treaters! Oh, he also liked burritos!
He passed away 2 years ago.
Here's to you NO-NO, we'll never forget you.
betsymurphy · 2009-01-23: 21:22
PennyWyatt Awww, that was sweet Betsy. It is sad when we lose our pets, they are like family to us. And each one has their own personality that makes them unique. You seem to have had just that experince yourself.
PennyWyatt · 2009-01-23: 22:18
snapshotjoe What a wonderful tribute to an awesome member of your family! Thanks for sharing the story and the photos!
snapshotjoe · 2009-01-23: 22:52
mybigbackyard Reminds me very much of our Seamus and Calvin. Nicely done!
mybigbackyard · 2009-01-23: 23:23
bigjonny Sweet story and nicely stylized shots.
bigjonny · 2009-01-23: 23:26
bigjonny Its kind of weird I just posted a picture of my recently deceased "Kitty" with almost the same title.
bigjonny · 2009-01-23: 23:28
joycephotography Nice memory & post.
joycephotography · 2009-01-23: 23:31
DancingDolphin I like #4... fashion is just a matter of taste! You might enjoy this:
DancingDolphin · 2009-01-23: 23:57
????? what a beautiful tribute- sounds like one awesome cat!!~ R
????? · 2009-01-24: 00:54
Kamibizr No 2 is very nice I like it
Kamibizr · 2009-01-24: 01:59
Lynda He sounds an exceptional cat. Great shot.
Lynda · 2009-01-24: 06:11
jet28 Awesome set!
jet28 · 2009-01-24: 06:34
skrondo sad bouquet....
skrondo · 2009-01-24: 10:17
lideto First I thought "what a scary looking cat", but after I read your story I understood No-No was very clever and cute. Great post.
lideto · 2009-01-24: 11:20
StonedNori the third is great ! :)
StonedNori · 2009-01-24: 15:29
qarqafoto great set.
qarqafoto · 2009-01-24: 15:40
NellyBly Sweet tribute to a wonderful all the photos you had fun with..we had a cat that loved to go walking in the woods with the dog and me..she was so sweet, maybe I'll do a tribute to her! Good idea.
NellyBly · 2009-01-24: 17:55
kretz great work!
kretz · 2009-01-24: 18:36
finbarr fantastic post!! love your cat!!
finbarr · 2009-01-24: 21:23
catdad I'm saddened for your loss, seems like a great pet, self-feeding, toilet trained, a guardian, and protector, GREAT SHOTS, he however does have "The Look". Thank you for the story. cd
catdad · 2009-01-24: 21:33
gonia super, super, I love them!
gonia · 2009-01-25: 03:43
hannamagnusson creative variations, some of them almost scary, I like it!
hannamagnusson · 2009-01-25: 08:48
Boieiro #2 is unique
Boieiro · 2009-01-25: 11:42
DirtyTricks I love #5!!! It resembles human eyes!!! Though scary but i love it!
DirtyTricks · 2009-01-25: 11:57
onlyricky #2 is sooooo nice
so cute kitty ;)
onlyricky · 2009-01-25: 12:17
lynnsgallery2 I love the story and what a beautiful cat!!! I'm sorry he is no longer with you. I just lost one of my cats and we miss her so much. FANTASTIC editing and #5 is awesome :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-01-25: 23:02
kif123 Great post!
kif123 · 2009-01-26: 00:41
davidcardona Cool! Excellent shots! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2009-01-28: 02:57
chrisbuchan wow cool effects, great story!!
chrisbuchan · 2009-01-29: 15:24
plantago The 4th is fantastic. He is a clever renaissance knight in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.
plantago · 2009-01-30: 11:18
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