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Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp
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Since 1942, Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp, in New Milford, CT, has offered teens a wide range of creative and performing arts. The Performing Arts include: music - featuring orchestral, jazz, ensembles, choral, rock, percussion, recording studio and private instruction, theater, musical theater, dance, clowning and improvisation. The Creative Arts include, among many others, glassblowing, culinary, ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, digital photography, sewing, weaving, bookarts, computers and video. There are also ample opportunities for campers to take part in activities such as sports, swimming, spelunking, animal farming, horseback riding, etc. Campers work along side qualified professional artists and teachers who nurture and support their talents and skills as they perform and create. Each activity has its own area and is equipped to professional standards. Buck's Rock is an educational institution that has never lost faith in the innate capacity of young people to structure their time intelligently and to use freedom courageously and productively. We believe that young people can best act and work creatively when they choose their activities and are allowed the time they need to pursue them. Thus, at Buck=s Rock, campers are given the freedom of choice to decide for themselves the activities in which they will become involved.



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djnana · 2010-07-29: 16:48
djnana What an exciting opportunity for these young people. I wish they had offered these places when I was in school - I'm grateful that our children were introduced to the arts and their creative sides while in high school and college. Best wishes for continued success - you're changing the future!