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Furry Friday

I have been reminded that I have not been featuring any of our cats in the Furry Friday posts and after a long and hard fought discussion I have agreed to start putting our cats in the Furry Friday posts and the cats have agreed to consider not peeing on my shoes.
Ryana Oh wow, your captures of dogs and cats are really very-very good!!!
Ryana · 2012-01-27: 09:09
marilynx But cats are soooo clean!!
They'd never pee on your shoes!
Great series ... as always.
Your dogs have an enviable capacity for life.
Mango and master coming to dinner this evening ... I bet she'll be nervous he's going away again!
marilynx · 2012-01-27: 09:13
Patricia132 These are fantastic shots!!!
Patricia132 · 2012-01-27: 09:27
SheriJ Lucky for you the cats have considered such a nice act? I am a cat person although I have 2 dogs and love them dearly. The cats out number the dogs. 2 dogs against 5 cats! #3 is most beautiful!! hmmm maybe I owe my dogs some photoblog posts?? Have a wonderful furry Friday!
SheriJ · 2012-01-27: 09:44
kopisusu Love #4... seem to be saying.." I am happy! " Nice Set !
kopisusu · 2012-01-27: 10:41
lelle Wow. Great pictures.
Like them all.
Have a fine weekend.
lelle · 2012-01-27: 11:15
EvaLizette Great expression in Nr 2 :))
EvaLizette · 2012-01-27: 11:39
mazpics The 4th shot is enough to make me melt!! SO sweeeet!
mazpics · 2012-01-27: 11:47
Annbramwell So they are only going to 'consider' not peeing in your shoes... what that means is, that they get their 5 minutes of fame, and your shoes keep getting wet... that sounds like good cat logic to me... still they are rather beautiful...
Annbramwell · 2012-01-27: 12:11
????? Wow, capture champion, wonderful photos !!!
All very beautiful :):):))
????? · 2012-01-27: 12:21
anggrekfoto beautiful photographs.
anggrekfoto · 2012-01-27: 13:15
josy63 Cats would not dare to make you a similar thing, because you know so well how to emphasize them, only or with the other companions on all fours
josy63 · 2012-01-27: 14:56
angela20620 I wish I had just one of them and this would be enough for making me happy.
Wonderful portraits as ever!
angela20620 · 2012-01-27: 15:43
lookagain Hahaha....I can just see you sitting around and "discussing" this matter with the cats! Meow!!! Great FF post as usual, Eric!
lookagain · 2012-01-27: 16:48
JustmeG the kitty shots are incredibly beautiful! great set!
JustmeG · 2012-01-27: 17:51
jennyLit hahah funny!! hope they stop peeing on your shoes! i love how the calmness of the cat shots contrast with the craziness of the dog shots..
jennyLit · 2012-01-27: 18:58
threepeas I love the interaction you captured among the dogs and I also like the shots of the dogs with their toys. Very sweet post...I just want to hug all the dogs!
threepeas · 2012-01-27: 21:52
geyabesse Great shots of our dearest friends, especially when playing, showing all their joy
geyabesse · 2012-01-28: 12:35
globetrotdreamer our furry pals in their finest moments! can't pick a fave because they're all adorably captured!
globetrotdreamer · 2012-01-28: 20:23
veronicainheels here you go again! love the faces. maybe you can photograph some shelter dogs? those poor creatures always have such bad photos.
absolutely great post.
veronicainheels · 2012-01-29: 01:36
mossy All really good, But my favourite is number 5. Cracking capture :^)
mossy · 2012-01-29: 05:01
liveandletlive Absolutely keep the cats happy! Love these shots. That St. Bernard stole my shot from the very start.
liveandletlive · 2012-01-29: 14:25
Unchained Your animal shots are all excellent.
Unchained · 2012-02-11: 05:14
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