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Pictures I should never publish on Photoblog

which do you hate the most?
oh, forgot to explain. I was inspired by this discussion:
pictures you should never publish on photoblog
????? Hate is such a horrid word.

Why shouldn't you publish them? Everyone should be able to post what they like without the fear of being insulted or ridiculed.

Such a strange post, although I guess it's meant to be a somewhat humourous piss-take on cat, flower and sunset shots.
????? · 2008-07-13: 13:20
ronin53 why don't you go on your own path? forget about discussions... too many idiots around!!! :):):)
ronin53 · 2008-07-13: 13:36
davids Ha, excellent. On that basis, most of my pictures fall into the "should not be posted category".... oh well !
davids · 2008-07-13: 13:45
Dragana oh i think they are all missing the point a little bit. it is all up to people's choice to put on the blog what they want, i don't have to look at it if i don't like it i guess. And its quite funny too, your post I mean. I must admitt that as soon as i see any of above, especially flowers I get little bit tired.
Dragana · 2008-07-13: 17:32
????? i dont get it. then again i rarely visit forums. i like that swan though, looks like it has horns or something.
????? · 2008-07-13: 17:58
sourdragon i didn't read the whole thread, it was so long- but i'm very glad that you did post these on photoblog! the sleepy cat picture (though admittedly a somewhat tired subject) is enjoyable and well composed. and the bird in #4 is so interesting looking... and it's kind of creepy the way he's looking over his shoulder at you.

the only photos i don't like seeing on photoblog are crappy, unfocused photos that have no thought, inspiration, or care behind them. so i think you're safe :)
sourdragon · 2008-07-13: 19:48
Lynda Great set and I love cat, flower and wildlife especially bird shots. Sunsets are the only ones I tire off but what the heck publish and be damned. It's only porno that should be banned.
Lynda · 2008-07-14: 05:21
Madoc A blog is to post things that YOU like, no matter what people like or not.
Personnally, I don't think that any subject shouldn't be published. But my interest, for flowers and cats and birds shots will necessarly lead to those who present a more unique point of view and that are particularly well done (as these) for they are so common.
Madoc · 2008-07-14: 07:40
pollak OMG. not that EIDEA again...pffff
pollak · 2008-07-14: 08:43
Pikapol very provocative post :)
Pikapol · 2008-07-14: 08:55
SoyLatte all are fab. a flower is a flower is a flower, i've always thought, but since i've been on photoblog i've seen some nice flower shots. it is our perspective...our photos are our commentary on life... no one else's but our own. it couldn't be any other way. i used to think all of the above subjects were boring, but i learned that i was wrong. i love all of your shots. great series.
SoyLatte · 2008-07-14: 22:30
SoyLatte oh, and i meant to say thanks for sharing your perspective!!
SoyLatte · 2008-07-14: 23:52
sloganmurugan none
sloganmurugan · 2008-07-17: 05:09
tcalbaz You made a very wise and kind decision my friend. we are all the more grateful for you sharing these wonderful photos with us. The sunset and the animals are wonderful. Thank you.
tcalbaz · 2008-07-18: 04:07
titusm :) love the sunset and za bird.
but the question lots here said...why not on photoblog?
titusm · 2008-07-18: 08:28
crisutoma i don't care about their oppinion and i like a lot #3 and #5. I do have a lot of photos with this themes :)) .. And i will add #3 to my fav
crisutoma · 2008-08-02: 02:29
????? I like every one of the above. Ignore that rant, and post what YOU like! BTW, the poster who says not to post cute kids has a pic of the kids in his family up!
????? · 2010-01-26: 11:31
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