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LAZYWASP · 2013-09-29: 16:41
I really like the selective colouring (although my neck is a bit stiff!)
Thanks very much...It was lovely to see you on Friday.
LAZYWASP · 2013-07-24: 17:16
Oooooh! Aaaaaah! Lovely starburst!
Dont peak too early!!! a long way to November!!!
mystic1 · 2013-04-13: 23:52
Thats a great shot, so peaceful
Yea it was very peaceful wish I was tre now :-) Thanks
marilynx · 2013-04-09: 04:53
Its great to see these pops of colour finally springing up. Makes the world seem a lot better place :-)
It sure does, thanks and to my husband for all his hard work.
marilynx · 2013-03-23: 04:19
A great idea for 'film' and love your slippers!
Bought in France...all the rage!
LadyDee1 · 2013-03-17: 05:48
Your title actually reminded me of that line out of the song My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music - Raindrops on noses! The colour of the first rose is lovely.
Thank you, and if I had thought of it, that would have been a catchy title :-)
LadyDee1 · 2013-03-17: 05:47
I love the rainbow pens - things arranged in rainbow order always look so appealing!
Yes they do, don't they :-)
fleetingtime · 2013-03-15: 04:31
Reply ⇔ Breaking Free
Fantastic sunlight and clouds
Thank you so much ! Have a super weekend !
SADHYA · 2013-03-14: 05:31
What a lovely view from your window - a definate spring feel to it
It looks like Spring, but the feel is still winter. The wind coming off the sea is direct from the Arctic Circle.
Annbramwell · 2013-03-14: 03:35
Reply ⇔ Inspired...
Andy Goldsworthy must be a standard artist to study - I remember my daughter going out and doing a similar thing 8 or 9 years ago! I like the spiral one best.
I am sure he is, he does some great stuff.. he also liked the spiral one best and he chose it as his centrepiece of the finished art...