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MoMac · 2011-08-21: 11:07
This looks like a very beautiful old church. Is that Scotland ? Who sat on this lion chair ?
Great set
No it is Italy not far from where I live.
mattmckenna · 2011-08-20: 17:22
Fabulous ! I love the soft tones of this set. The buildings are stunning.
thank you
yabiggestfanstan · 2011-08-20: 16:53
Beautiful gardens. Yes...no rain !
Yes a rare event in July and August. Spring was very dry though, please see my pictures in April , May early June. Thanks for viewing
yabiggestfanstan · 2011-08-20: 16:44
Beautiful village. It looks so peaceful, I can't imagine what the criminals did to get such a treatment !
Which part of Scotland is that ?
This place is Haddington south east of Edinburgh. Thanks for viewing
yabiggestfanstan · 2011-08-20: 16:39
I have spent 10 days in Scotland under belting rain is that Scotland ? Gorgeous flowers and sun !
I am sorry the weather was very wet for your visit. It often is but when the rain stops it is very beautiful almost like a large garden.
????? · 2011-08-20: 05:37
OHHH C'est magnifique ! Une infinie délicatesse !
Un pur instant de bonheur et d'harmonie.
Le titre couronne le tout.
Merci:-) je l'ai "capturé" lors du spectacle de nuit au château de Versailles! Un régal !!
noptek · 2011-08-20: 01:25
noptek Merci beaucoup !!!
????? · 2011-08-19: 17:26
C'est tonifiant ! Tout un jardin dans une seule image !
Un bon week end à toi aussi !
Merci:-) bon week end à toi de même:-)
jet28 · 2011-08-19: 06:50
Reply ⇔ Every which way
May be not just after breakfast !
They lost four !!!
noptek · 2011-08-19: 02:52
noptek Thanks !!