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dogydad2 · 2015-09-30: 15:30
dogydad2 Being a beginner, I'm learning a lot by trial & error.......Luckily, digital photography is so much more forgiving & immediate than the days of film developing....Instant feedback can really speed up the learning process..........theoretically....(((grin)))
dogydad2 · 2015-09-30: 15:19
dogydad2 My pleasure! I have some piers, over water, silhouetted in my latest post, as well, if you want to check them out. (grin)
richieybanez · 2014-11-08: 03:08
Reply ⇔ Solar Power
Thank you.
nynkeb · 2011-09-03: 14:29
nynkeb Thank you! Glad you like them :)
KristinMartin · 2011-09-01: 16:44
Reply ⇔ Sunset Beach
Wow. Very beautiful. I thought you were a neighbor of mine. I think our sunsets are soul mates :)
Yes, our sunset photos do go together! Yours are great too!
Paradoxigal · 2011-08-24: 09:11
Reply ⇔ Green
Lovely dragonfly!
Thanks! :)
nynkeb · 2011-08-22: 15:45
nynkeb Thanks a lot! It's a great feeling when a picture turns out the way I hope it will. Most of the time it doesn't ;)
lgnelson · 2011-08-17: 22:31
Reply ⇔ Small Visitor
GREAT shot! I've been trying all summer but I always just miss! My guys even flys toward my face at times but I sonic awe I forget to shoot!
I probably had 20 shots that were "nothing" shots - shooting at 3 frames per second, I finally got ONE!
sinazarei · 2011-08-17: 16:22
Reply ⇔ 1
Love this. So simple yet so much texture.
tnx a lot :)
????? · 2011-08-17: 15:37
Reply ⇔ La plus belle!
Just beautiful!
Merci! thanks so much!