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Weighed down today and for weeks,maybe months,but today it's getting to me, by that ol' devil called PROCRASTINATION.
House is a mess.... Life is stagnating. Got to get myself .....GNnnnnnnn can't MOVE.

I chose this picture because it reminds me of a recurring nightmare I used to have where there was something REALLY important to do but I could hardly open my eyes.. I'd stagger around blind and exhausted, on the verge of sleep. One time I staggered down some stairs and there was a black hole of a room at the bottom of them. As I passed I was suddenly whisked backwards into it .... terrifying but... when I woke up, which was pretty much instantly, I felt exhiliarated by it. A FUN nightmare....

Just found this again. Nothing at all to do with what I'm saying except it demonstrates my fantastic evasion tactics. Lovely lovely picture.... has made me smile and feel better
krx72 falling freely into the abyss. i know that feeling. i am that feeling this exact moment. when will i be caught. when will i hit the bottom. hard. falling. falling. breathe. falling. eyes closed. falling.

hmmm, i better get out into the world. time to visit carmello and victor and get my hair buzzed...
krx72 · 2009-04-16: 13:04
revenant The first step is the hardest, the smallest, the most important and the least rewarding. It's the step that sets the pace and demands the most energy and it's the one we're least aware of. It can be the start of a race, a climb, a march or a dance to chase tornadoes.
It's the unknown step, the mysterious one, not the step that breaks the ribbon and wins the race, but the one that makes it possible.
Sometimes, just talking about the daunting challenge of taking that first step means that it has already been taken.
We rarely have to take that step alone. We just think we do.
revenant · 2009-04-16: 13:53
Dragana welcome to the kingdom of procrastination. i try to justify it by saying that i work in bursts . like a bear. i hibernate and then for a week i work like a maniac and it goes on
Dragana · 2009-04-16: 18:10
Iwanowski You know, it sometimes feels like the more you need to do, the slower your blood flows, as if pressed down by the weight of expectation. Like in a dream when you have to run, but can barely move your legs. I get that a lot
Iwanowski · 2009-04-16: 18:29
finbarr interesting post !!
finbarr · 2009-04-16: 18:51
Jarvo Ha ha, thanks very much for the prompt Carole. I love procrastination and unlike what they'll tell you in the self-help books I think it's a very useful thing. I was planning a post about it, but I procrastinated and then forgot and so nothing happend. Now you've reminded me, it's an idea I might resurect. Cheers!
Jarvo · 2009-04-16: 20:11
????? what's it matter if you get anything accomplished? just take it a day at a time
????? · 2009-04-17: 01:31
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