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Self Portrait pre- Anseling

Did have a little muck about with this to get it to look like it does on my phone. Think it's a bit too 'soft' for colour. Little less camera-shake would have worked better :). Funny, I didn't think it was particularly out of focus in the black n white version (previous post).

Colour or black n White?
And Why?
Ryana The colord one (to me) looks warmer, more friendly, than the mono. (if you know what I'm trying to say. ;-) .)
I like this one very much!
Ryana · 2012-04-15: 06:44
yellodog As Ryana say's the colour gives it more warmth. The B&W is more dramatic. You could probably sharpen up this, and increase the contrast to get the same impression of sharpness as in the B&W but the softness combines with the colour to give it a cosy nostalgic air.
yellodog · 2012-04-15: 08:50
Lsample To Ryana's point, the one in color does have a warmer and more friendly quality, but I am not sure this makes it better. I believe that the emotional intensity that I was drawn to in the BW version was what made it a great portrait for ME. But then, I am an odd duck, and most people do seem to rather prefer the "pretty" things.
Lsample · 2012-04-15: 08:54
finbarr Great portrait!! emotional come out better in B/W ,
finbarr · 2012-04-15: 10:05
mallusatish Wonderful portrait, both are good for me,very nice~!~
mallusatish · 2012-04-15: 10:14
wfrnk Color, always... :-)
wfrnk · 2012-04-15: 13:59
liveandletlive I like the black and white. I think it is more dramatic and also makes the spots on your hands look more like freckles.
liveandletlive · 2012-04-15: 16:33
DancingDolphin Oh, I much prefer the b/w, more interesting to me! In color all I 'see' are your eyes... which are beautiful... but distracting. 8^)
DancingDolphin · 2012-04-16: 19:29
mawey this actually has a much more scary hand in it than the shots in your overnext blog entry. :-)

i don't know why, but i also prefer it over the b/w version in the entry before. there is something oddly "alive" in this; maybe it's your flushed cheeks or simply the fact that it contrasts to the b/w pictures i can compare it to here. i don't think this picture should have any dramatic contrast or heavy grain, it is effective as a portrait of a thoughtful woman in it's very mellow, many layered way.
mawey · 2012-04-17: 06:20
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