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Project Morocco

Bell High Photographers! Greetings from Morocco! I am Ms. Herrera your photography teacher this year and I want to invite you to experience Morocco Africa through the vision of both myself as a visitor and of youth here in Morocco. On a weekly basis I will be asking you to comment on and upload images about daily life, culture and popular experiences both here and across the Atlantic in Morocco. This week I would like you to comment on the images I will be presenting about The city of Rabat. On at least three images I want you to reflect on what the similarities of the city Rabat to your own city of Bell. My first week here, as I walked down the street i noticed just how much we had in common! Your responses must be at least one short paragraph long on three separate images of your choice. I'm very excited to take you on the journey with me!!!
EdwinGalan We will be ready to view your pictures by tomorrow. =)
EdwinGalan · 2011-07-07: 15:05
????? Ms. Herrera,
Your students have asked if there is a way for you to label the pictures or number them, so they can identify which pictures they will be using to comment. I've asked them to describe the picture they are using for now.

Would also post a sample of the format for the students' comments?

Thank You!

Mr. Galan
????? · 2011-07-08: 10:58
JulianPicon the cell phone picture and the classroom ones are all a little alike because that is how our class rooms look small and we have rules of no phones in class
Julian Picon
JulianPicon · 2011-07-08: 10:58
paolahernandez The photo of Mcdonalds relates to our community because we have mcdonalds also :)-Paola P.1
paolahernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:00
FatimaPerez Photo 23 is similar to Bell because they have street traffic lights and cars. People also have to wait their turn to cross the street. Morocco also has tall buildings and cars. The people also dress and wear the same clothes as us.
Fatima Perez Period 1
FatimaPerez · 2011-07-08: 11:01
KarenBravo Hey Ms.Herrera the picture of McDonalds relates to our community because there's McDonals not so far from us.Its weird how in other places there could be the same stores or resturant.
KarenBravo · 2011-07-08: 11:04
mariorios The photo of Mcdonalds relates to our community because we also have Mcdonalds.
Mario Rios
mariorios · 2011-07-08: 11:05
esperanzaalonzo The picture of McDonald's is the same in our city because there is 2 in Bell and they look the same except the foreign language. The picture of the people eating also relates because most families eat dinner together like they are doing. The final picture i choose is the one where the women are talking,it relates because some days you would see your neighbors outside talking or gossiping.
esperanzaalonzo · 2011-07-08: 11:06
jzelaya Photo 3 is similiar to bell because many families in bell including mine eat together as in this photo which is something we both can relate to. -Jonathan Zelaya P.1
jzelaya · 2011-07-08: 11:07
JulianPicon picture 20 looks like similar hotels we have in the area and they look simple
JulianPicon · 2011-07-08: 11:07
rickvaldovinos The photo of the family eating together is what people do here as well to.
-Ricardo Valdovinos p.1
rickvaldovinos · 2011-07-08: 11:07
gustavoflores Gustavo Flores Per.1 Photo A

What I noticed is that both Morocco and Bell have fast food eateries such as Mc Donalds. The families in both places also come together around the table to eat dinner. There is schools to learn new things and just like Bell, Morocco also have gangs who tag up school properties.
gustavoflores · 2011-07-08: 11:08
cinthiagarcia Cinthia Garcia, period 1
I noticed in Morocco, they have somewhat of metro trains that seems like that are used regularly, as we do here. The school contains desk and also graffiti that some bell student do here too.They also have fast food places, as McDonalds. The traditional food that they have I've never seen before. The family looks like it custom to eat together,as do many family here.
cinthiagarcia · 2011-07-08: 11:08
FernandoEsquivel One of the pictures that really caught my attention was picture number 5, the Mc Donald's one. I can really see that we and the rest of the world have a lot in common. The fast food restaurants even. I find interesting that we were raised different than other countries but wee all happen to like he same things:)
Fernando Esquivel Per.1
FernandoEsquivel · 2011-07-08: 11:09
FatimaPerez Photo 13 is similar to our customs. They also eat dinner as a family like we do. They also use their best plates when its a special occasion. Their table also has a nice table cloth like most people at Bell have. The food includes some vegetables we eat daily here. The only difference is that they don't have their drinks next their food.
Fatima Perez period 1
FatimaPerez · 2011-07-08: 11:10
johnnyhernandez i never knew there are mcdonalds in morocco, but it is not shocking because mcdonalds is everywhere. -Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:12
rickvaldovinos the photo of the Mcdonald's is simillar to the one here because everyone goes there to eat but not the same language.
-Ricardo Valdovinos P.1
rickvaldovinos · 2011-07-08: 11:12
mariealaniz 2. A modern room, clean, and organized, which some, people in bell are. There are women outside socializing and it reminds me of our gossiping women. A bevy, which most women like to have. And i live in bell so i know i do.

7. Public transportation, in bell in most buses, the people in there also dont really socialize and wait for there stop in silence, neither in contact in bell as well. More women bus it than men as in the picture and in bell, since the men have the "jobs" and buy there own vehicles.

20. The cars look like the ones that are owned in bell as well. The palm trees in between the different ways of the street. The apartment or hotels, right next to the driveway, is seen a lot in bell too. Crowded areas are also very common.
-Marie Alaniz
mariealaniz · 2011-07-08: 11:12
johnnyhernandez i never knew there are mcdonalds in morocco, but it is not shocking because mcdonalds is everywhere. -Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:12
RuthEscobar what i see common about Morocco and Bell is that we have the same fast food restaurants like McDonalds.
Ruth Escobar Period 1
RuthEscobar · 2011-07-08: 11:15
jzelaya Photo 4 is similiar to bell because the room that has all the desks looks like a school classroom which relates to us because us in bell also have classrooms with desks. -Jonathan Zelaya P.1
jzelaya · 2011-07-08: 11:16
FatimaPerez In both Bell and Morocco there are Mc Dondalds. I guess we both enjoy the same types of foods. We both enjoy to eat a fast food places. Our cultures may be different but we both enjoy eating a hamburger or chicken nuggets. It must be popular or else Mc Dondalds would have closed by now.
Fatima Perez Period 1
FatimaPerez · 2011-07-08: 11:17
????? Never mind my comment on how to identify the pictures, one of your students made the discovery of being able to comment directly onto the pictures. Thanks!
????? · 2011-07-08: 11:17
johnnyhernandez the food from Morocco looks good, like in photo 13 Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:18
johnnyhernandez the food from Morocco looks good, like in photo 13 Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:18
andrealuna The pictures that show the city Of Morocco relate to the city of Bell because it the streets look similar to one another.
-andrealuna p.#1
andrealuna · 2011-07-08: 11:18
rickvaldovinos the photo of the food there is not the same as what we eat thats something different.
-Ricardo Valdovinos P.1
rickvaldovinos · 2011-07-08: 11:18
josezendejas Ms. Herrera's I like picture number 5 McDonald's looks so different I wonder how they serve the food there?
Jose Zendejas
josezendejas · 2011-07-08: 11:19
johnnyhernandez the food from Morocco looks good, like in photo 13 Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:19
FernandoEsquivel On picture number 4 we can relate to here in the United States because education is a very important thing. I don't know what's there economic situation there but am glad to see that education is priority over there. . . . . .
Fernando Esquivel per.1
FernandoEsquivel · 2011-07-08: 11:19
SebastianEcsobar Photo 5 of McDonalds shows that we aren't the only ones with fast food restaurants we are all quite the same in a specific way. We have many McDonalds in our country and have a couple in Bell which is no different than the one in Morocco.
-Sebastian Escobar (=
SebastianEcsobar · 2011-07-08: 11:19
griseldagonzalez I like how in the fourth photo with the desks, the Morocco people keep their classrooms clean and organized. However, just like at Bell photo number eleven proves that people will vandalize school property even if the class itself is clean. Photo number twenty looks like a picture taken somewhere around here, the Palms and the cars are similar to here. It's amazing to see how even though we're so far apart and in different countries there are similarities in both of them.
Griselda G. per. 1
griseldagonzalez · 2011-07-08: 11:20
jzelaya The photo with the two women standing in the bus is similiar to us because people in bell also ride the bus for transportation. -Jonathan Zelaya P.1
jzelaya · 2011-07-08: 11:20
lizbethzuniga 9. this the little kids have emotions he is happy he was playing around.
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-08: 11:21
DamarisDelgado Ms.Herrera were all excited to be in your class. We'll be waiting to see you again.....
Photo 1 .. Looks like someone is protesting for something even tho i have no idea what it says but it relates to Bell becuase of the Walkathons we do :)
Photo 4.. Those look like classes which obviously we have in Bell too .. But over there is different it seems darker and looks like the teacher on the side.
Photo 11.. Looks like graffiti is everywhere.. People might express there selves thru out art which we now call it graffiti and Bell have those too under the riverbank, houses, building ..
Hope to see you again :)
- Damaris Delgado
DamarisDelgado · 2011-07-08: 11:22
SebastianEcsobar Picture #14 with the sign of no cell phones allowed is the same here in Bell because we are not allowed to have or use our cellphones during school hours, this shows we arent quite different.
-Sebastian Escobar (=
SebastianEcsobar · 2011-07-08: 11:22
luischavez the photo with cars reminds me of bell because when your coming to school theres a ton of cars.
luischavez · 2011-07-08: 11:23
andrealuna In the photo where there is a food gathering , much like dinner. The food is more different then our culture, but looks very good. As in their culture they look like they have different eating habits their ours.
-andrealuna p.#1
andrealuna · 2011-07-08: 11:23
lizbethzuniga 14. the photo reminds me in school of bell because we dont suppose to have cell phone school lizbeth
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-08: 11:24
AndreaDeLuna PHOTO 4: there is somehow something that caught my attention of this picture is a classroom with only 3 windows and there is no teachers desk ,the desk for the students are only dark green and red is so different from over here in Cal.
AndreaDeLuna · 2011-07-08: 11:24
FernandoEsquivel Picture number 13 would have to be my favorite on of all. I really like this one because it shows the family bond they have. Its good to see that they all eat together as well as we do over here. Also because we as well as them have love towards our family:)
Fernando Esquivel Per.1
FernandoEsquivel · 2011-07-08: 11:25
anthonyguerrero The 7th photo with the people inside the bus relates to the city of Bell because that is one mode of transportation that most people of Bell take either to work or school.
-Anthony Guerrero Per.1
anthonyguerrero · 2011-07-08: 11:25
SebastianEcsobar Picture #21 tell me that they care about their people and keep them safe in any way possible just like here in Bell and also looks like they have alot of traffic just like us.
-Sebastian Escobar d=
SebastianEcsobar · 2011-07-08: 11:26
johnnyhernandez the policemen in photo 22 have different uniforms than the ones here in bell -Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:26
johnnyhernandez the policemen in photo 22 have different uniforms than the ones here in bell -Jonathan Hernandez P.1
johnnyhernandez · 2011-07-08: 11:27
RuthEscobar photo #10 and 14. the streets and building look very similar like the ones we have here in bell. and you could see that they enjoy being out in the streets walking and looking around.
Ruth Escobar Period 1
RuthEscobar · 2011-07-08: 11:27
lizbethzuniga McDonalds shows that we aren't the only ones with fast food restaurants we are all quite the same in a specific way. lizbeth
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-08: 11:27
EdwinGalan I am curious. Picture #9 is of a table with food in the center but only women are at the table. A few pictures before, there is a table filled with men sharing a meal. Do women and men ever sit together at the same table? Is it a cultural or religious thing?
EdwinGalan · 2011-07-08: 12:08
gabrielaflores This image reminds me of the tagging we also have here in the city of actually makes me reflect on that it doesnt matter where your from there is always going to be taggings.theres plenty of grafiti in this wall which doesnt make it look nice. The tagging doesnt give a good vibe about the nieghborhood it makes it look dangerous and dirty.
gabrielaflores · 2011-07-08: 13:53
gabrielaflores this image reminds me of my school. it reminds me because around the school you could find posters like that saying that the usage of cell phones are prohibit.these can also be found in offices hospitals and ect.
gabrielaflores · 2011-07-08: 13:56
EdwardMurillo I Never seen people eat on the floor in picture number 3. PER.3
EdwardMurillo · 2011-07-08: 13:57
mayraparedes picture #11 shows that bell is not the only one with
tagging in the table
mayraparedes · 2011-07-08: 13:58
anthonymarmolejo picture #7 reminds me of our buses here at bell and over there in Morocco they have their own little decoration , per 3
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-08: 13:59
ruizalexandro this image looks like graffiti on wall but not so much with style. The writing is sloppy, some would say "toy" many people take the word "toy" as a meaning of insult but little do those people know that it means they are burly beginning. it reminds me of bell because we have a lot of "toy" artists.
ruizalexandro · 2011-07-08: 13:59
gabrielaflores photo#1 reminds me of people protesting for something they belive in. this shows that there is unjustice everywhere around the world.
gabrielaflores · 2011-07-08: 14:00
ruizalexandro the photo with the cell phone canceled out is like the posters we have here at bell.
ruizalexandro · 2011-07-08: 14:01
joshuacanales its interesting how the schools there look different than our school in bell. such as the desks i like them they are very unique and look nice, and somewhat creative.
joshuacanales · 2011-07-08: 14:03
anthonymarmolejo On picture #13 the food is way different from ours , also the table. The way they serve the food is like being more closer to the family in my point of view per3
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-08: 14:03
ruizalexandro photo #23 reminds me of la pacific.
ruizalexandro · 2011-07-08: 14:04
bdelossantos on picture #3 i only see men where are the woman in the picture
bdelossantos · 2011-07-08: 14:05
mayraparedes picture #5 shows a picture of a fast food called McDonalds that we have right here in bell i think ever fast food place are almost ever were
mayraparedes · 2011-07-08: 14:06
anthonymarmolejo I like picture #10 because the buildings are very much like california and the street is looks very calm. Though to say the sun seems to make the picture look like if it was very hot that day , per3
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-08: 14:06
VanessaVasquez Photo #11 Reminds me of bell city because you always seem to see this kind of look in the streets or mainly anywhere you go. Us not knowing what this actually means i know it has a important meaning to the community just like it gives a meaning to our community.
Photo #14: This photo brings me a thought about how bell high school is because we are not able to use our phone any time while we are in school. Even if its another kind of language the image tells more than the words.
Photo #5: The photo of the McDonald's reminds me of our community and how you can find a McDonalds anywhere you go.
Period 3.
VanessaVasquez · 2011-07-08: 14:08
bdelossantos picture #16 is nice, i like the way the color shine with the sun
bdelossantos · 2011-07-08: 14:08
joshuacanales picture 11 looks like some writing a crazy dude would have done if he was locked in an asylum. especially if you read the words put together "you see" or the sloppy written numbers on the right. Either that or maybe its their version of graffiti over there but on my opinion i think someone lost there mind at the moment - Josh
joshuacanales · 2011-07-08: 14:10
mayraparedes on picture #14 shows that they have the same rules as us
mayraparedes · 2011-07-08: 14:11
maggiegarcia one of my favorti pic is the 3rd of the last pics u have its interesting how there law enforcement uniform and our law enforcement union looks different .......
what was going on in that pic
maggiegarcia · 2011-07-08: 14:11
bdelossantos the building in picture #10 are really creative the buildings look like if going to fall
bdelossantos · 2011-07-08: 14:11
analedezma Italic TextMiss. Herrera You Have Random Photos To Take. Thats Pretty Cool. i Like The Way That You Have Different Photo and The Way You Take Them.
analedezma · 2011-07-08: 14:12
alondragllegos All Pictures Look Awesome! Especially The Feast, The Photos You Take Are Work Of Art.
alondragllegos · 2011-07-08: 14:14
astridcastro Photo 11: it's familiar to Bell because you can find some graffiti on objects, and they are all different things people tag but the nice part is it can be viewed in many ways; bad or good.

Photo 4 shows a class room with desks and chairs, just like Bell High.. but the room/class is really bare, there's no posters or the consequences posted up its just plain.

Photo 20: has similarities like Bell. it has nice building with a lot of cars waiting to get to their destination and there's few palm trees that make the place look better.

Period 3
astridcastro · 2011-07-08: 14:27
JoseMaldonado Photo 4: Its a nice picture, the classroom looks empty and alone but with no posters.
Photo 11: Shows that even in morrocco theres tagging
Jose Maldonado Per 4
JoseMaldonado · 2011-07-08: 14:47
elvacabanillas Photo 7: shows that the women don't interact with each other, their in their own unlike here in Bell people interact with each other.

Photo 15: Reminds me a lot of Universals.

Photo 22: Reminds me a lot f my community when there are any protests.
elvacabanillas · 2011-07-08: 14:50
armandoorozcojr Armando Orozco Per:4
I like the Mc Donalds picture, they like to eat like we do over here.
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-08: 14:54
prudenciolesly photo3 : looks like a nice family dinner!
photo5: mckdonalds is everywere
photo 14: no phones there also :o
prudenciolesly · 2011-07-08: 14:54
vanessavaldez photo 7 it is very different because of what they wear

photo 3 it reminds me of family get togethers

photo 4 is different from bell because the walls are not decorated

period 4
vanessavaldez · 2011-07-08: 14:57
JesusChiquete Photo 11: Like in Bell in this picture their is some type of tagging or art on the walls. It is a art and shows all kinds of expressions.
Photo 21: They also have metro line or public transportation to help people get around the city. They also have cross guards so people could cross the intersection as safe as possible.
Photo 5: This photo is of McDonald's and like us in Morocco they have fast food restaurants. This shows that McDonald's has really branched out around the world.
JesusChiquete · 2011-07-08: 14:57
JoseEnciso Photo 11: Shows that no matter where we go there will always be some tagging.
Jose Enciso P.4
JoseEnciso · 2011-07-08: 14:58
lisseteviera Period 4(:
Photo #19 & #21 look like Downtown LA...
and Photo #11 is relative to Bell because we see tagging like that...
lisseteviera · 2011-07-08: 14:58
GerardoGonzalez Photo 3:looks like a good meal with a nice family to go with it.

Photo 11: even vandalism is over there

Photo: Even McDonalds can be over seas
GerardoGonzalez · 2011-07-08: 14:59
DianaLuna Photo4: its a nice picture,the classroom look very empty and noting on the walls, in bell high all the classes have posters,papers,files cabinets.
photo:11 the graffiti they have there is so different then over here in bell is only letters and numbers that are cross out and gang names...
Photo:8 in this picture is it religions or something because women are just eating together with out there husbands and in other pictures men are eating alone too.
DianaLuna · 2011-07-08: 15:01
helloguy Photo 5: THeres Mc'donalds all over the place over here as well as there

Photo: 14 They aren't allowed to use or have phones o n just like us over here at bell senior high school

Photo 20 : they also have traffic just like over here in L.A

~ Helloguy
helloguy · 2011-07-08: 15:01
alfredocuevas Photo 11:this picture shows that were ever you go, there will be graffiti on walls around the world and also mcDonalds alfredo cuevas p4
alfredocuevas · 2011-07-08: 15:02
armandoorozcojr Armando Orozco Per:4 Picture #13
Everything is so different Over in Morroco.
the plate with vegies reminds me of my moms caldo de rez
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-08: 15:02
veronicamartinez Photo # 3- The classroom reminds me of our school in Bell because not only do we all need education but its all over the world. We may all speak different languages but education is the same in every country.

Picture # 1- The picture reminds me about the city we live in, which is bell when all the people were protesting because of the corruption we had. We are all alike in very similar ways.

Picture #4- We are very alike in food because in the U.S.A you will always find a McDonalds in every corner. But am pretty sure it might not taste the same.
veronicamartinez · 2011-07-08: 15:02
sandramembreno sandra membreno per:4 Ms. Herrera im so exited to see your pictures the one that got my eye was photo# 4, that picture is interesting it got me thinking alot. i wonder what happens in that empty room??? photo# 5 is similar to my city because we eat McDonalds. photo# 7 is full of mistery i love that picture its kind of scary :) the food looks good its so colorful... photo# 21 and the other ones is the city remind me of downtown you are right that city is similar to ours
sandramembreno · 2011-07-08: 15:03
vanessahernandez photo 14: even in Morocco they're not allowing phones
photo 9: it seems the kid is happy where he is :) and i love his shades ;)
photo 11: whatever city or country it is graffiti always exist
vanessahernandez · 2011-07-08: 15:04
ordenanajennifer hey ms.hererra (: well i think that photo number 11 would relate to our school because a lot of people tag on our desk and a lot of our desk look like that because of kids writing on them but i would say that it relates to our schools. other than that i like that picture!
ordenanajennifer · 2011-07-08: 15:04
armandoorozcojr Armando O. Per:4 Pic#12
This picture reminds me of my period 2..theres really no one there..
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-08: 15:05
alfredocuevas photo 22 shows the military walking around in formation in Moracco and her in the us you dont see any military walking in formation. alfredo c p4
alfredocuevas · 2011-07-08: 15:07
leslieflores The photo of the cellphone reminds me of school because phones are not allowed. The Mc Donalds is like our community because we have Mc Donalds everywhere in our community. The classrooms are clean and empty over,there over here in bell the classes are filled with posters and students work.
leslieflores · 2011-07-08: 15:09
Ricardovalen Phooto4:The schools in morrocco are the same as in L.A Bankrupt and empty with no students in them.
Ricardovalen · 2011-07-08: 15:10
ordenanajennifer i like picture #4 it reminds me of how hungry i am right now and i think its pretty cool that they eat mc.donalds like we do. it must be famous :o
ordenanajennifer · 2011-07-08: 15:11
RobertoRodriguez Photo 4: shows me that education is all around us ,that the way we learn and there learn are the same and also nice room.
Photo 5: its nice to see some McDonald's in other parts of the worlds.
Photo 7: transportation is just like ours back home.
RobertoRodriguez · 2011-07-08: 15:11
????? photo4: Its a nice picture, the class room is really empty and there is no cabinets and also the tables are really different. The class room is really pale there is not a lot off colors and it is plane. I really loved the picture it is a nice view?
????? · 2011-07-08: 15:12
alfredocuevas In photo 9 it shows a little kid wereing glasses that are in style today right her at bell alfredo p4
alfredocuevas · 2011-07-08: 15:12
JoseEnciso Photo 23: looks like if you took it in Downtown L.A. Jose E P.4
JoseEnciso · 2011-07-08: 15:13
ordenanajennifer picture #20 remind me of how packed with cars it is in the morning when they come to drop me off to school. or how packed the traffic is on saturdays (;
ordenanajennifer · 2011-07-08: 15:15
Gisellesalmeron The picture of McDonald's is similar alot because we have the same fast food restaurant here and over their as well.
Gisellesalmeron · 2011-07-08: 15:16
juanhernandez the class room is legit.
juanhernandez · 2011-07-08: 15:20
israeljuarez you look very nice in the last picture >:D
israeljuarez · 2011-07-08: 15:21
juanhernandez PHOTO #4 is simple but intresting at the same time.
juanhernandez · 2011-07-08: 15:24
luisvalencia Pic 19-People j-walking just like over here in bell
luisvalencia · 2011-07-08: 15:24
juan2195 Morroco is just like here in the USA there are trains and cars. Also the people stick together as a family they have family dinners just like us. They have an army and most people work even children are like us. What most surprised me was that they have industrialized and live just like modern countries.
Juan C Sanchez Per: 4
juan2195 · 2011-07-08: 15:26
edithdesoto22 photo 3 is similar to bell because many families sit together and eat. the photo where it shows the desks is similar to our school their also lined up equally. the food in morocco looks very colorful and unique its not a typical plate like Mcdonalds would be.
edithdesoto22 · 2011-07-08: 15:27
Bianca Garcia I think it is very intresting how they have a mcdonalds there, That is very much similar to the ones here!
Bianca Garcia · 2011-07-08: 16:19
Joel Orrego The photo of Mcdonalds shows that although we're thousands of miles away from each other doesn't mean we don't share qualities.
Joel Orrego p.6
Joel Orrego · 2011-07-08: 16:25
Becky Sanchez hey ms Herrera! so far Morocco looks like a pretty similar place just like the city of bell. what i thought was pretty funny was that from this experience that you are having, you happen to stumble upon a McDonalds over there. I personally think its pretty awesome! (: well have fun over there & keep taking great pictures Ms. Herrerra.

p.s dont forget mine & joes chanclas from there :D & ernies candy!!! (:
Becky Sanchez · 2011-07-08: 16:26
nancyvazquez I like the photography i really looks alot like bell. the picture of the schools seem so simple. like the schools focus on education and nuthing else.
nancyvazquez · 2011-07-08: 16:30
JosephPineda Something that caught my attention is how the Moroccan streets look like any other street. what i like is the rich culture and how here we love our culture too. Joseph P. period 5
JosephPineda · 2011-07-08: 16:41
michaelfierro i like the picture of the classroom because it shows how different the conditions are in the united states
michaelfierro · 2011-07-08: 16:41
Bianca Garcia The Bus looks Huge!!
Bianca Garcia · 2011-07-08: 16:44
michaelfierro the picture with the lady in the bus covered from head to toe because it shows how women are very censored from the public
michaelfierro · 2011-07-08: 16:45
Bianca Garcia The little boy with the glasses looks very intrested in you taking the picture,The glasses make him look even more intrested!!!
Bianca Garcia · 2011-07-08: 16:47
gonzalezedwin i like the picture of the people in the bus it shows how evrywhere in the world just like Bell their is some sort of public transportation
gonzalezedwin · 2011-07-08: 16:47
michellechavez photo number 4 is similar to bell high school because they both have desk like our classrooms
michellechavez · 2011-07-08: 16:47
yasminayon well the one thing that caught my eye is how the class rooms are way different from here and i had no idea that morocco had a mcdonalds
yasminayon · 2011-07-08: 16:49
karlabarajas it seem like there is good food in both places like in pic #3 we all enjoy it the same....
karlabarajas · 2011-07-08: 16:55
RaymondGuzman The lady in the bus looks preety creepy other than that preety good picture.!
RaymondGuzman · 2011-07-08: 16:55
ChrisSerratos Hey Ms.Herrera seems like your having a great trip. Well I seen all the pictures and i noticed that the weather is similar to ours at this point. And also seems like the same population we have here in City of bell. The picture taken of the class is similar to our classes here at Bell High school.
ChrisSerratos · 2011-07-08: 16:56
RaymondGuzman The picture of the soldiers reminds me of mexico.
RaymondGuzman · 2011-07-08: 16:56
johannaaguilar The schools there are smaller than the ones here and i think it has something to do with money issues, but its still pretty similar.
johannaaguilar · 2011-07-08: 16:58
karlabarajas the no cell phone sign is also something we would see also here in our city... at least is not only in the U.S
karlabarajas · 2011-07-08: 16:58
JoseBuenaventura Picture # 3 is the same as Bell because our classrooms have desks lined up like that. The class also looks very calm and relaxing to do work in.
Jose Buenaventura Per.5
JoseBuenaventura · 2011-07-08: 17:00
moncerratarechig I really like your second, third and last photograph because it shows how it is in Morocco. It shows the culture that they have
Moncerrat Arechiga (per.5)
moncerratarechig · 2011-07-08: 17:02
johannaaguilar the picture of a lot of writting on the wall reminds me of all the graffiti here in bell....
johannaaguilar · 2011-07-08: 17:02
joselynfierros The photo of the McDonalds shows that even though we like different types of foods, we both still like McDonalds. And also that even we are many miles apart they still have a McDonalds.

Joselyn Fierros per 5
joselynfierros · 2011-07-08: 17:02
joselynfierros Photo 8, is similar to how we eat here in the city of Bell, because we sit together like they do & eat at the same time too.

joselyn fierros per 5
joselynfierros · 2011-07-08: 17:03
leonela deras the schools overthere are really small and really clean i wonder how much students go to that school
leonela deras · 2011-07-08: 17:03
rickyespinoza The schools over there dont look like the ones we got over here looks like the economy is doing bad
rickyespinoza · 2011-07-08: 17:04
johannaaguilar the food in picture 13 looks very different than our typical food here, but we all still down at the table and eat like a family.
johannaaguilar · 2011-07-08: 17:05
robertoespinoza Photo 19 is very similar to the City of Bell because of the streets lights, buildings and very busy. The metro is like the one we have here, to make transportations for people who don't have cars. You see many people here walk the streets of Bell with suitcases and stuff.

robertoespinoza · 2011-07-08: 17:05
karlabarajas The last picture i really like it because you seem like if you are really enjoying your trip.. it kinda looks like some place we would see around L.A
karlabarajas · 2011-07-08: 17:06
jasmineleon I really enjoy these pictures from morocco (: its very fascinating the fact that one of our bell high teachers is in the other side of the world right now! jasmine leon per. 5
jasmineleon · 2011-07-08: 17:06
kimberlyumana Mcdonalds is every where. Is the menu the same?
The subway ceiling is very nice and the look clean.
even though I don't understand the writing I can understand cell phones are not allowed
kimberlyumana · 2011-07-08: 17:06
joselynfierros Photo 7 shows that people over there still use the metro like we do.
joselyn fierros per 5
joselynfierros · 2011-07-08: 17:07
????? that bus is really big!
????? · 2011-07-08: 17:07
JimmyJimenez I never knew Morocco had McDonalds
JimmyJimenez · 2011-07-08: 17:09
moncerratarechig the first second and last photos are really nice. I like how they express the culture from over there! moncerrat arechiga Per. 5
moncerratarechig · 2011-07-08: 17:09
melissaanzaldo there is a lot of security(cops) in Morcco..i dont like that the women have to cover themselves so much.
melissa a. p.6
melissaanzaldo · 2011-07-08: 17:42
melissaanzaldo it looks like your having a lot of fun in the last picture....
melissaanzaldo · 2011-07-08: 17:44
xitlaligarcia Its seems like a busy street , and hope your having fun - xitlali garica per 6
xitlaligarcia · 2011-07-08: 17:47
rubenhernandez in the picture of the classroom the class looks so empty unlike our classes thar are packed with posters and technology. do they have books to read??

ruben hernandez p.6
rubenhernandez · 2011-07-08: 17:47
rubenhernandez on picture number 7 is that somebody's clothes hanging or is that actually someone standing there?
rubenhernandez · 2011-07-08: 17:49
biancabustos On picture #9 the small child looks like if he is enjoying life at the moment, and that reminds me of the small children in my neighborhood
biancabustos · 2011-07-08: 17:49
jamiesanchez I think the photo of the "graffiti" has similarity to over here because we see that everyday in school as well, people have the same habits no matter where we are.
Jamie Sanchez per.6
jamiesanchez · 2011-07-08: 17:49
eduardoperez That food that you were about to eat looks very good.
eduardoperez · 2011-07-08: 17:50
rubenhernandez on picture 11 they also write graffiti like they do in our school. and was that a wall or a desk?

ruben hernandez p.6
rubenhernandez · 2011-07-08: 17:51
danielalopez The image with the men having a meal and women having a meal seperate made me curious.Are they now allowed to sit together?
danielalopez · 2011-07-08: 17:52
denissedelgado so it is true that Mc Donalds serves world wide pc.5
denissedelgado · 2011-07-08: 17:52
ceciliagonzalez Photo#5 I am not surprised that there IS a McDonald's all the way over there in Africa! We over here at Bell are not that different from the people in Africa after all. Except the Arabic writing on McDonalds' is different, you don't see that alot around here.
ceciliagonzalez · 2011-07-08: 17:54
denissedelgado i had no idea they had palm trees i though they lived in a desert pc.20
denissedelgado · 2011-07-08: 17:55
derrickreyes pic 4-the classrooms are very different compared to bell the structure looks different. pic 5- it cool that there a McDonalds.... is there a KFC there to? pic 15- the pic looks like the dark side in bell high
derrickreyes · 2011-07-08: 17:55
biancabustos It is interesting how even though we lived in different parts of the world and we have cultural differences, we still enjoy some of the same things like McDonalds among many other things Per.6 Bianca Bustos
biancabustos · 2011-07-08: 17:55
keniamora i like all the pictures of morrocco because although they are very different to where we are, they have similiraties of things we have, do, and use.
keniamora · 2011-07-08: 17:55
anallelyatanacio Photo 1 is very similar to the city of bell.Here in bell we have protestants a lot of times and we are also protesting for our rights. i like this picture because it shows that in every single place of the world people that do not have their rights are protesting to get them just like most of us here in the United States.
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-08: 17:56
denissedelgado pc.16 their school looks cleaner than ours
denissedelgado · 2011-07-08: 17:56
ceciliagonzalez Photo#7 This is very different from Bell because you can see how women are covered from head to toe as in the U.S people wear the least clothes possible!
ceciliagonzalez · 2011-07-08: 17:57
markrodriguez picture 7- I guess the only way this picture is similar to Bell is because the kind of clothing they wear. they all seem to wear that same type of clothing and over here people have different types of clothing they wear but they're all pretty similar in a way so we do the same as they do.
picture 4- the desks in the schools over there look a lot better and bigger than the ones we have in Bell.
picture 14- the no cell phone picture is a lot like Bell because the staff in Bell never hesitate to tell us we can't use phones. at least Bell isn't the only school that has that rule.
markrodriguez · 2011-07-08: 17:59
denissedelgado pc.22 riots........ reminds me of when the lakers won and things got out of control
denissedelgado · 2011-07-08: 17:59
GustavoVillazana This pictures remind me of the cities in the U.S
GustavoVillazana · 2011-07-08: 18:00
ceciliagonzalez photo#11 Similar to Bell High School, there is vandalism going on in the schools over there, since the desk is completely covered in graffiti.
ceciliagonzalez · 2011-07-08: 18:00
JenniferTorrez Ms.Herrera in my perspective i think that picture #6,8,and9 show how there culture and everyday life is for them and how they adapt to it since the day they are born. p.6
JenniferTorrez · 2011-07-08: 18:02
luissilva365 picture # 4 is really depressing, it show empty tables with a concrete floor, it looks really poor and kids can get sick.
luissilva365 · 2011-07-08: 18:02
brendarodriguez pic#4 looks like a lonely and simple classroom. pic#16 looks like a big school. but also looks like a nice place to visit
brendarodriguez · 2011-07-08: 18:03
anallelyatanacio Picture 9 shows what in many parts of the world looks like. there are families that live in places that are full of dirt and that are unsanitary
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-08: 18:05
melissaguerrero i like picture 4 because i can see the differences between Moroccan classrooms and ours, like the flooring, desks, and how organized they are. i also like pic 11 because it shows how they also use some english in their culture, and graffiti on desks like many bell students. the no cell phone rule is also the same as here.

per. 6 melissa guerrero
melissaguerrero · 2011-07-08: 18:08
anallelyatanacio picture 13 shows the food that they it and i'm pretty sure thats a traditional food. Every place has its own way of cooking. Many families here in bell have their own style of cooking, The food looks very interesting to try it.
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-08: 18:10
alexandrasoto In photo #3 friends are coming to eat together just like we do with our family and friends. The public transportation in photo #7 looks similar to what we have here too, only the tile above has different designs. Photo #23, streets look just like any street in our city.
-Alexandra Soto Per.6
alexandrasoto · 2011-07-08: 18:16
jessicabaltazar photo4:the class room is way different from the onces at bell there class room is really empty and it looks so nice and it is so beautifull.
jessicabaltazar · 2011-07-08: 20:43
jasongarcia i see the similarities with the mcdonals. i also see that they sit down together to eat as a family.i also noticed that the eat from one bowl and not pots or pans. they have traffic just like us too
jasongarcia · 2011-07-11: 14:52
armandoherrera what was that plate of food called. looks delicious!(:. -Armando Herrera per4
armandoherrera · 2011-07-11: 15:19
ReneGonzalez the classroom look like one from here
ReneGonzalez · 2011-07-11: 15:20
delgadomichael why are the police marching
delgadomichael · 2011-07-11: 15:20
Sergiovallejo picture number 4 reminds me of bell because there are classrooms
Sergiovallejo · 2011-07-12: 16:06
Sergiovallejo picture number 5 reminds me of mcdonalds at bell
Sergiovallejo · 2011-07-12: 16:07
Sergiovallejo picture of 11 reminds me of the tables in bell because there all messed up
Sergiovallejo · 2011-07-12: 16:09
terrypacheco on picture 8 i wonder how it taste like and what's it call ....

terrypacheco · 2011-07-18: 17:04
????? PICTURE # 3 Is so Interesting thats how we eat like a family but they eat It so different we each get are plate but they dont dont they eat from the same plate but thats nice because that shows that they are family and they no how to appriciate the stuff they have and picture #16 it reminds me of my family thats in mexico because my causin goes to a school like that and it is just different color i remember i used to go to one of those schools. TONY RENTERIA PERIOD 1
????? · 2011-07-22: 11:05
karena garcia per.1 picture 13. the food from morocco
looks good, i always want to try there food
karena garcia per.1 · 2011-07-22: 11:27
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