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Project Morocco Week 2!

Welcome to week 2 Project Morocco! This week has been an amazing adventure and experience. I rode a camel in the Saharan Desert, drank camel's milk, went to a traditional Amaghir wedding, met miners working in mineral mines, wove a carpet with a grandmother from a Nomadic family and met and played music with West Gnouan musicians. This weeks experiences made me think about the roots of my own past. I thought about my history and culture and how it traces back to this very place in so many ways. My family is from Cuba. Cuba's history , like many other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, is closely linked to migration though economic trade, slave trade and Spanish conquest. The grandmother weaving the carpet on the loom reminded me of my own grandmother and her work knitting clothes and table cloths for the family. The definition of Nomadic means the family travels with their flock of sheep or goats. Families pitch tents and small towns wherever the flock feeds. When we listened to the Gnouan musicians, I heard rhythms of the music my grandfather used to sing when he played Cuban music. Gnoua is in the west of Africa, closer to the west. It is very likely that my family's history can be traced to the west of Africa. The hand instruments you see in the images were made to mimic the sounds of slave chains. This sound made me think about the journey and struggle my own family has taken from Africa to Cuba to the US. The miners reminded me of workers right in my own city of Los Angeles. Much like day laborers and construction workers, these men work long hours with little to no benefits for very little compensation. The wedding we were honored to participate in was another amazing moment! Like many Latin American weddings, the family danced and shared communally in a huge celebration for the young couple. All in all this week has made me reflect on my roots and history. For this weeks blog you will be doing two things; answer the three questions about your history and migration to the US and post images and icons of your culture and traditions on the project 365 website. YOU MUST ANSWER THE THREE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS COMPLETELY, ONE PARAGRAPH EACH ON THE BLOG!!!Answer the questions right on the blog, then post images of your families traditions and cultural icons in your home, neighborhood and city on project 365. As you know, You can send the images through your cell phone, or shoot with your digital camera and send them via email.
1. What are some family traditions your family still holds from your country of origin. What celebrations, foods, activities are distinctly from your family's country of origin and how do you still practice them?
2. From the introduction written above, what assumptions can you make about the migration of my family. Why do so many African traditions remind me of my own?
3. What relationships can you make with any of the images above? Describe what images remind you of your own history, culture, family and what in the images reminds you of these things.

** Now shoot and post images about your own families history through traditions, food and icoUnderLine Textns.
anthonymarmolejo picture 21: its a very nice animal , did you ever get to ride one?
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-11: 13:49
anthonymarmolejo picture 1: The sand looks soft it sort of reminds me of the beach. It must be very hot over there.
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-11: 13:51
anthonymarmolejo picture 5: This is a very big difference from what we have , that must be very uncomfortable.
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-11: 13:52
armandoherrera sand dunes in the background look nice-armando herrera per4
armandoherrera · 2011-07-11: 15:28
ReneGonzalez is it hot out there in the desert
ReneGonzalez · 2011-07-11: 15:29
FatimaPerez is it hot over there because you're wearing a scarf. fatima perez period 1
FatimaPerez · 2011-07-12: 22:22
anthonymarmolejo picture 18 : This place reminds me of the people that don't have homes.
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-13: 13:59
anallelyatanacio what is the lady on pic2 doing?
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-14: 17:31
RobertoRodriguez Photo 1: It is nice to see the desert because everthing in the world has its own element.
Photo 16: It is nice to see music played in different parts of the world with different rythms and intruments that I do have experience with.
Photo 29: It is nice to see history in the world, where here you go to a museum but there you can walk all over it.
RobertoRodriguez · 2011-07-15: 08:04
FatimaPerez 1. My family celebrates the nine days before Christmas, from the 16th to 24th of December. We participate in Posadas every night where we pray and walk around the neighborhood asking for shelter like how the Mary and Joseph did in Bethlehem. While we walk around the neighborhood, the children are allowed to dress up like Mary and Joseph. When we finally find a house that lets us, in for shelter we sing happy Christmas songs and immediately sit down to pray the rosary. After we are done, we eat and have fun by talking to friends or hitting the piñata. We have done this every year since I was small.
2. I can assume you or your parents had to migrate to the US from Cuba. This makes your traditions more special and unique because not many people celebrate your customs and traditions. The Africans also experienced the same situation as you. They moved from their native land and brought to somewhere they were not familiar with. The African traditions remind you of your own because you also experienced the same hardships. I also think that most cultures has the same customs because no matter what somehow we a mixture of many cultures. Cultures and customs have slowly been evolving slowly because people do not only live with their same race; they are usually mixed, like in Los Angeles.
3. Picture 10 reminds me of the handmade shawls they sell in Mexico. Depending on the design of the shawl, it can take from 1 month to 6 months to create just one. Picture 7 reminds me of the mines they have in Zacatecas, Mexico. They are so big and have many different rocks and minerals like the ones in the man's hand. Picture 11 reminds of the object used to make tortillas or gorditas. It may take longer to make tortillas than to actually buy them but they taste better than the store bought ones.
-Fatima Perez period 1
FatimaPerez · 2011-07-15: 23:19
????? its the camel milk good?luis ordunez per.3
????? · 2011-07-18: 14:04
lizbethzuniga lizbeth zuniga period 3 i like photo 1 becuase it nice to see the desert the sand look soft like u could lay down
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-18: 14:07
Jacqueline Nunez Photo 18 is very pretty something you dont really see when you are out here!
-Jacqueline Nunez <3
Jacqueline Nunez · 2011-07-18: 14:07
????? the desert sand looks nice
angel islas per.3
????? · 2011-07-18: 14:08
EdwardMurillo picture 1 looks like its really hot over there
-edward murillo period 3
EdwardMurillo · 2011-07-18: 14:08
????? Wow. The last picture, that has the lady with all the drawings on her hand is it like real tattoos or?...
Kimm Guzman Per. 3
????? · 2011-07-18: 14:10
clarissagalindo on picture13, what kind of instruments are they? -clarissa galindo per.3
clarissagalindo · 2011-07-18: 14:10
bdelossantos per.3 In picture 29 the lady looks freaky with all of those drawings in her hand
bdelossantos · 2011-07-18: 14:10
saira garcia on picture 7 what's the man holding?
sairagarcia period 3
saira garcia · 2011-07-18: 14:11
lizbethzuniga lizbeth zuniga period3 the photo the guy working so hard in the sun
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-18: 14:11
Yency Cardenas The last picture with the lady with painting on her hands, is really NICE. this pictures are really interesting. Looks nice out there. -Yency Cardenas Per.3
Yency Cardenas · 2011-07-18: 14:12
katherine lorenzana period 3 morocco looks like a nice place i would like to visit someday.
and on picture 1 that is a beautiful background.
katherine lorenzana period 3 · 2011-07-18: 14:12
anthonymarmolejo picture20:There clothes are very "dressy" , I guess they wear that everyday. It looks like every color stands for a relion.

picture28: People are standing there but why? they are looking at something very interesting.

picture29: The lady / mans tatto is very interesting , does that picture refers to a traditional meaning?

(per 3) 7/18/11
anthonymarmolejo · 2011-07-18: 14:13
lizbethzuniga lizbeth zuniga period 3 it nice to the trations that they have in ther hands and the history
lizbethzuniga · 2011-07-18: 14:14
Jacqueline Nunez The Last Photo Is Interesting How They Use The Henna To Make Their Temporary Tattoos && The Designs They Have On Their Hands!
-Jacqueline Nunez<3
--Period:Three >.<3
Jacqueline Nunez · 2011-07-18: 14:16
bdelossantos Per.3 In picture 26 there is a rainbow by the side of your feet
bdelossantos · 2011-07-18: 14:17
elizabethcoreas I really like the hena art. Its very beautiful.

elizabethcoreas · 2011-07-18: 14:18
margaritagarcia margarita garcia per 3
the last picture looks crazy thats one of my favorite picture
margaritagarcia · 2011-07-18: 14:18
josecarias i really like all the pictures, they make me want to go to Morocco someday
-Jose Carias Per.3
josecarias · 2011-07-18: 14:20
margaritagarcia margarita garcia per3
did u get to touch the animal
margaritagarcia · 2011-07-18: 14:20
delgadomichael why does she have the markings in her hands
delgadomichael · 2011-07-18: 15:10
????? the art on the hand is sick -rene gonzalez period 4
????? · 2011-07-18: 15:11
armandoherrera i like the blue outfit that guy is wearing, looks cool(:. Armando Herrera per4
armandoherrera · 2011-07-18: 15:12
armandoorozcojr Image number 26.
i can see a birds nest up above..its cool..
did you know it was there??
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-18: 15:15
vanessavaldez Photo 16: It is nice to see music played in different parts of the world
photo 27 i like the background it looks nice
photo 1 it looks very peaceful

vanessavaldez period 4
vanessavaldez · 2011-07-18: 15:16
armandoorozcojr Image 29.
Im loving the art..creative!
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-18: 15:16
????? picture 29 shows a women with very artistic hanna images alfredo cuevas prd4
????? · 2011-07-18: 15:18
GerardoGonzalez Photo 2: reminds me of a old mexicans lady working on quilts that they make...

Photo 25: looks like an entrance to a church

Photo 26: looks like the steps either to temple of a pyramid.
GerardoGonzalez · 2011-07-18: 15:19
josetorres the hena art on the lady on the picture 29 looks really amazing
josetorres · 2011-07-18: 15:19
delgadomichael #3 when the people ride camels it reminds me of how my family rides horses in mexico. My grandparents own ranches that have horses is kind of like the way they ride camels and how they the animals carry items for them like water or food.
delgadomichael · 2011-07-18: 15:20
????? picture 19 shows a camel resting for a long journey alfredo cuevas prd4
????? · 2011-07-18: 15:21
prudenciolesly photo 5: reminds me of when people go visit and they have to sleep on the floor

photo 12 : wonder what type of music they play?

photo 29: i like her tattoo
prudenciolesly · 2011-07-18: 15:21
KimberlyMonge Photo 22: i love the colors in it, the color blue really pops out :)
Kimberlymonge (Per 4)
KimberlyMonge · 2011-07-18: 15:21
juanhernandez i really like all the archtechture in the photos

juanhernandez · 2011-07-18: 15:22
JoseEnciso picture 16 show that there's soccer fans all over the world.- Jose Enciso
JoseEnciso · 2011-07-18: 15:22
armandoherrera #3)when the people are riding the camels, it reminds me of my family. It reminds me of how my family likes to ride horses, and how they own some as well. My parents have also told me stories that the horse is the only form of transportation back then. It relates to these people and camels in a way, because they need it for transportation too.
armandoherrera · 2011-07-18: 15:22
????? picture 16 shows that all over the world there would fans representing there favorite soccer team
alfredo cuevas prd4
????? · 2011-07-18: 15:23
hennessichairez i like the pictures of the camels. pic #2 reminds me of my grandma when she would make blankets and clothes for me and my sisters.
hennessichairez · 2011-07-18: 15:23
josetorres photo 25: the architecture of this hall way looks really nice and the lighting makes it look even more better
josetorres · 2011-07-18: 15:24
KimberlyMonge Photo 15: this pic is very interesting, i love music, i would like to know more about their different types of music :)
KimberlyMonge (per 4)
KimberlyMonge · 2011-07-18: 15:24
delgadomichael #2 I assume your families relatives have many cultures and traditions that other cultures have that are similar. Your parents had to migrate like the africans had to migrate from land to land and it makes your culture that much more important.
delgadomichael · 2011-07-18: 15:24
elvacabanillas photo 1: is really nice i think just being there is relaxing.

photo 24: i like the architect work something different but nice.

photo 19: i like the view and the camel's just sitting there look nice.

Elva Cabanillas p4.
elvacabanillas · 2011-07-18: 15:25
leslieflores The last picture is really nice. The picture of the camels reminds me how in mexico in the ranches they ride horses. The picture of them playing music reminds me that in Mexico my family always plays and sing along to music.
Leslie Flores Per 4
leslieflores · 2011-07-18: 15:25
DianaLuna photo 20: i love the color blue it really pops out.
photo 29: the drawing that the lady has in her hands is awesome..why do they have drawings do you have to have them? diana luna per .4
DianaLuna · 2011-07-18: 15:26
jessicabaltazar The art on the lady's hand is very nice and spiritual?? Do the mines have gold or silver gold it reminds me of the mines that Mexico has.
JessicaBaltazar Period 4
jessicabaltazar · 2011-07-18: 15:27
Luis Valencia Per.3 I there scorpians and stuff in the sand?
Luis Valencia Per.3 · 2011-07-18: 15:27
veronicamartinez picture # 1- I dessert looks very beautiful, thats something we dont have in america.
Picture # 15- Its nice to know that anywhere in america music is heared, but with way different beats.
picture #18- The lake looks nice with the dark clouds. like a typicall day in america

veronica martinez per.4
veronicamartinez · 2011-07-18: 15:28
vanessahernandez photo 18: i like this photo because i love taking photos of landscapes and i think is very nice way how the photo came out :)
photo 29: i love to see the different things they could do with art with the materials that they have :D
photo 15: its nice to see other different instruments that exist
vanessahernandez · 2011-07-18: 15:28
JoseMaldonado Per 4 Picture 18: looks like a nice place to relax,get away from it all.

Picture 29: what kind of form of art is that on her hand?

Picture 7: what is that in her hand?
JoseMaldonado Per 4 · 2011-07-18: 15:28
jasongarcia we still eat together during lunch. we eat the the same food that my parents ate when they were young.we also hang out as a family during holidays.
i can make a relationship with the art because i also see people with art like tattoos around the city.i see the fun that they have during celebrations as we do at home.
jasongarcia · 2011-07-18: 15:29
delgadomichael #1 my family still celebrates cinco de mayo and celebrate fathers day and mothers day when its suppose to happen in mexico and not in the U.S.
My parents also celebrate el dia de la muerte which is like halloween but to me is better because you pay respect to the dead.
delgadomichael · 2011-07-18: 15:29
armandoherrera 1. the traditions my family still use from the country of mexico is that we always eat mexican food. The celebrations that they brought with them are that we celebrate christmas eve instead of actually celebrating on christmas day. instead of us getting presents we leave our shoes out at night, and when we wake up a present is there.
armandoherrera · 2011-07-18: 15:29
JoseEnciso photo 29 shows the people and their culture.
Jose Enciso P.4
JoseEnciso · 2011-07-18: 15:30
Jesus Chiquete Picture 29: Are those people from the illumanti because that eye is a symbol of a mazon.
Picture 23: Looks like a mystical room because of the way the light hits the room.
Picture 7: That mineral looks very cool , is it suppose to be coal.
Jesus Chiquete Per.4
Jesus Chiquete · 2011-07-18: 15:31
edithdesoto22 1. My family and me celebrate 9 days before christmas. it takes place on the 16th to 24th of december, we do a posada were people go around walking and praying then asking for shelter just like in bethlehem. When we are allowed to go in a house we sing songs then we pray the rosary. When we are done praying we talk, eat, and kids get to hit a piñata; it is filled with candy and sometimes fruit as well.
2. I assume that you or your relatives, moved from Cuba to the US to have a better life. You still followed your own tradition which might have been unique to other people but made your traditions and culture more important to you. Africans also experienced having to move from one place to an unknown land. Their traditions might remind you of your own because of the struggle you share. Cultures are also similar because they evolve as time passes and spreads to different areas.
3. Picture 7 reminds me of how the mines in California and Mexico use to be. Picture 1 is very beautiful it makes the dessert look soft. Picture 11 reminds me of my culture, the tools that are used to make tortillas.
-per.4 De Soto, Edith
edithdesoto22 · 2011-07-18: 15:32
sandramembreno 1. i cant really think of any tradition because we usually always forget them when we move to another place. the only one is christmas. in my family thats a must, i dont know how it would be with a year with out celebrating christmas.
2. many of african traditions remind you of your traditions because maybe you see how hard the africans stick to there customs and traditions just how you and your family still do, also how much they enjoy it.
3. picture number 2 reminds me of my granny she loves to weav this tradition is big with my family most girls know how to do this and do it when they got nothing to do
sandramembreno · 2011-07-18: 15:33
armandoherrera 2. It is difficult migrating from one country to another. your parents might of had a tough time migrating as well. you have to adapt to other traditions
armandoherrera · 2011-07-18: 15:33
armandoorozcojr Armando Orozco. per 4
Question1. Half my family cooks food from there home land and celebrate many things.
Question2. They have many migration linked cultures and they all have things in common like weaving.
Question3. Image 15 reminds me of the chruch i go to with my parents..The reason why is because theres people with instruments and at the chruch its pretty much the same.
armandoorozcojr · 2011-07-18: 15:34
lisseteviera Period 4
1. My family doesnt have any traditions that are different from the common celebrations. A food we make a lot is sea food because were my family comes from a place near the water so there is a lot of sea food and it is the specialty.
2. I think because the Africans do things like your family such as stick together and work hard.
3. On picture number 1 the sand looks so clean and beautiful. And picture number 29 is cool because I got a Henna tattoo once also.
lisseteviera · 2011-07-18: 15:34
period 5 picture 29 is awesome
period 5 · 2011-07-18: 16:51
DeLandra Lyles per.5 the picture of the water and your feet look really pretty the water looks clear.
DeLandra Lyles per.5 · 2011-07-18: 16:53
JoseBuenaventura The sand dunes look really nice and the sand looks really soft to lay on. It must be really hot there to.
Jose Buenaventura per. 5
JoseBuenaventura · 2011-07-18: 16:58
Raymond Guzman The Last Picture Looks Legit The Art On The Ladies Hand Has Alot Of Detail It Kinda Looks Like She Has A Sleeve Very Good Picture.!
Raymond Guzman · 2011-07-18: 16:59
alexaarreola Picture 29 Is Cool Her Tattoo Has A Lot Of Detail!
alexaarreola · 2011-07-18: 16:59
gonzalezedwin i like the images of the wedding because it shows how every culture has their own way of celebrating and having fun :D P.5
gonzalezedwin · 2011-07-18: 16:59
michelle chavez p.5 photo 29 looks very nice it shows alot of culture...
michelle chavez p.5 · 2011-07-18: 17:00
????? i like how u take ur pictures, they look nice and very favoritye pictures are #14,18,23,25, and 29
????? · 2011-07-18: 17:00
JoseBuenaventura I like the architecture from pics 24-26
Jose Buenaventura per. 5
JoseBuenaventura · 2011-07-18: 17:00
jose ruiz i would like to see that one day.
jose ruiz · 2011-07-18: 17:00
brandy Pacheco Per.5 i like how u take ur pictures, they look nice and very favorite pictures are #14, 18, 23, 25, and 29
brandy Pacheco Per.5 · 2011-07-18: 17:02
steve parra 1. my family still keeps th traditions of eating mexican food. so we eat enchiladas every friday.
2. all the traveling reminds you of your family because maby they were constantly moving from place to place.
3. this pictures kind of reminds me of harsh life on the desert. All i see is sand camels and dirt.. IT looks deserted away from civilization!
steve parra · 2011-07-18: 17:03
michael picture 21.. it reminds me off my friend Eduardo Perez .... Per5
michael · 2011-07-18: 17:03
ozzy lopez per.5 photo 18 looks pretty cool the watch looks refreshing.
ozzy lopez per.5 · 2011-07-18: 17:03
michaelfierro 1. What are some family traditions your family still holds from your country of origin. What celebrations, foods, activities are distinctly from your family's country of origin and how do you still practice them?

we go to church on sundays, play soccer, eat traditional food and enjoy family parties with great celebrations
2. From the introduction written above, what assumptions can you make about the migration of my family. Why do so many African traditions remind me of my own?

the way that your family and african culture are the same is how the family is so strong and how african families are always together are in such great spirit are similar
3. What relationships can you make with any of the images above? Describe what images remind you of your own history, culture, family and what in the images reminds you of these things.

picture #10 just shows how i llike to dig and be creatve with finding things
michaelfierro · 2011-07-18: 17:04
ozzy lopez per.5 i mean water hahaha..
ozzy lopez per.5 · 2011-07-18: 17:05
Crystal Perez P.5 I Enjoy The Last Picture Which is number 29 it is an exotic picture because of the women's marking i don't understand what it means But I Enjoy The Art That Was Put Into It.!(:
Crystal Perez P.5 · 2011-07-18: 17:06
karla barajas Per.5
1.Being in the dessert must be a good experience for you it looks really nice
2.The last pic looks pretty cool its creative..lots of things going on
karla barajas · 2011-07-18: 17:06
robertoespinoza Roberto Espinoza Period 5

1. My family doesn't have a suspific type of tradition we do. When it's one of our birthday we eat the same food like carne asada, rice and beans. We don't have a activity we practice though, in our household.
2. Africans have similar type of activities you do with your family. Doing stuff with family, music, riding horses drinking cow's milk is very similar but from different animals. It probably makes you think everyone does the same type of thing but with different types of animals/religions.
3. #9 looks similar to my tradition, my grandmother doing work around her house. #18 seems like a lake, like one around here in California. #8 seems like a guy from around here, just kicking back.
robertoespinoza · 2011-07-18: 17:06
JosephPineda 1. well i was born here but my family still holds those family recipes and whatnot.
2.They all act as a family and here its all about family. I guess the cuture is very alike from yours from some of the food or just things that they do.
3 Picture 5 reminds me of the blackets and things that my parents culture makes.
JosephPineda · 2011-07-18: 17:06
????? its kinda wierd yet amazinq how the last photo has that lady with eyes on her hands, thats very artistic & unique for a country to do that! (:
-period 5-
????? · 2011-07-18: 17:06
????? Valerie Rodriguez Period 5
All the photos you have taken are very interesting.
You give us a chance to see how they live,dress,and their traditions.
????? · 2011-07-18: 17:07
jimenezjimmy Those camels look thirsty. Per.5
jimenezjimmy · 2011-07-18: 17:08
Danny Jaramillo 1. My family traditions involve eating Ecuadorian food on holidays

2. Africans and your family are similar because both work hard and stay united.

3. Picture 25 reminds me of the church that i go to called Santa Rosa De Lima.
Danny Jaramillo · 2011-07-18: 17:08
karlabarajas Per.5
1. Being at the dessert must of been a great experience for you..
2. the last pic look pretty cool its creative..lots of creative things are going on in the hand..
karlabarajas · 2011-07-18: 17:10
rosavazquez Rosa Vazquez period 5
question 1: My family doesn't really hold many traditions, my family is from mexico and usually in christmas and thanksgiving its usually to cook tamales and lots of food!!

question 2: So many things remind me of my own tradition from the african tradition such as migration Im guessing that africans migrate to different parts to have a better life such as my family come from mexico to have a better life with more opportunities.

Question 3: Image 15 reminds me of the church that i sometimes go with my family were they also have instruments at the beginning of the ceremony and at the end. And picture number 29 its cool and reminds me of now in days because many people get tattoos to express themselves with ink on their body.
rosavazquez · 2011-07-18: 17:10
yasminayon 1. i cant really think of any tradition my family still celebrates except for when christmas comes we all gather in one of our family members house and just wait until the clock hits 12:00 so we could open presents.
2. well maybe it reminds you of your own family because some of the foods and the lady weaving have are alike as the things they do in cuba.
3. well one picture i cant relate to is the picture of the lady weaving because it reminds me of my grandma.
yasminayon · 2011-07-18: 17:10
kimberlyumana 1. My parents are from Nicaragua and we still celebrate "la purisima", which is a rosary for the virgin maria what we call "consepsion."

2. I know that many African stayed in Cuba after the slave trade. cuba was a rest stop for the slave trade and many slaves had a chance to excape.
3. photo 16 reminds me of the people from Nicaragua that everyday they have to buy what they are going to eat for that day.
kimberlyumana · 2011-07-18: 17:11
johannaaguilar 1.My family is from El Salvador and we dont usually have any traditions. My mom makes a lot of Salvadoran food like pupusas and thats about it. Everything else we do is practically the same.
2.i think we are all similar in different ways and we usually stick together as a family.
3.image 4 reminds me of my grandma because she weaves a lot and she has weaved for many years. photo 6 reminds me of all the men that work hard just to get money and provide there family with goods.
johannaaguilar · 2011-07-18: 17:11
David Gavilan Last picture of the lady with a tattoo on her hand looks cool you should do one to but not of an eye put CAPS.
David Gavilan · 2011-07-18: 17:58
luismorales My favorite is picture 23 because the people around it make it seem like a bus place.
luismorales · 2011-07-18: 17:59
anallelyatanacio Picture #4 was the lady weaving?
Anallely Atanacio Per.6
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-18: 18:00
lisbeth yepez-gonzalezperiod.6 OMG A CAMEL. Did you get to ride one?
where do you sleep at night? obviously a bed but in the sand or?
lisbeth yepez-gonzalezperiod.6 · 2011-07-18: 18:01
JamieSanchez Jamie Sanchez Per.6
The picture of the girl with the tattoos is very similar to the art and body modification that people do over here, tattoos are used to for body designs as well as people use it over there.
JamieSanchez · 2011-07-18: 18:02
luissilva365 last one is really nice how the graphics and lines, it looks like both hands connect to make an image
luissilva365 · 2011-07-18: 18:02
derrick my favorite is picture 18 because your feet look sexy
derrick · 2011-07-18: 18:03
jose castaneda the picture with the girl showing her hands with the tattoe looks nice.
jose castaneda · 2011-07-18: 18:03
anallelyatanacio Pic#28 did the lady really put tattoos on her. They look really nice.
Anallely Atanacio Per.6
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-18: 18:03
anallelyatanacio pic #23 looks really nice it looks big What is the name of it?
Anallely Atanacio Per.6
anallelyatanacio · 2011-07-18: 18:04
julian orgaz I like the last picture with the girl that has the writing in her hands it also resembles to tattoes and if they are it has to mean something if she has that many. It looks really nice the way she has them just the style makes me like them.
julian orgaz · 2011-07-18: 18:04
eduardoperez Eduardo Perez Per.6
Picture 15 looks like you are in a party and they are playing good music like they do her in LA.
eduardoperez · 2011-07-18: 18:06
miguelgarcia 1. my family and i celebrate some mexican traditions and eat mexican food on those days.

2.migrating is difficult specially for the parents of children also adapting to new-traditions must be tough.

3.picture 17 reminds me of when i went to the beach last weekend i was siting just like that.
miguelgarcia · 2011-07-18: 18:07
JamieSanchez Jamie Sanchez Per.6
The picture in which theyre playing insturments has similarites to the people that play insturments over here because they use materials and different kind of stuff to make the rythm but theyre still trying to make music.
JamieSanchez · 2011-07-18: 18:07
brendarodriguez the last picture, with the lady that has all the tattoos is very impressive. I know that in there culture all the tattoos have a meaning.
i also saw the picture where the lady was making something in the machine. pic#4
Brenda Rodriguez period.6
brendarodriguez · 2011-07-18: 18:08
ruben hernandez p.6 the last picture of the tattoo is coool did she lose her hand print cause of that? ms. herrera you should get a tattoo yourself so it can remind you of morroco. the sand over there looks nice and smooth
ruben hernandez p.6 · 2011-07-18: 18:08
Jennifer Torrez Per.6 Through out the whole pictures i think that their culture is kind of similar to how we live and still hold on to our traditions no matter when or where we are. They are not ashame to how they live and do certain things, and in my believe we are just the same as them and proud beign who we are and where we come from(:
Jennifer Torrez Per.6 · 2011-07-18: 18:09
Xitlali Garcia 1. My family celerbrates christmas the day before and stay up unti 12 to open presents , 2 I can assume you or your parents had to migrate from Cba To The US. The Africans also experienced the same situation as you. They moved from their native land and brought there traditions , just as your family did too. 3 Picture 19 reminds me of my family when the imagrated from Mexico to US , its reminds me of that because they also toke a break and rested because it was hot to be walking so much
Xitlali Garcia · 2011-07-18: 18:10
Gladis Carrillo per 6 1. My family don't have any tradition in our culture my dad is family el salvador so we dont have many things that we know well my tia know hpw to make pupusas which it good.

2. THE ladys with the all the tattoo that are very interesting the drawing.

3.THE 9 image remind me of my grandma from el salvador.
Gladis Carrillo per 6 · 2011-07-18: 18:10
denissedelgado i like pic number 23 because the portrait reminds me of the movie aladin when they are holding the "genie lamp"
denissedelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:10
Bianca Bustos I enjoyed analyzing all of these wonderful works of art! Everything seems so different their, yet we are not that far apart from each other. It goes to show how little we know about other cultures that are not our own. Yet, each picture defines the people in total different ways and i find that truly amazing.
Bianca Bustos Per.6
Bianca Bustos · 2011-07-18: 18:10
Mark Rodriguez Per.6 1. One thing we've kept from our culture is probably some maracas from El Salvador. We also make food form both Mexico and El Salvador. We don't really have much family traditions or anything like that we mostly just celebrate the usual holidays.
Mark Rodriguez Per.6 · 2011-07-18: 18:11
julian orgaz I also want to comment about the milk yo mentioned..did it taste good? like the milk you usually drink or it has its own flavor?...and the picture of the little pond is it just little bit of water or no because it looks quite large..
julian orgaz · 2011-07-18: 18:11
GustavoVillazana Gustavo Villazana Per 6
I like the water fountain in picture 24
GustavoVillazana · 2011-07-18: 18:11
benjamindelgado ima keep this comment nice &simple...dope pics:)
benjamindelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:12
lucky zaragoza per6 These photos catch my attention because they show that every country has thier own different cultural,i like the fact that we get to see all of these interesting photographs. family is from culiacan sinaloa..but i dont think we have like a way of showing it..were just an ordinary mexican family..
2.we are all similar but then again every human being is different in their own way.
3.photo6 shows the hardworking men and that is something you really see out here in the u.s the men trying to get good money to keep the fam in good health and well maintain them well.
pic#29 catches my attention because im pretty sure that every little detail on the hand means something,and thats just so beautiful and fascinating..i've got that done before(:
lucky zaragoza per6 · 2011-07-18: 18:13
????? 1. My mom is Mexican and so we follow her traditions by eating Mexican foods like pozole, mole, and salsa. Also for Christmas and birthdays, we make our own pinatas, fill them up with candy, and break them at the celebration. My dad is from Argentina and the tradition that I follow from him is the carne asada that they often make. Another tradition is the spanish rock that he and I listen to.
2. Like you said, maybe your family can be traced back to Africa. The traditions are just a little different because of the migration to Cuba, and the mix of Spanish influence and tradition. Although the customs might not be similar, they also remind you of your own because both have been conserved for many generations.
3. Picture 6 reminds me of how the construction workers are here in the US. They get paid low wages, but do their work and also socialize. Picture 29 shows the difference between tattoo culture here, here it is considered art, while in Morocco maybe it is also culture.
Melissa Guerrero Per. 6
????? · 2011-07-18: 18:13
benjamindelgado ima keep this comment nice &simple...dope pics:)
benjamindelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:14
benjamindelgado ima keep this comment nice &simple...dope pics:)
benjamindelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:14
benjamindelgado ima keep this comment nice &simple...dope pics:)
benjamindelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:14
benjamindelgado ima keep this comment nice &simple...dope pics:)
benjamindelgado · 2011-07-18: 18:14
derrick reyes per 6 aka THE BEAST 1. one thing we've kept in my family is a cross from mexico and we've had for a while . we really dont celebrate many mexican culture only normal american holidays
derrick reyes per 6 aka THE BEAST · 2011-07-18: 18:15
keniamora I like the picture of the men in white clothes dancing. It really shows how they show and express their culture and traditions, just how we show our tradition for our cultures.

1.My mom is from Sinaloa. we don;t really have any traditions form over there but she does make a lot of Sinaloense food, like posole, tamales, enchiladas, and much more.
2.I think that African traditions remind you of yourself because although we are so far from eachother we are the same in many ways.
3.The images that remind me of my own culture are the men dancing, and the lady weaving blankets. They remind me of my culture because dancing and singing is something my family celebrates in special events, coming from Mexico, and the lady reminds me of my grandma.
keniamora · 2011-07-18: 18:15
YDavila Yenifer Davila Per.6
1.My family still holds some tradition from their country of origin Guatemala. For example the Semana Santa which means the holy week food.
In that week we can't eat meat therefore there is especial foods for that week my favorite are torajas.
2.We are all decendent of one main ethnicity therefore we are all the same and behave in the same form.
3. the structures remind me of my culture. when I was little my mom took me to see a MAYAN Temple.
YDavila · 2011-07-18: 18:15
Gonzalez, Cecilia Per. 6 1. My family is Mexican (not a surprise) and we do not practice many of the traditions from our origin but we do still eat many of the food from Mexico such as tacos, pozole, rice and beans, usually eat everything wrapped in a tortilla haha.
We go to church on Sundays.
2. I can assume that since your parents family ancestors might have migrated from another place it makes your traditions more unique because they were able to make them in their own ways. Your family and the African people have a similarity due to the activities have many similar characteristics such as the music and food.
3. All the people are joined together enjoying their culture and participating in activities. This reminds me of my family especially the people playing the music because my uncle was a mariachi and the woman with the eye tattoo reminds me of my mom because she expresses her artistic feelings in a different way than others.
Gonzalez, Cecilia Per. 6 · 2011-07-18: 18:15
JasminPerez i like the last picture it look like it took a whole day to do it .. it look very creative
Jasmin perez per.6
JasminPerez · 2011-07-18: 18:16
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 Jasmin Monroy per.1
I really like picture number2 I like how the effect is but I really like what the woman is doing it reminds me of how some of the old ladies in Guetemala make bags and stuff ike thaat (:
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 10:46
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 I really like the picture with the pillars. They kind of remind of the Roman ruin (:
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 10:48
jonathan hernandez they have really nice architecture in morocco like in picture 24
jonathan hernandez · 2011-07-19: 10:49
tony renteria on picture 3 is she sowing a blanket or is it something else but it looks nice tony renteria period 1
tony renteria · 2011-07-19: 10:49
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 I really like the last picture. It reminds of this girl that went to my school and she had stuff on her hands like that too. She had told me about her culture.
Jasmin Monroy Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 10:50
christiansanchez the picture that stud out the most to me is the henna tattos on her hands i was wondering do they have a meaning?
Christian Sanchez per. 1
christiansanchez · 2011-07-19: 10:52
RuthEscobar i really like picture 18 because the view looks very beautiful and the water looks clean.
Ruth Escobar period 1
RuthEscobar · 2011-07-19: 10:54
josezendejas I like photo 29 the girl has cool design in her arm, I like the gold she has on there other arm to.

Jose Zendejas Per 1
josezendejas · 2011-07-19: 10:54
????? AndreaDeluna:i like pic number 29 is so catchy especially because of the lady with the hindu art in her hands.. what do her designs mean ?
????? · 2011-07-19: 10:55
Rocio Bonilla Per.1 Wow, I'm amazed to see how people in different cultures live day by day, it looks really interesting you look very pretty Ms. Herrera. I enjoyed viewing all the photos. I really liked the henna tattoo photo, they look really amazing. I also liked the pictures with the fountain its nice, it looks like a place to have some type of celebration. (:
Rocio Bonilla Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 11:00
????? photo 19 is cool because we do not have animals like that here.
Ricardo Valdovinos
????? · 2011-07-19: 11:03
luischavez photo 29 reminds me of my uncles because he has alot of tattoes to in his arm to
luischavez · 2011-07-19: 11:10
DamarisDelgado Picture #2 reminds me how my mom is always weaving stuff !!! But yet i like it becuase she makes me cute bows. And I'm guessing its a tradition..
Picture#19 I've always been scared of huge animals but yet i want to ride them,
Picture#23 When i saw this pic it remind me of aladin becuase of that teapot and that genie came out ! Could it be real !!!!!! :D
DamarisDelgado · 2011-07-19: 11:11
Anthony Guerrero Per.1 I liked the photo of the woman with the tattoos on her hands. I liked it because it's a piece of art that looks to be for spiritual reasons or it might just be a cultural thing. Whatever it is, it must have some sort of meaning to the woman or the people around her.
Anthony Guerrero Per.1
Anthony Guerrero Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 11:12
Jonathan Zelaya Per.1 1. Pic#1 looks very cool because you are in the middle of the dessert which is something we don't have over here. 2. Pic#17 looks nice because you are sitting in front of a big lake which is something we also have over here in the U.S. 3. Pic#24 looks like a big temple which kind of looks like a place where they practice their religion.
Jonathan Zelaya Per.1 · 2011-07-19: 11:13
ReneGonzalez My family tradition is a mixture of American and Mexican culture. We celebrate both holidays but with an added twist. Stuff like the first communion we celebrate. Some how the African culture was mixed into your cuban culture like how mine was mixed up. Religion is very similar that is why some of the things they do may relate to the things you do. The architecture reminds me of the time I went to Mexico. All the designs and the colors resemble.
ReneGonzalez · 2011-07-19: 14:12
Mark Rodriguez per.6 2. Because their culture is probably no different from your own. Their daily lives might be a lot similar to that of the Cuban daily lives you remember so if they're similar it brings back memories of your culture and traditions which is why you're reminded of them. I can also assume that your parents or probably you migrated to the United States from Cuba.

3. Probably the picture with the people using instruments to play their music. It reminds me of it because they use different instruments just like most different bands or musicians from other countries even though some use a common amount of instruments but there are others that use different instruments like the ones in the picture you took.
Mark Rodriguez per.6 · 2011-07-19: 16:47
????? 1. Some family traditions my family still holds are the original mexican families carry. For example: On certain holidays like November 2, my family celebrates el dia de la muertos. It is the day of the dead, what we do is place a picture of those in our family or friends who passed away and around the picture we place the foods and the little things they had like.
Other tradition is a quincerna. A quincerna is where a young girl is now consider a women.

2.From the introduction above it seems that African remind you of their own because Africa is close to Cuba and some of the traditions they share you share aswell.

Andrea Luna period #1
????? · 2011-07-20: 11:28
VanessaVasquez 1.Some traditions my family still keeps are going to church every sunday since i was born and since i remmeber i go to church every sunday there is no day i dont go to church after church we always go eat together as a family and thats is the most important tradition i know my family has.
2.Some assumptions i can make from your description is that you have many memories from your family and when you see how this people practice all their traditions you are able to see how there are many people around the world that have alsmot the same traditons you had.
3.Number 15 reminds me of when there are parties i go fr my amilies there has always have to music there either someone playing or just people putting music in a ipod or many things but there is always music.
Number 11 reminds me of all the hard working people around this community and how everyone tries really hard to continue with there life and giving their family a good life but its really hard to accomplish.
Vanessa Vasquez
VanessaVasquez · 2011-07-20: 22:53
karena garcia per.1 1.some of the traditions that my family is on every holiday that comes. they always make a big dinner and all my family come over. it has never change. Another one is since i was little we all way been going to church and helping the church out with saleing food and over things. that most important tradition that my family has that i know.
2.assumptions can make you feel description your memories from your family and when you see how people practice there traditions , you will see how people around the world have all most the traditions that you. and some thing you dont even know.
3. picture 9 remind of my grandmother working/cleaning around the houses and she never stops.
picture 23 remind me of the disney movie aladdin
when we holding the genie lamp
karena garcia per.1 · 2011-07-22: 11:20
espinozaricky the lady with the tattoos on her hands remind me of people i see on the streets
ricky espinnoza per.5
espinozaricky · 2011-07-22: 16:57
Angel Carbajal per5 picture 24: thats fancier looking than most of the fancy things around my community
Angel Carbajal per5 · 2011-07-22: 16:57
Angel Carbajal per5 picture23: i wonder if she knew someone was taking her picture
Angel Carbajal per5 · 2011-07-22: 16:58
Angel Carbajal per5 picture1: the sand looks so soft, is it hot?
Angel Carbajal per5 · 2011-07-22: 17:00
gladiscarrillo i really like the image 24 because it very clear like you could have a little party or celebrations

Gladis Carrillo per 6
gladiscarrillo · 2011-07-22: 17:32
miguelgarcia i really liked number 22 it has a feeling and stands out from the rest
miguelgarcia · 2011-07-22: 17:32
miguelgarcia i really liked number 22 it has a feeling and stands out from the rest
miguelgarcia · 2011-07-22: 17:32
esperanzaalonzo in picture#24 i like the way the fountain looks with the creativity of the wall and the designs on it. picture #25 i like the way the light is on in the archway of the room and i like how the floor looks like a checker board picture #29 i love the henna tattoo designs she has they are very different and creative.
esperanzaalonzo · 2011-07-25: 00:41
nabilll very nice
nabilll · 2011-08-01: 19:04
????? I love the color in your shots! It's all so vibrant! The eyes of the miners (in particular) are so striking.
????? · 2011-08-15: 15:25
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