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Hottest Toys 2013: Christmas Toys From Marvel

See the hottest toys 2013. Christmas is going to be amazing for Marvel fans. For Marvel, Hasbro has an entire line of toys. They recently revealed these toys at Toy Fair. You can find many of these toys already on stores shelves. This year Hasbro has toy lines for Iron Man 3, Wolverine, and Thor 2. It's a big year for Marvel. Here is a summary of the lines and coolest toys in them.

Iron Man 3

The new Iron Man is hitting theaters on May 3. In the movie, Tony Stark is closer to the comic book character than ever before. This time around he has got more imagination than ever. He loves trying to create different types of armors. There are 6 inch action figures. There are even role playing toys.

Iron Man 3 Assemblers

Kids are going to get a chance to tinker and create their own armor. With each toy, you get 25 different combinations. There are 16 different toys in the line. If you buy all of them there are over 100 different combinations. Kids can create their own action figures. The toys are based on the movies and comic books.

Sonic Blast Iron Man

This cool 12 inch action figure is part of the premium line. He has the mech suit from the new movie. He comes to life with actions and sounds. Push a button on him and watch him blast away. His arm cannon spins as he fires each projectile missile. He fires 5 missiles.

Arc FX Mission Mask

This is one of the coolest role playing items in the line of Iron Man toys. It has dual launching projectiles. The visor lights up. It also has a targeting beam light.

Motorized FX Gun

Become Iron Man with the Motorized FX Gun. Load the soft foam disks and turn it on. Then fire away aiming at targets.

Thor The Dark World

The sequel to Thor launches on November 8. There are the 3.75 action figures, 10 inch action figures, and role playing items. We love the Lightning Strike Hammer. It's got cool sound effects and lightning effects from the new movie.

Avengers Assemble Tight And Heroes Series

Avengers Assemble continues where the movie left off. There is a toy line for this. Like the cartoon, these figures look like the comic book characters. There is Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider Man, Wolverine, and Iron Patriot. These figures are modeled after the classic comic characters. They are 12 inches and under 10 dollars. Both kids and collectors are going to love these.


Ultimate Spiderman is the animated series on Disney XD. All the 3.75" action figures are going to get power webs. Venom can hook his power web to the back of his leg. Pull his arm up and his will perform the Spider Swap. Each figure will have its own move.

Stunt Launch Spidey Cycle

Even the vehicles will use the power webs. In the cartoon, Spiderman is a member of shield so he uses all their technology. Hook the power webs to the ramp and pull the vehicle back. Then launch Spiderman off the ramp.

Rapid Fire Web Blasting Spider

Here is the largest Spiderman. He uses 3 power webs. He can fire all three at once complete with sound effects. His eyes even light up.

Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe has all of the Marvel Legends. It's going to have all of the characters in the Marvel line. It is great for fans.


The new Wolverine Movie comes out on July 26. The look of the toys is closer to the cartoon. There are 10 inch action figures, 6 inch figures, and 3.75 inch figures. Our favorite is the new Nerf role playing claw.

What Marvel toys are on your hottest toys 2013 list for Christmas? Let us know below.

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