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I enjoy taking pictures and is especially happy to share them with you here. I am also learning from all the lovely pictures that are posted here by all of you.

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????? · 2011-12-29: 20:27
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nice angle..the sun is a nice touch :)
AaronChengTP · 2011-12-23: 20:31
I like 1 and 4 best. Nice compo and shadow work.
It's the person behind the cam and not the cam. Great shots!
Thanks! That's a great compliment coming from you. Blessed Christmas to you and family! :-)
AaronChengTP · 2011-12-10: 03:19
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Haha Thanks!
elenaprofessione · 2011-09-24: 13:12
Love these pics...'like' aleady :)
thank you! :)
AaronChengTP · 2011-09-18: 20:38
#4 looks promising with interesting lighting and patterns of boxes in the background. I would take this horizontally to play on the box patterns. I find the main subject a bit OOF though.
Thanks for the critique! I did try taking it horizontally, but all my attempts were quite lame and not very impactful visually...
OOF bit... I really can't tell... sigh... cannot make it... Haha
AaronChengTP · 2011-09-11: 13:20
Nicely colors and shapes! Next shoot? :)
Thanks! Looking for trees and trees and trees! Any recommendations?
Villemo · 2011-09-07: 14:19
Beautiful capture! I like the blurred background :)
Thanks my friend!!! It was difficult to catch a butterfly but finally I did it:)
lismel · 2011-09-06: 04:53
lismel I'm sure the butcher was really nice :D I took a picture of a butcher in Hong Kong, too. But I didn't ask beforehand. I just shoot ! Anyway, he looks very serious and a little bit scary on that photo ! But he saw me photographing him and he gave me a huge smile !
lismel · 2011-09-06: 04:47
This is a nice travel series on S.Korea. I find this set very useful as I will be going for a tour of S.Korea in Dec. Thks very much for sharing :)
I'm really glad I can be of any help then :D The area of Andong is indeed very interesting. But I don't know how it will looks like in december ! I can't wait to see your pictures of Korea !
lismel · 2011-09-02: 11:52
I like #1 best for the subdued tones and nice pattern.
#4 would make a nice pic especially with the woman's feet resting so comfortably feet on the chair :). I sense you are trying to get a closer and better angled shot but hesitated :).
As often, you are right ! But I couldn't move without making obvious that I was taking a picture of them... so I just stayed where I was !