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22/365 - A Focus on Lines, Spaces & Walls - #1

There is a "line" that separates one thing from another.
I was standing beside a frozen creek staring at this scene the other day. I was fascinated by the textures of the foreground tree and background wall. The point where the textures butted against each other eventually became my primary point of interest.

The irregular horizontal layering of the rocks and the vertical and more regularly running stripes of the tree bark created a sudden, stark transition from one texture to the other. It was as if a “line” existed at that visual point of contact.

Depending on how I gazed and how I focused, the line became more distinct or less distinct. The more I sharpened my focus on the “line” the more distinct and polarizing the line seemed to become. The patterns seemed to be on different planes and as components of two distinct objects – the tree and the wall.

The more widely focused my gaze became, the more blending I saw between the two textures and the line became much less distinct. Rather than two distinct objects with different textures on different planes, they appeared to be on the same plane and more blended and unified at the point of contact.

Very interesting observations I must say. (For me anyway)

Lesson Learned:

The more sharply that we focus our gaze on where an object is different from another object, the more likely we are to see things that are separate, distinct and not related in any way. They exist together and alone in their own particular space.

The more widely we cast our gaze and focus, the more likely we are to become caught up in and appreciative of the similarities and relatedness that may exist between the objects. We see where the points of similarity exist and the line of separation is missing.

That goes for people also.
joycephotography Great post.
joycephotography · 2011-01-21: 14:32
Marzijapan Ive added this to my favourites, I see and agree with what you are saying. I found that if I stared at the photo long enough, the brick wall stands out as if its in front of the tree, a bit of an optical illusion there. Thanks for the interesting post today. Love the textures too :)
Marzijapan · 2011-01-21: 14:40
coloredlens Amazing post, both the image and the lesson learned. Thanks for sharing this, Dan.
coloredlens · 2011-01-21: 15:04
photodeclair very nice !
photodeclair · 2011-01-21: 15:28
Annabelle33 Love the lesson you got out of this! Thanks for sharing!
Annabelle33 · 2011-01-21: 16:23
juliearnold93 Really like the contrasts. And an added bonus is the background of your photoblog page...similiar colors work well with the photo. Always enjoy your written posts, too!
juliearnold93 · 2011-01-21: 17:32
????? Excellent photo and very true lesson. Division occurs when differences are noticed, emphasized and then ranked. I have a theory on the unity of all people, but it's too weird to tell you. lol
????? · 2011-01-21: 21:00
lgnelson Well said and illustrated, Dan!
lgnelson · 2011-01-21: 21:02
honzicek nice!
honzicek · 2011-01-21: 21:17
Kozuka Great photo! :)
Kozuka · 2011-01-21: 23:33
Shaparak Nice!
Shaparak · 2011-01-22: 00:02
lyricalthoughts i sometimes have a similar observation on things too:) Cool photo because it's as if united as one because they are so closely knit together.. but then again it isn't:) Great job as always.
lyricalthoughts · 2011-01-22: 01:14
cariad Excellent and interesting post - always interesting the juxtaposition of the jarring, achieving harmony!
cariad · 2011-01-22: 04:16
elkinsphotos · 2011-01-22: 09:07
cameraCAPTURED Dan, do u ever sleep? where do u find all the time for this?
cameraCAPTURED · 2011-01-22: 10:33
jeffcornish Great shot and message Dan. I love contrasts!
jeffcornish · 2011-01-22: 11:15
????? I should try to be more like you, learning so many lessons!!! great eye you have, so perseptive!
????? · 2011-01-22: 11:47
nikito Nice!!!
nikito · 2011-01-22: 12:15
borogovoi Great capture, my friend
as you know I like so much this !
borogovoi · 2011-01-22: 13:18
miguelcruz Siempre aprendiendo de usted, Dan... Gracia por sus lecciones excepcionales!
miguelcruz · 2011-01-22: 13:47
miguelcruz Siempre aprendiendo de usted, Dan... Gracia por sus lecciones excepcionales!
miguelcruz · 2011-01-22: 13:47
????? love it Dan, Great post, my friend!
????? · 2011-01-22: 15:53
djnana Excellent image - exceptional idea! Both of the objects have basically the same colors, yet they are so different in texture and touch - one living, one not.
djnana · 2011-01-22: 18:23
atszabo Very philosophical, and so true!
atszabo · 2011-01-22: 20:11
????? Very good point!
????? · 2011-01-22: 20:21
karmankwarner You have a great eye for things that others miss; thanks for sharing for this old misser. :)
karmankwarner · 2011-01-22: 20:34
girafferacing I love the lines and textures you've captured here Dan :-)
girafferacing · 2011-01-23: 17:22
Kozuka Great post!
Kozuka · 2011-01-23: 20:27
hannamagnusson Nice contrast between materials!
hannamagnusson · 2011-01-24: 04:21
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