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65/365 - Philly Refineries - 4 J. Cornish!

Philadelphia's gasoline refinery fields
Enlarge shots for detail.
Enhanced to illustrate the ozone layer being burned away over the City of Brotherly Love!
Dramatic shot of floating particulate matter and burn-off stacks.
The beautiful Philadelphia skyline behind the attractively painted storage tanks of gasoline and other flammable and explosive materials.
Yesterday, I drove fellow PB friend Jeff Cornish to the airport to return to his Tennessee abode. As we crossed a bridge that towered over the Delaware River, he commented on how good shots of the industrial and petroleum sites were too dangerous to be shot from that location. Well Jeff - not so!

Lesson Learned - If you are crazy enough to back up on the side of an eight lane highway to make an exit you missed, you can certainly take pictures from the bridge over the Delaware River!!
MARETKA88 You got to be crazy to get the shots....and crazy you are my friend !!! In a cool crazy way !!!! Dantastic !!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-03-05: 07:44
mrmeliska Great captures.....
mrmeliska · 2011-03-05: 07:45
neeleshsen very nice
neeleshsen · 2011-03-05: 08:26
Eiram what did the police say to your adventure?
Eiram · 2011-03-05: 08:41
cariad Ok that is confirmation of your mad spirit...whish is fabulous for us because we get amazing posts like this.
cariad · 2011-03-05: 08:47
????? that's the hard thing about cities and interstates; you can't just pull over anywhere you chose to click~ well, apparently YOU can. . . although you know I'm not big on edits I DO like how you brought out the yuck in the air, nice documentary
????? · 2011-03-05: 09:41
HoosierAtHeART Funny coincidence that you posted this today as yesterday I just heard them list Philadelphia with the worst pollution. Now I see why! Hope you held your breath while shooting!!
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-03-05: 09:41
liveandletlive Nice Dan! I don't know about today's lesson though!
liveandletlive · 2011-03-05: 10:30
Kovac Great work my friend! Thanks for sharing :)
Kovac · 2011-03-05: 11:19
????? I HOPE you weren't driving! Or at least there was standstill traffic!
????? · 2011-03-05: 13:19
atszabo OH, you met Jeff? How nice! And you two survived, lesson and all!
atszabo · 2011-03-05: 14:08
photodeclair it s a beautiful place but i l never stop on highway to take a photo eh.........i think lolllll
photodeclair · 2011-03-05: 16:44
NellyBly Well, take that Jeff! :-)) Very nicely done, Dan..You are very brave or very (I won't say that)..I was going to say skilled :-))
NellyBly · 2011-03-05: 16:45
Wasichseh Oh,oh.... :-))
Wasichseh · 2011-03-05: 18:11
trippindelight Great shots and very interesting enhancements. Exciting photo op adventure too. Of course SuperDan was the one for the job : ))
trippindelight · 2011-03-05: 20:15
karmankwarner Great captures, wonderful edits, nicely done....be careful about that stopping on the highway thing!! :) But I am glad that I am not the only one!!
karmankwarner · 2011-03-06: 00:10
lyricalthoughts good shots and bravely done I must say! The edits are fabulous way to point out the reality that has been going on on our planet because of those.. :)
lyricalthoughts · 2011-03-06: 02:14
lookagain Ohmygosh!! Speaking as someone who broke bones to "get the shot," I'm asking you to be careful!!! Glad you were successful this time in staying safe and getting the shots! Doesn't appear to be air one would really want to breathe!! Love your enhancement of the "ozone layer hole." Funny, and not so funny at the same time.
lookagain · 2011-03-06: 08:58
beth0110 confirmed! you are a crazy guy! :) always good to prove a point :) great but dangerous shots especially in philly. once almost had a truck driver drive us off the road on the way to a phillies game with my family.
beth0110 · 2011-03-06: 11:43
mzmoon I think your photos should be posted around town and stapled to the trees around your city hall. I like Philly and have some nice memories of the place but this makes me sad for it's people...for all of us. Pollution is going to bring an end to life as we know it. You've done well with capturing this...brave you for stopping and taking these pic's for us to see. Thanks.
mzmoon · 2011-03-06: 14:29
Annbramwell Looks like a post apocalyptic scene from Mad Max... and yes you are mad stopping to get the shot...
Annbramwell · 2011-03-07: 02:41
mattmckenna Dan what have I don't you about taking chance, you are Mad Max (Dan) take care my friend, just love your pictures :)
mattmckenna · 2011-03-07: 06:36
helys Wow !
Great report
Dangerous :)
helys · 2011-03-08: 04:33
cameraCAPTURED dan, a man after my own heart. the shot is worth everything!!!
cameraCAPTURED · 2011-03-19: 10:21
jeffcornish I missed this one!! Your risks paid off! I admire your bravery!!
jeffcornish · 2011-05-01: 18:53
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