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72/365 - Gerda's Dress Making Shop

Gerda's Boutique
Gerda's new spring creation. Lovely work Gerda!
Not far from my home is a little village. In that village, Gerda Lewisch makes dresses in her home. Every month, a new creation shows up in her lonely display window.

Lesson Learned: People do what they do in different ways. Some do it with glitz and glamour. Some do it with simplicity and without fanfare. The lucky ones are the people who do what they want to be doing.
liveandletlive Can I get an AMEN?! Seriously Dan, life is too short to continue doing something you don't want to be doing. Excellent lesson.
liveandletlive · 2011-03-12: 08:08
borogovoi Great Lesson...its true....!
beautiful colors and composition in the first one
Have a great week end
Ciao !
borogovoi · 2011-03-12: 08:28
????? I may need to get your permission to quote you in my next book, I absolutely love your lesson learned! I love the feel the houses have and the vividness of the dress.
????? · 2011-03-12: 09:10
Eiram Love this lesson!
(Are you getting the dress, Dan? It would go excellently with your cap!...I think:))
Eiram · 2011-03-12: 09:29
helys Nice shop
Like so much the shop window in the #2:)
helys · 2011-03-12: 09:31
Marzijapan Love the lesson and the photos, especially #2. Totally agree with your lesson, you're never truly happy until you are free to do what you wish for and want (although you may think you are or others may think you are)
Marzijapan · 2011-03-12: 10:09
lookagain I love this post, Dan! The nicely captured images offer such a warm and pleasant feeling from the wonderful textures and colors of the houses to Gerda's lovely dress. As for the lesson learned....oh my goodness...it's so true, so beautifully worded...one of your best ever! Thank you!!
lookagain · 2011-03-12: 10:20
Annbramwell The world would be a much brighter place if everybody wore such bright colours with abandon.. I like Gerda's style..
Annbramwell · 2011-03-12: 10:35
jeffcornish Nice post and lesson Dan! I hope we both find what we want...besides photography!
jeffcornish · 2011-03-12: 10:45
hannamagnusson Such a cozy little house, nice captures!
hannamagnusson · 2011-03-12: 11:01
MARETKA88 Great post and lesson, And Marie has got some fashion sense....it would go marvelous with your cat hat.....I'm thinking we got a winning post here Dan !!!! Do it !!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-03-12: 13:51
joycephotography Love the old building........
joycephotography · 2011-03-12: 14:20
trippindelight Really like the building and colours in the first photo and the unique bling of the display window in the second. Another great illustration of the lesson.
trippindelight · 2011-03-12: 15:12
karmankwarner :D I love the multi-colored building and the beautiful green dress. Such a quaint set. Wonderful.
karmankwarner · 2011-03-12: 19:57
narratinglife love this! both in concept and execution... yay Gerda and yay Dan.
narratinglife · 2011-03-12: 20:30
NellyBly So true! I like what I'm doing right now :-) I would love to visit there..and love the outfit too..
NellyBly · 2011-03-12: 22:13
photodeclair it s her new spring creation i will dress my last year creation lolll
photodeclair · 2011-03-12: 23:33
cariad Fabulous lesson...like #2...for yours and Gerda's design
cariad · 2011-03-13: 04:14
lyricalthoughts I added #2 to my faves.. lonely window but that dress is very lively:) We should all do what we love to do-- that is the most beautiful reality:)
lyricalthoughts · 2011-03-13: 04:23
opointg J'aime beaucoup ces deux photos. Le cadrage neutre et la symétrie soulignent très justement le travail simple de la couturière. Une profession qui disparaît ? Bravo Miss Gerda, bravo Dan.
opointg · 2011-03-13: 05:47
Jothindra How fascinating to work from home. But, to think again, no colleagues to talk to. No friends to make on the way to the office. No deadline, no targets! Life would be poor indeed.
Jothindra · 2011-03-13: 05:49
JumiElla Fantastic post! "...The lucky ones are the people who do what they want to be doing." Ideal! Everyone would want so... :-)))
JumiElla · 2011-03-13: 06:25
RayNvb Well then, I guess I am lucky some of the time. Way less than I would like. I'll be much luckier in retirement.
RayNvb · 2011-03-13: 08:27
MoMac Jothindra has a point but depends if Gerda has family and children to occupy her time too , not poor at all more enriched.
Love the lesson once again.
MoMac · 2011-03-13: 08:27
DancingDolphin Nice shots Dan... that's a cute little town, where is it? I worked from home for 6 years before retiring.... it's good in that you can easily control your time and I did love my work .... bad in that you have no human interaction on a regular basis, kinda like solitary confinement! :)
DancingDolphin · 2011-03-13: 12:23
atszabo And the luckiest ones get to make a living from what they like to do!
atszabo · 2011-03-13: 16:19
fishfather I like this house. good shoot!
fishfather · 2011-03-13: 19:22
lgnelson Excellent lesson!
lgnelson · 2011-03-13: 22:39
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