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148/365 - Waiting Outside - Rocker #2

Always waiting to shine on you.
Lesson Learned: Even on the darkest of nights, there is still light outside of a dark room.

Note: I missed my 200th post anniversary. Today is my 204th post on PB. I am very grateful to all of my friends on PB who have given me the courage to express my experiences photographically and in words. You have allowed me to grow more than I could have ever imagined.
Jarvo Neat image Dan; wonderful contrast. Congratulations on your double century.
Jarvo · 2011-05-28: 07:17
karmankwarner Congratulations on your 200+.
This image says so much. Some times we have to take a risk to step into that light.
I want you to know that your images and words are wonderful lessons and have made me think quite a bit about this past few months happenings. Wonderfully Done; greatly appreciated. : )
karmankwarner · 2011-05-28: 07:55
honzicek I thing we will let you grow some more Dan. (Hahaha)
Congrats for your 200!
honzicek · 2011-05-28: 08:22
MARETKA88 Hey Dan congrats to you...and thanks for growing with us...You definately have some of the most interesting, funny, heartfelt, simple, complex, inspiring, just way out there... "wow" posts on PB !!! Keep them coming Danno !!! 200+ very impressive.....oh could have used impressive up there too... Peace out holmes !! ;o))
MARETKA88 · 2011-05-28: 09:03
Eiram Congratulations Dan! It has been a pleasure to share a place in cyber space with you!
Eiram · 2011-05-28: 09:27
????? awesome, love the lesson, and congratulations!!!
????? · 2011-05-28: 10:16
MoMac I'm grateful for all your lessons on the blog and your wonderful photos , well done and belated congrats on your 200th
MoMac · 2011-05-28: 10:54
????? wow Dan! Big Congratulations to you with so many posts! You are always so good to encourage others too. I sure am glad you are here :)))
????? · 2011-05-28: 15:30
girafferacing Congratulations on your 200th Dan! :-)
girafferacing · 2011-05-28: 15:39
lookagain Excellent capture of light and darkness.....nice angle, too!! B/W is a great choice for this one. Congrats on #200....glad you joined us!
lookagain · 2011-05-28: 22:08
lyricalthoughts beautiful contrast Dan. Congrats on your 200th post! We definitely enjoyed your journey and lessons
lyricalthoughts · 2011-05-28: 23:48
????? Very nice, Dan! And congrats on your 200th post! Looking forward to many more!
????? · 2011-05-29: 00:03
helys Wow
Great angle, lighting and shadow
Really great composition
helys · 2011-05-29: 07:37
renatomartins Congrats for your 200th and 204th post. I'm glad you are on PB and I on your PB friendslist.
renatomartins · 2011-05-29: 08:39
liveandletlive Lovely and a HUGE congratulations to you on this milestone. I'm sure the pleasure has been all ours in getting to see your photos and read your ever thought-provoking words.
liveandletlive · 2011-05-29: 14:06
nataliemanco well done Dan, you are such a great observer really appreciate your work
nataliemanco · 2011-05-30: 09:15
lukesmom Wow! 200+ photos! Well done.....
lukesmom · 2011-05-30: 20:49
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