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217/365 - Cat Hat Update - Supply and Demand!

Every available resource is being used to get Cat Hats out to the world!
Lesson Learned: When something is in demand, you can be sure there will never be enough of it to go around!

Lesson Learned: Please read my post if you wish to have an opportunity to get your hands on the Cat Hat.

1. My sweet daughter Jenny is knitting her fingers to the bone so that I can get more Cat Hats to different locations throughout the world so that they can circulate more quickly.

2. I have contacted PBers in different world locations and asked them to serve as a starting point to get the Cat Hat circulating in thier world space. They will receive hats within the next couple weeks.

3. I am asking that when the hat is in your world area, that folks try to select recipients that are in your world area. In some cases that may be in another country nearby. One is going to Australia to move there and into the Pacific northward.

4. There is a certain amount of planning and creativity and communication that must occur between PBers in different world areas to find ways to keep the hat moving quickly and efficiently. I cannot do ANYTHING to assist with that type of help except to say communicate, communicate, communicate, cooperate, cooperate!

5. When you get a chance to post yourself in the Cat Hat, it is critical to tag it cathat. One word!!!!! It will then join the group of other posts of the hat!

6. Pay attention to the posts on PB to see who has the hats and where they are in the world. Interact and advocate for yourself.

7. I wish that I could put a hat in everyone's hands that wishes to post a shot wearing it. But I am not able to do that!!!!

8. Currently one is on its way to UK, one is on its way to the Eastern Canada/northeast US, and soon one to Eastern Europe. Then Central Western US, Australia/Pacific, Europe and Southern US. Maybe more if I can afford to get more made.

9. If we do this right, the hats will move outward into greater areas from their starting points.

10. I will get the hats out as soon as I possibly can! It's OK to post your loved ones in it also!!!

11. Keep this post handy as a reference.

12. Message me with questions if you have any.

13. Meow! - Good luck.

Note: This post is tagged cathat and can be found with the hat shots for reference.
karmankwarner This is such a cute idea. Love the photo you chose to go with it. :)
karmankwarner · 2011-08-05: 06:42
mallusatish Wonderful post now it is a world hysteria for the cathats,everyone want one,now you will need a mega factory for your production
mallusatish · 2011-08-05: 07:00
honzicek I can see that Tommy Hilfiger or Fila will soon try to trade mark the Cathat.
You should copyright it!
honzicek · 2011-08-05: 07:30
Annbramwell You could be starting a trend here Dan, I can see that by Christmas everybody will want their own cat hat... how quickly can your daughter knit...? I look forward to (hopefully) getting my hands on the famed cat hat at some point...
Annbramwell · 2011-08-05: 07:52
Ryana Super-stanning idea!!!
Hope one will be passing Belgium as well. ;o)
Ryana · 2011-08-05: 08:12
marilynx Others may offer to crochet them Dan!
marilynx · 2011-08-05: 08:32
????? awesome, I am so looking forward to this!!
????? · 2011-08-05: 08:52
lyricalthoughts this is a neat idea.. something that unites pbers from around the world.. i hope it gets to me too... :) your daughter is amazing.. and so are you:)
lyricalthoughts · 2011-08-05: 11:13
atszabo #13 is especially important to observe, Folks!
I am just amazed by this whole thing, what a fantastic idea to get people closer together! Is there a list some place that we can add our names and locations to?
atszabo · 2011-08-05: 11:19
Paradoxigal This is so cool Dan :) What a fantastic idea!
Paradoxigal · 2011-08-05: 11:48
????? Haha this is such a great idea like i said to gregg its going to take over the world! will be better than Planking! lol wait till you see what i have in store for you when i get round to photographing it lol i think youll love it haha
????? · 2011-08-05: 11:55
mrmeliska Very Cool idea!
mrmeliska · 2011-08-05: 11:58
SheriJ WOW!! how neat can't wait to see the results!
SheriJ · 2011-08-05: 14:52
renatomartins I like the color and the composition!
renatomartins · 2011-08-05: 14:59
lookagain Yay for the cat hat! Thanks to Jenny for working so hard for us PBers :))) Cool shot to illustrate your point, Dan! This a such a fun project!!!
lookagain · 2011-08-05: 19:32
Keryl The cathat project is shaping up nicely, Dan. Many thanks to Jenny!
Keryl · 2011-08-06: 00:23
tomie great job dan!!
congratulations for that project!
tomie · 2011-08-06: 04:16
breizh Miaouuu ... Congratulations !
breizh · 2011-08-06: 04:26
ArtBee What a fantastic idea Dan! It's like Geocaching PBer style......lol
How many hats does your daughter knit in a day?
ArtBee · 2011-08-06: 11:07
Marzijapan · 2011-08-06: 11:30
Marzijapan · 2011-08-06: 11:31
????? Nice pic of a cool cat in a hat "delivering" the goods!

I think Agi's idea is good -- maybe you can post who wants to get the hats, and who has already had them.

Thanks Jenny!
????? · 2011-08-06: 19:51
djnana With my green eyes, I need a cathat in the worst way! You need to sell them online - or through eBay! (You're such a silly guy!)
djnana · 2011-08-08: 20:42
djnana p.s. I just looked through your comments, and I think MrMeliska and Tomie need dogears/poochcaps.)
djnana · 2011-08-08: 20:44
djnana p.s.p.s I have a Cat in the Hat hat - is that a suitable substitute?
djnana · 2011-08-08: 20:45
GKorts What about the idea to create a cathat account, everybody involved will get the password to post her/his picture there or at least be friend and follow the action?
GKorts · 2011-08-09: 06:29
girafferacing What a great idea! I've been so behind with friends' PB posts that I've only just caught up with your plans!
girafferacing · 2011-08-15: 16:40
laplumedemouette Wonderful idea and project ! Congrats to your daughter ! I'm waiting for Cat Hat, he is coming soon to me in a couple days from Auvergne in the center of France ! Miaow :-) !
laplumedemouette · 2011-09-18: 12:59
danrav Meow to you from America my new cathat friend!!!! Hahha Miaow in French!!! (Only word I know) Hahaha
danrav · 2011-09-18: 21:02
camilleauteuil in French : MIAOU - and : MERCI, Dan !
camilleauteuil · 2011-09-29: 09:01
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