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349/365 - Mystic: Holiday Color Daze + A Friend For tomie :-))

I stopped my car to take pictures of this man's house that he has spent 4 months decorating. He does it every year. I congratulated him on his beautiful work. He was a nice man, but was not a happy man. He complained about how hard it is to decorate his house like this every year and all of the difficulties he has in doing it. He was in a daze looking for bad connections and burned out lights with a flashlight!!!!

Lesson Learned: If you are unhappy doing something that you do not really have to do - then stop doing it and find something else to do that will make you happy! It will be the best Christmas gift that you can give yourself!
tomie, I met this dog last evening. I told him about you. He said, "arf"!!!!!!!
I am way behind in commenting on your posts. Another busy day today. I will be catching up as I can!!!!!
EvaLizette Deep breath ......Big smile....Clear view.....and ...hit browse and jump for it !

Great holiday pictures with lots of colours and good feelings :)
And Tomie will Love his new friend :D !
Have agree day my Dear!!
EvaLizette · 2011-12-15: 04:41
Goldbrandi Sweet set!
Goldbrandi · 2011-12-15: 04:43
helys Great lights
So cute !
Merry Christmas
helys · 2011-12-15: 04:50
maudlaurens Nice Dan !!! very nice !!! I like that !!!
maudlaurens · 2011-12-15: 05:05
borogovoi ohhh...Dan
Wonderful lights ! super
borogovoi · 2011-12-15: 05:12
HoosierAtHeART So agree! maybe he enjoys the attention he gets though, there must be some pay off.
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-12-15: 05:25
busybee Great set and sentiments I agree with your thoughts Dan.......best to try to do things that make you happy this life is tough enough.
busybee · 2011-12-15: 05:33
mallusatish Very colorful post, that he has spent 4 months decorating that is amazing~!~
mallusatish · 2011-12-15: 06:25
equivalence they are tough times; too many people trapped doing stuff they hate with little opportunity to move on but I love xmas decorations, even the tacky ones
equivalence · 2011-12-15: 06:57
lookagain No to mention the big electric bill....bet that sets him off, too ;))) At least the kids enjoy it....and the people with cameras looking for Christmas color!
lookagain · 2011-12-15: 07:48
honzicek To be happy with simple pleasures is no simple matter......

Well done Dan!
honzicek · 2011-12-15: 08:28
bumpusdogs wow... good advice and I really like the first shot. He seems lost in the chaos and you really captured his feelings well... :)
bumpusdogs · 2011-12-15: 09:38
Annbramwell It does sort of defeat the object of the excercise it it makes you miserable... but it does look very festive... Bah humbugs!
Annbramwell · 2011-12-15: 10:02
????? haha, excellent lesson! I wonder why he still feels compelled to decorate? maybe he gets enjoyment from the humbug part!
????? · 2011-12-15: 10:34
tomie great capture Dan! the most huge colors for the theme!
poor man he looks very buzy managing his lights, but his house is fantastic...we had one special illuminated house in my town, i visited and posted some pictures. i don't know if it is still illumnated this year.
tomie's friend looks happy with shine in his eyes, special Arf to him! and in my favs :)))
tomie · 2011-12-15: 10:38
marilynx Dan said:
"I am way behind in commenting on your posts. Another busy day today. I will be catching up as I can!!!!! "
Give yourself a Christmas present and take a day off!
We'll survive ... but only the day! :-)
marilynx · 2011-12-15: 10:44
????? My feelings exactly -- good lesson, Dan!
????? · 2011-12-15: 11:01
????? PS: While it isn't my holiday, and we don't do the decorating thing, I personally think simpler is more beautiful. In the place where I lived in the South, the neighbors decorated only with white bulbs, and it was really beautiful!
????? · 2011-12-15: 11:04
jwendell nice capture and useful lesson~
jwendell · 2011-12-15: 11:09
DancingDolphin Whoa.... hard to imagine someone goes to that length if they don't enjoy it! I like that you always manage to have dialogue with your subjects, Dan. :-)
DancingDolphin · 2011-12-15: 11:10
Jothindra That man who spends 4 months to decorate his house...he sure has some problems inside himself! But let us leave him and be mad for sometime and enjoy the X'mas spirit around us!
Jothindra · 2011-12-15: 11:40
digitalideas Amazing shots Dan lovely shots great set
digitalideas · 2011-12-15: 11:53
jennyLit 100% agree with the lesson! whats the point of doing it if it only makes you mad!!
jennyLit · 2011-12-15: 12:02
gonia I think you are right! let him stop doing this and be more and more happy wothout it!
gonia · 2011-12-15: 12:41
breizh True ! Good lesson ...
... a smart friend for Tomie ! ...
breizh · 2011-12-15: 14:49
karmankwarner Your lesson this day hits quite close to home. HUGGS from HERE!!
karmankwarner · 2011-12-15: 16:03
????? ehi! we're in AUSTERITY! don't waste all that power...
????? · 2011-12-15: 16:35
atszabo This is realy obsessive decorating, if you ask me... and a waste of precious resources...Christmas is not about this, and I wonder how it's gotten there...
atszabo · 2011-12-15: 17:26
MoMac Oh my goodness , and Here I'm complaining about my bedroom light not working properly and that's just one little connection can't even bear to think of his problems .
I like your lesson, as I grow "older" I am now doing what I prefer and more importantly with who I prefer or even just enjoy my own company , sometimes people don't have that choice though so I'm grateful for that.
MoMac · 2011-12-15: 17:58
darfoster Great lesson here! If he's not enjoying it, why do it! Love the shots though!
darfoster · 2011-12-15: 17:59
????? Wow...that's a carnival of colour and light!!!
And yes...sometimes we have to give ourselves gifts too...even if the sacrifices seem hard to go through :-))
????? · 2011-12-15: 19:47
Arie Great set and sentiment.
Arie · 2011-12-15: 21:47
mikro Wow, that looks like a lot of work. I strung some garland around the door, hung a couple wreaths and called it a day!
mikro · 2011-12-15: 22:02
Shaparak Great!
Shaparak · 2011-12-15: 22:26
paintbox Very true. It's too bad he couldn't enjoy it after all the work. People are funny, aren't they!! I like the shots, you really captured all the lights and color.
paintbox · 2011-12-15: 22:29
renatomartins Great Xmas feeling.
renatomartins · 2011-12-17: 18:49
lukesmom I am behind too! But will get caught up eventually. I couldn't agree more with your lesson here! It is too bad that this fellow doesn't enjoy doing this :( I have a friend that is frustrated with being the only one in her family to put up and take down the decorations all by herself every year, so this year she decorated a floor lamp with a tree skirt and some ornaments and found that it is working just fine without all the hassle!!!!
lukesmom · 2011-12-18: 12:03
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