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52/366 - Tuesday Inspiration - Let's Just Say, "In Bad Taste"

I recently attended an exhibit by street artist Zoe Strauss, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I have been following her work for years. Some visitors commented that this one was a bit in "poor taste". Not wanting to be "TI" myself, I just posted the work's tag. "OUCH" describes it well!

Lesson Learned 1: It is very true that what remains unseen can be equally interesting and "entertaining" - if described in a creative way.

NOTE: Bonus lesson 2 is after the short memory below. Even if you stop here - thanks for the visit!!
Zipped Up Tight - 1966

Summertime basketball

Pick up teams – play all day long

At cousin Joe’s neighborhood hoop

(Nailed to Mr. Vogini's garage wall)

Joe a real “jock” – loose and wirey

Not afraid to throw elbows - usually

But not today – not at all like Joe…

“What’s up man?”


A little later

“You sick?”

“I’m hurtin” (Joe growls) “I gotta show you”

We gather around – Joe pulls down his short pants…


Then he pulls down his underwear...

A cut out zipper - from blue jeans - hanging there

Zipped tight as a vise to Joe’s (a hum – you know what…)

“I zipped it on. You gotta get it off… it hurts”

“You kiddin’??”

Being his cousin – I grabbed the zipper – without…

Touching IT – (you know what…)

Yanked it open – “OWWWWW”

We laughed and laughed and laughed…

(Except Joe - till later)

djr 2/21/12

Lesson Learned 2: It is very true that what remains unsaid can be equally interesting and "entertaining" - if described in a creative way.

Annbramwell Ouch! Not a pretty picture... both your story or the tatoo thing... I bet poor Joe was not laughing...
Annbramwell · 2012-02-21: 05:36
HoosierAtHeART OUCH!!
HoosierAtHeART · 2012-02-21: 05:38
caroleagle Excellent TI :))
caroleagle · 2012-02-21: 05:46
helys Wow
Great find !
Excellent !
helys · 2012-02-21: 06:06
MoMac LOL I have a similar story to that too.
Great "ouch" story and fabulous photo example , with no harm done !!!!
MoMac · 2012-02-21: 06:15
????? haha that's so messed up. both things.
????? · 2012-02-21: 06:56
marilynx Yikes! :-)
marilynx · 2012-02-21: 07:03
mallusatish Very nice find,superb~!~
mallusatish · 2012-02-21: 07:05
Keryl Beans-n-franks....beans-n-franks...!
OMG Dan...you are a good cousin!
Keryl · 2012-02-21: 08:32
LAZYWASP Made my eyes water!!!
LAZYWASP · 2012-02-21: 08:58
EvaLizette BIG OUCH!!
Love it and big smiles! hahaha
Feeling the pain
EvaLizette · 2012-02-21: 10:47
digitalideas Wow ouch indeed Cool Dan
digitalideas · 2012-02-21: 10:53
mazpics I bet this was very interesting, giving us a glimpse of something different and unusual. I love the subtlety of your post; saying it all with your photo! hahaha.
mazpics · 2012-02-21: 11:08
Ryana Say Dan, the picture is not there in its entirety!!

Perfect shot for the TI and the way you show it is TI as well to me!! ;-D
Ryana · 2012-02-21: 11:32
paintbox First of all - ouch is right! Second - that's funny!
paintbox · 2012-02-21: 11:45
darfoster LOL!!!
darfoster · 2012-02-21: 12:19
MARETKA88 Oucheewowwa !!! Very interesting art exhibit....not that i'm interested at all...and for your story...did you ever see the movie "Something about Mary"? If not you should...or youtube the zipper incident !!! Heres the link....
MARETKA88 · 2012-02-21: 12:21
CHOSSID Hmmm... private message or reply? Oh well, here goes....

What remains unseen...
Premise of modesty.

There's a King. He sits astride his horse on parade, and everyone cheers for him. But then there is his daughter, the princess, dearest to his heart. Does she also sit on a horse in the parade? No -- she is inside a curtained carriage, unseen; as the carriage passes, the people cheer for the princess whom they do not see, but know she is inside.

Whatever is most precious to us is kept hidden. If one has a 20 karat diamond, one doesn't leave it on the coffee table for all to see; one wraps it well and keeps it in a safe most of the time. The crown jewels are wrapped in velvet in the treasure house..... In Judaism, our most precious Torah scrolls are kept in a curtained ark, except when read from.

If we subscribe to this belief, we keep ourselves covered, except at the appropriate times, with our spouses.

Aside from which, unseen is often most alluring.

Yeah -- I know, I am the tiny minority here. ;-)
CHOSSID · 2012-02-21: 12:31
danrav You may not be in the tiny minority. In general, I think that the majority of folks will agree that what is hidden can be absolutely alluring and enticing, beyond that which is open for all to see. I am in the tiny minority if your assessment is accurate.
danrav · 2012-02-21: 12:40
CHOSSID I just came across an interesting link, which touches on this at the end, and is not written by a chossid (chassidic Jew.)
CHOSSID · 2012-02-21: 13:49
jennyLit LOL!!!! the most perfect ti of all ti's and a great story to match!!
jennyLit · 2012-02-21: 15:48
bumpusdogs ouch indeed! ;)
bumpusdogs · 2012-02-21: 15:49
????? I agree with Chossid 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say say Dan, this is actually a very tactfully done ti!!!
????? · 2012-02-21: 15:52
girafferacing What a great find for today's theme!
girafferacing · 2012-02-21: 17:03
mrmeliska Great TI..and a very fitting lesson..
mrmeliska · 2012-02-21: 19:08
liveandletlive Hahahaha!!! Nice story.
Are you sure the plural of penis isn't "peni"?
"Tattooed Peni. . ."
I also love what Leah said.
liveandletlive · 2012-02-21: 21:53
Ejrodriguez hahahaha! nice
Ejrodriguez · 2012-02-21: 22:05
joycephotography Cool Dan.
joycephotography · 2012-02-21: 22:46
atszabo Well, let me differ here... I have had this argument with Masoud several times, about Muslim beliefs about proper attire for women.. what Leah was quoting might have had different words but the underlying principle is the same, I think.. and I am such an adamant feminist, I will fight for women's right to wear clothes they feel comfortable in...but how did we get here from the penises, or peni, to inject some linguistics into the debate?
atszabo · 2012-02-22: 13:39
lukesmom Too freakin' funny! You have the best stories! And to find this photo op, the best!
lukesmom · 2012-02-23: 20:14
renatomartins Very interesting find :)
renatomartins · 2012-02-26: 16:33
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