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69/366 - Tribute To Jack Kerouac

When I shot this - I immediately thought of Dean Moriarity, the insane character in Jack Kerouac's novel "On The Road". This book and "Catcher In The Rye" by J.D. Salinger are my two favorite books of all time. Both were banned in my high school.

Lesson Learned: Pushing something out of reach and out of sight does not make it go away.

Thank you all so much for visiting my post. It means alot to me.
"On The Road" Coldplay You will enjoy...

“On The Road” – Kerouac’s best

The year it caught me by the collar

Holden Cauffield fell by the side –

Sorry Mr. Salinger – love him still today

Enter center stage –

Sal Paradise and sidekick Dean…

Dean Moriarity. Racing –

Rampaging coast to coast – on the road…

Beats – beat generation – sired the

Freaks and hippies yet to come

Frantic lives – craziness and sheer absurdity.

Searching for it in whatever was available –

Sal – ring leader – Dean – electrified tail.

Wild and veering travel – adventure - panic

Many (most - maybe) will not know what this all means –

Some who do - will know because it was real – to them

Some who do – because they read the book…

And others - a little of both…

Sad what some people consider good reading…


But then again – maybe not.

djr 3/9/12
equivalence it needs to have food in it; great shot
equivalence · 2012-03-09: 05:01
Annbramwell I am afraid I must be a literary Philistine as I have never read 'Catcher in the Rye' or 'On the road' but I have read hundreds of fantastic books and more then a few really really bad ones... perhaps one day I will read these books too...
Annbramwell · 2012-03-09: 05:12
busybee I haven't read either books but will go onto my list for future reading with Two Eyes! :-)
busybee · 2012-03-09: 05:46
lelle A great post Dan.
lelle · 2012-03-09: 05:49
EvaLizette Haven`t read the book but I love the feeling in the picture..A light breeze moves the silky fabric in a warm night..Wonder what secrets hides behind it ?

EvaLizette · 2012-03-09: 06:36
bumpusdogs what a cool and mysterious shot! :)
bumpusdogs · 2012-03-09: 07:22
Ryana Hey, this is a nice shot Dan!! The angel, the light, What it is ... all makes it really mysterious and very interesting!
Again a pleasure to come and look, listen and enjoy your post.
Ryana · 2012-03-09: 08:20
????? Excellent!
I find myself in the minority here of knowing what you're talking about ;~)
well done
????? · 2012-03-09: 09:30
tomie great shot, and intriguing!
i dod not read this book but i like the song and coldplay :))
great lesson again!
tomie · 2012-03-09: 11:09
mrmeliska Great post..loved "Catcher In The Rye"
mrmeliska · 2012-03-09: 11:54
jeffcornish I think this was taken on South Street?! What a fitting picture for your thoughts!! Great one!
jeffcornish · 2012-03-09: 12:08
????? yes, on the road... the best :)
????? · 2012-03-09: 17:18
Eiram Catcher was recommended reading in my school, can you imagine that?! Loved this book!
But I never read Kerouack....
Eiram · 2012-03-09: 17:34
digitalideas Nice shot Dan, i havent read this one though, but ill look into it
digitalideas · 2012-03-09: 18:35
breizh I bought this book ... a few days ago ... :-))
breizh · 2012-03-09: 18:49
paintbox Great shot, love the colors. I just read another article about Jack Kerouac a couple days ago. Interesting!
paintbox · 2012-03-09: 18:54
jennyLit i love this shot! it makes me wonder what is going on behind that scarf curtain.. and i love both of those books too:))
jennyLit · 2012-03-09: 18:58
DancingDolphin I love this shot, Dan! I'm very curious... was it taken at night? are the walls really green?
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-09: 20:04
photodeclair super post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-03-09: 21:06
djnana This is a very seductive image, Dan - the red really eminates from the shot! And, don't we all have a favorite book that others thought wasn't proper! For me, it was Ayn Rand's "Anthem" - what an eye-opener!
djnana · 2012-03-09: 21:57
Keryl Oh, I thought you were talking about Jack Kevorkian.
Now I don't know what's going on behind that curtain....
Keryl · 2012-03-09: 22:03
joycephotography Cool shot.
joycephotography · 2012-03-09: 23:06
globetrotdreamer Catcher in the Rye! Love that book too! but djnana's mention of Ayn Rand tempted me to say the Fountainhead is my most fave read of all!
"sad what people consider good reading" couldn't agree more. The image is magnetic!
globetrotdreamer · 2012-03-10: 03:55
promise Nice and interesting tribute, Dan!
promise · 2012-03-10: 10:33
Shaparak Nice tribute
Shaparak · 2012-03-10: 23:46
helys Nice tribute
Thanks dan
helys · 2012-03-12: 12:16
girafferacing I've never understood the idea of banning books (or music for that matter) as it only makes people want to see what they're missing! It sounds like perhaps I should read these books...
girafferacing · 2012-03-12: 19:10
renatomartins This is a really mystic shot.
renatomartins · 2012-03-14: 15:45
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