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105/366 - Marilyn Monroe on South Street

My mind immediately flashed to the iconic image in #2 below when I saw this sight. Marilyn Monroe....
As a young boy in Catholic Grade School- what a thrilling image this was to see!

Lesson Learned: The power of a single second of time captured can be awesome - for all times.

There she was thirty feet up on a stucco wall. A large cloth banner of Marilyn Monroe – ala Warhol. She wore a skirt of stars and stripes – a short one too! As our eyes met - the gentle wind turned to a gust – and oh the sight of her long legs as her skirt billowed upward. Strange how the mind works – very strange.

And so I stood, camera at the ready. Finger twitching as I begged the wind to hurl a gust at her skimpy skirt – just one more hefty blast. The people walking by must have wondered what I was waiting for – standing there frozen with my camera aimed upward. They could never have guessed, I am sure of it. Only my mind sees these things.

And then it happened - the wind huffed and puffed. Her long, lovely, white legs - gently bending at the knees especially for me.

And when her skirt drifted down to its resting place – she looked right at me and winked – she gave me a little pucker of the lips like a gentle kiss. I caressed my camera, to protect that moment.

djr 4/14/12
Ryana If someone read your words who never ever have seen shot #2 before, he really would believe you made it.
Ryana · 2012-04-14: 07:41
JumiElla Wow! Super post! :)
For you:
target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The most beautiful...
JumiElla · 2012-04-14: 08:12
renatomartins Yes I can imagine "what a thrilling image this was to see!" :)
renatomartins · 2012-04-14: 09:00
Annbramwell What a fantastic image, I am so glad you waited so patiently for the wind to blow again, it is perfect! I love it! You clever thing!
Annbramwell · 2012-04-14: 09:21
helys Lovely memories !
helys · 2012-04-14: 09:36
EvaLizette Wow words Dan :)))
I Love Marilyn. What a woman she was . In all ways :)
Such a sad ending though and a tough life but I love her smiling :))
Great post and tribute to a great star
EvaLizette · 2012-04-14: 09:56
Davorka I love Marilyn Monroe !
Great post, Dan !
Davorka · 2012-04-14: 10:05
lookagain There are tons of MM photos all over Manitou Springs, even a pizza place named "Marilyn's" chock full of them. You know, I've come across lots of quotes by her in the past few months....she was actually a wise and thoughtful person in many ways....why was I surprised about that? Great post, Dan!
lookagain · 2012-04-14: 10:22
DancingDolphin What an unusual Marilyn image that first one is with the partial flag thing attached!! It does look like the old famous photo... I wonder what the thinking was behind it....??? Nice catch Dan!
DancingDolphin · 2012-04-14: 11:39
atszabo Oh, Dan!!!! You are such a incorrigible romantic!
atszabo · 2012-04-14: 12:10
mallusatish Superb post of beautiful lady,great onde Dan~!~
mallusatish · 2012-04-14: 12:49
gonia dan- don't worry on forum! I love you!
gonia · 2012-04-14: 13:06
mrmeliska Fantastic post...The lesson is perfect...
mrmeliska · 2012-04-14: 15:08
ArtBee What an icurably engraved image on the wall of your mind Dan......lol
It would have been amazing to have been the photographer that took that shot! She is such a beautiful legend!
ArtBee · 2012-04-14: 15:39
????? I thought the same indeed :))
????? · 2012-04-14: 16:25
digitalideas Beautiful posting on such a beautiful woman Dan, dont blame you or anyone
digitalideas · 2012-04-14: 17:09
lelle Love your words and yours pictures.
lelle · 2012-04-14: 17:18
jennyLit A great find!!! I thought of the same image over the grate when I saw ur shot!!
jennyLit · 2012-04-14: 18:01
joycephotography She will always live on, great words............
joycephotography · 2012-04-14: 18:06
Eiram Excellent post!
Eiram · 2012-04-14: 18:26
????? fabulous eye you have, perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
????? · 2012-04-14: 18:29
karmankwarner Wonderful Post!
karmankwarner · 2012-04-14: 19:35
jwendell Truly~She's really charming~
jwendell · 2012-04-14: 19:42
djnana She's still got it, huh? What a wonderfully vivid post, Dan - every man's fantasy! We're using the second shot on our golf tournament flyers this year for "Some Like It Hot"! You want me to send you one????
djnana · 2012-04-14: 21:06
Arie Great post...
Arie · 2012-04-14: 23:50
paintbox You truly are a romantic and a very eloquent one, too. Great post Dan.
paintbox · 2012-04-15: 00:22
caroleagle Oh! Great capture!
caroleagle · 2012-04-15: 07:04
marilynx Lots of love and kisses .... from Marilyn! :-))))))
marilynx · 2012-04-15: 09:56
timim great set dan!!!:)
timim · 2012-04-15: 11:16
lukesmom I thought the same thing as you when I saw your photo! Very nice work. Your patience paid off!
lukesmom · 2012-04-15: 12:49
jeffcornish Great eye on this Dan. Perfect post and perfect words! You are the master city photographer!
jeffcornish · 2012-04-15: 13:03
armando magical photo Dan!
armando · 2012-04-15: 20:24
AnEyeArchy "The power of a single second of time captured can be awesome - for all times."
Cant agree more. You give a new perspective to narration. Like it.
AnEyeArchy · 2012-04-16: 03:02
nataliemanco fantastic post Dan...outstanding find and capture
nataliemanco · 2012-04-16: 06:12
tomie fantastique post!!
goes in my favs...a masterpiece!
tomie · 2012-04-16: 16:15
Jarvo Brillant capture. You are the master at making these connections.
Jarvo · 2012-04-17: 20:27
pandka Great post!
pandka · 2012-04-18: 05:48
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