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145/366 - Vastness

If I could sit on a beach forever and just look and wonder, I think that I would never run out of things to discover about life.

Lesson Learned: When life feels overwhelming imagine the world is but a grain of sand on the beach - and you are but a grain of sand on the beaches of that grain of sand which is the earth.

Because in reality - you are....


Vastness – wow-ness
Beyond that which
Is possible – yet is…
Above all – more – evermore

Never ending going on-ness
Forever and ever-ness.
Big and littleness- goes both ways
Endless nothing and something

An eon in a second –
A galaxy on a pinhead…
A hundred lifetimes counted – easily
On a handful of sand

A trip that never ends -
Yet – never one step ahead
Light year that never emits a ray
Time that is forever - and never.
busybee Oh Dan reminds me of when I was young, whenever visiting the beach I would imagine how long it would take to count all the grains of sand a task that has never been completed!!
busybee · 2012-05-24: 05:13
Annbramwell Gee thanks Dan... if I didn't feel insignificant before... only kidding, I have done the same thing, and pondered the meaning of life whilst sitting on the beach watching the sea, something I can happily do for hours...
Annbramwell · 2012-05-24: 05:25
Dropblue ...because you are simply GREAT man and artist!!!!
Dropblue · 2012-05-24: 06:43
photodeclair beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-05-24: 06:47
miahurricane So true! Interesting shot, Love it
miahurricane · 2012-05-24: 07:44
honzicek I have my “beach spot” in Prague by the Charles Bridge (build in 1400).
For some unknown reason that is my, I call it Reset point where I feel my “grain of sand” weight in time.
honzicek · 2012-05-24: 07:48
kunandi Congrats! I like it very much! :)
kunandi · 2012-05-24: 08:49
mrmeliska Interesting shot and lesson..
mrmeliska · 2012-05-24: 09:11
digitalideas Nice find Dan, the shot and lesson were very intresting, it made me wonder for a sec. usually when i think like this is when im at the layer where i go and hideout and do sunsets
digitalideas · 2012-05-24: 09:48
jeffcornish That is my head splitting open Dan! Nice post!
jeffcornish · 2012-05-24: 09:58
tomie this is very scary to think I'm just a grain of sand on the beach! I am afraid of the crowd! :))
tomie · 2012-05-24: 10:19
????? that's I feel on the immense prairie!
Great illustration for your writing, well done my dear friend!
????? · 2012-05-24: 11:16
EvaLizette Wonderful Dan ...great words :)
EvaLizette · 2012-05-24: 12:21
helys OK !
Great and interesting
Thanks dan
helys · 2012-05-24: 12:37
Eiram I don´t like to be a grain of sand...could I be a tiny pebble instead?

I love Honza´s comment:)
Eiram · 2012-05-24: 12:53
jennyLit great shot! did u put the egg there?
jennyLit · 2012-05-24: 14:26
Ryana Funny, as I feel like this lately ... a grain of sand on a beach, but not a lonely one or an insignificant ... No. On the contrary, part of something big, maybe not quite visible yet, but certainly something worthwhile ...
Beautiful post Dan, thank you.
Ryana · 2012-05-24: 14:34
mujay great !!
mujay · 2012-05-24: 15:26
DancingDolphin I'm with you!!! There is no such thing as getting tired of being on the beach!!
DancingDolphin · 2012-05-24: 17:21
paintbox It IS awesome to consider these things and it's good when when we get too full of ourselves to realize how we fit into such vastness.
paintbox · 2012-05-24: 18:43
breizh Well done . good choice for the weekly theme .
breizh · 2012-05-24: 21:35
LisaMarieGeorge Super nice my dear!
LisaMarieGeorge · 2012-05-24: 21:58
NellyBly Deep thoughts here my friend...I love to just stare at the waves and sand and feel a part of it all..living in my little corner of the world..:-)
NellyBly · 2012-05-24: 22:38
RayNvb Well, at least the world revolves around me! LOL. Actually it revolves around my grandkids. I don't think it possible to understand the concept of unlimited space without a boundary. It has always boggled my pea brain.
RayNvb · 2012-05-24: 23:40
jwendell Simple stuff with meaningful world~ One is small but can still do lots of things~
jwendell · 2012-05-25: 02:25
davidcardona Cool!
davidcardona · 2012-05-26: 19:19
lukesmom Love this photo & the lesson, too!
lukesmom · 2012-05-27: 22:16
girafferacing I know that feeling well - there's nothing quite lingering on the beach :-)
girafferacing · 2012-06-04: 16:19
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