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155/366 - Little Amish Boy

A little Amish boy who comes to the big city from the farmlands to sell fruits, vegetables and baked goods. His eyes were haunting and he had hands like a man.

Lesson Learned: A second's glance can see more than a day's stare - and a sincere "Hello" can say more than an hour's conversation.

Hello - I'm still totally consumed with the Art Exhibit preparation. Long week ahead... Will be commenting more after the week is over.....

Amish Boy’s Eyes

Little Amish boy…
I see you - seeing me snap.
Am I breaking a rule?
Your eyes say so.

Or am I odd too – alien…
One of the extraterrestrial
Customers in the city –
Wanting to buy Poppa’s crops?

Forbid you are wishing –
Looking with envy… to be -
A city creature – between
Buildings and not tobacco rows.

Listen… Amish boy…
Love the soil –
Not the dirt – city dirt
Be planted in soil – not dirt.

djr 6/3/12
atszabo Good lesson to the Amish Boy. Strange, strong community, these Amish are...
atszabo · 2012-06-03: 04:26
busybee Wonderful shot of this Amish child and a great lesson.................
busybee · 2012-06-03: 04:31
Annbramwell Wonderful expression and I love your observation about his man's hands, they certainly are... he is probably much better off staying in the countryside..
Annbramwell · 2012-06-03: 05:11
Ryana This picture really says everything you write here, Dan.
Especially the penetrating look of that boy draws my attention and hold it there.
Very strong post.
Ryana · 2012-06-03: 05:20
jwendell Cute boy~and the composition is really nice~
jwendell · 2012-06-03: 05:35
marilynx Rather a sad expression... I see no joy in those eyes.
marilynx · 2012-06-03: 06:04
EvaLizette Great lesson and not sure what his eyes says...Afraid ,sadness..it should be smile and joy. Hard to know what hides behind eyes sometimes
EvaLizette · 2012-06-03: 06:43
????? I'm hit by his deep (sad?)look...

You know I'm not religious and I dislike religions, and fanatism above all. Amish seem to be a sort of fundamentalist to me...
I don't know how "happy" this boy can be and how how much he can enjoy really his careless age as a boy...
????? · 2012-06-03: 07:03
lelle A fantastic portrait of the little boy.
lelle · 2012-06-03: 07:44
JumiElla A nice portrait. You wrote this poem?
JumiElla · 2012-06-03: 08:19
karmankwarner His eyes are so sad looking, as if longing to be more than the sum of his parts. Wonderful writing; beautiful portrait.
karmankwarner · 2012-06-03: 08:23
ArtBee Hard work is in those hands and a suspicious look in his eyes.....Did he see you when you took this shot?
ArtBee · 2012-06-03: 08:30
jeffcornish Haha!!! I remember this one well Dan! Great story and advice too!
jeffcornish · 2012-06-03: 09:45
trippindelight Excellent not so candid portrait. Dan. I see strength, determination and the courage to look at life head on in his expression.
'Be planted in soil- not dirt"'..great line and lesson.
trippindelight · 2012-06-03: 09:46
????? his gaze IS haunting, wow~ what a great capture!
????? · 2012-06-03: 10:21
Jothindra D.H.Lawrence wrote that he could never forget the penetrating eyes of a gypsy girl around a camp fire. He had seen her for just a fleeting second or two. But the moment was etched forever!
This also looks similar.
Jothindra · 2012-06-03: 11:00
digitalideas Wow this is a great portrait Dan, so sad to see such a little boy having to grow up too fast, I know because I went through the same thing, having to grow up fast because of the lost of my father, had to grow up quickly, thanks for sharing this touching image of a young man.
digitalideas · 2012-06-03: 11:51
paintbox Beautiful compostition and colors. A very photogenic and handsome boy. Hard to tell what the eyes say.
paintbox · 2012-06-03: 12:55
unige Great post (photo and text)
unige · 2012-06-03: 15:16
mrmeliska Great portrait.......This shot said so much....
mrmeliska · 2012-06-03: 18:30
honzicek Great post Dan! Well done.
honzicek · 2012-06-03: 23:27
joycephotography Great words and photo.
joycephotography · 2012-06-04: 00:00
MoMac Looks like he would have liked your camera , I believe that Amish don't have new technological comforts isn't that right?
MoMac · 2012-06-04: 06:51
timepiece very thought provoking Dan - nice post.
timepiece · 2012-06-04: 12:41
DancingDolphin JEEZ... the poor kid was probably just freaked out that you were "making graven images" OF HIM !! 8^) The Amish where I grew up in PA weren't allowed to have their photos taken and their dolls were all made without facial characteristics (no eyes, nose, mouth).
DancingDolphin · 2012-06-04: 13:53
gonia great picture, nice lesson!
gonia · 2012-06-04: 14:50
Eiram ....touching..
Eiram · 2012-06-04: 15:27
girafferacing I wonder what he's thinking?
girafferacing · 2012-06-04: 16:06
helys Wow
So sweet
So lovely eyes
Beautiful portrait
helys · 2012-06-05: 07:12
mmfotos niiice
mmfotos · 2012-06-05: 21:13
CHOSSID He looks so sad! Nice portrait!
CHOSSID · 2012-06-06: 20:37
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