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167/366 - Learning From The Weeds

These weeds were explaining "caring" to me the other evening in a vacant lot in the city. It was not a pretty classroom, but the teachers were fabulous.

Lesson Learned: Learn what you can, from where you can.

First Things First

Stand up straight...
Open your arms...
Let your chest be there -
For a weary head to rest.

Caring is not words -
It is not always doing...
Those come later.
First - just be there.

djr 6/15/12
camilleauteuil I hope that numerous arms are for you there ...
camilleauteuil · 2012-06-15: 07:28
helys "Learn what you can, from where you can"
Great lesson, dan
Thanks so much
helys · 2012-06-15: 07:37
karmankwarner Excellent lesson Dan. Sometimes someone just being there is the best help you can receive. May you always have someone there for you.
karmankwarner · 2012-06-15: 08:07
Annbramwell That is a good philosophy to live by... I dont know that your classroom isn't pretty, it's got pretty weeds and a nice green and pink back drop, you could have been in a spring meadow...
Annbramwell · 2012-06-15: 08:46
miahurricane Lovely
miahurricane · 2012-06-15: 08:46
djnana Great shot - GREAT sentiment! This is a simply beautiful capture of the Queen Anne's Lace - I like both the bloom and the full blossum together. (Just time to check in on a few of my friends this morning - hope your day is super duper!)
djnana · 2012-06-15: 08:59
tomie great picture! i had pretty classrooms but not fabulous teachers :)
tomie · 2012-06-15: 09:05
MoMac This flower got me my one and only FP here so far!!!!! :)
The fable behind this "weed" is that queen Anne was sewing her lace when she pricked her finger and a drop of blood landed on her lace . If you look closely the flower has a red or black spot right in the middle.
I'm going back into my files now to find that so if I find it I'll post it again with my flower today.
MoMac · 2012-06-15: 09:23
borogovoi ...very nice Post Dan
borogovoi · 2012-06-15: 09:27
lgnelson Great lesson, Dan. Queen Anne's lace is prolific in our part of the world.
lgnelson · 2012-06-15: 09:31
EvaLizette Always learning and always listen to those that have something to tell.
A wonderful image and words Dan
EvaLizette · 2012-06-15: 10:12
SheriJ Since I live in the country weeds are the only flowers coloring my property. Good lesson learned as well!
SheriJ · 2012-06-15: 11:18
paintbox Yes! Beautiful post Dan.
paintbox · 2012-06-15: 11:37
Ryana Heartwarming post Dan.
Ryana · 2012-06-15: 11:57
digitalideas A magnificent post Dan awesome lesson
digitalideas · 2012-06-15: 12:33
gonia very good lesson!very nice picture!
gonia · 2012-06-15: 13:11
mrmeliska Great shot...love how the back ground is blow-en out...
mrmeliska · 2012-06-15: 14:10
nynkeb Very beautiful Dan! And I love the poem.. Great work!!
nynkeb · 2012-06-15: 14:16
photodeclair beautiful photo and great lesson !!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-06-15: 15:03
InaLina it is art to see the beauty even in the ugly
InaLina · 2012-06-15: 17:23
????? so true, excellent illustration Dan!!
????? · 2012-06-15: 20:37
liveandletlive I love this shot Dan. Wonderful!
liveandletlive · 2012-06-15: 23:15
ArtBee It is interesting to note this weed will grow just about anywhere. Even in a vacant lot in the city, where it stands alone most of the time. It looks more beautiful there than in the countryside. A wonderful reminder of the great "I AM" who is always there......whoa, that would make a good Sunday School lesson.
ArtBee · 2012-06-16: 08:02
Jarvo Neat shot - good lesson too.
Jarvo · 2012-06-16: 10:26
CHOSSID Beautiful! I think all has been said already!
CHOSSID · 2012-06-17: 04:59
honzicek Great post Dan!
honzicek · 2012-06-18: 07:31
atszabo Now, this poem made me cry, Dan! (Not your fault, mine!) I wish my husband would read this!
atszabo · 2012-06-27: 03:56
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