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178/366 - Tuesday Inspiration - Only "Extras"

A recent photo shoot at the Atlantic City Boardwalk/Casino area was a banquet of absurd sights and sounds. At one point I simply stood on the boardwalk, held my camera in the air and just kept pushing the button. This manuever produced a photograph of this lovely woman giving me a peace sign as she held her face to the sun . Those simple golden earrings are the perfect enhancement to her natural beauty, I think. She stood out from the crazy crowd in an amazing way.

Lesson Learned: A sense of peace is the most effective glamourizer of all.

Nothing More Needed

There is a look
An aura
An air
A presence

There are shoulders
And necks
And eyes
And lips

There are signs
And smiles
And words
And thoughts

For only sunshine
The simplest of gold
Colors pretty – or not
And nothing more – needed.

djr 6/26/12

The Tuesday Inspiration” began in 2009. The Tuesday Inspiration is not a contest or a challenge, but a group of people all agreeing to post their interpretation of a single theme on Tuesdays. Each week, one of the contributors sets the theme. There are now over 60 members contributing to the TI.

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helys Smile, sky,
People, peace,
... That's Life !
Thanks dan
helys · 2012-06-26: 04:59
lelle Love your words and your photo.
Glad you share it.
lelle · 2012-06-26: 05:27
marilynx Beautiful smile
marilynx · 2012-06-26: 05:42
Davorka like it ! :)
Davorka · 2012-06-26: 07:11
unige I like it. Nice capture, Dan! :)
unige · 2012-06-26: 09:03
????? very nice! goes well with your word too :)
????? · 2012-06-26: 09:09
miahurricane Great!
miahurricane · 2012-06-26: 10:01
MoMac Lovely lesson and photo.
MoMac · 2012-06-26: 10:18
Ryana Hey, now that is a lucky shot!!! Wow!!!
Fantastic post Dan!!
Ryana · 2012-06-26: 10:59
SheriJ Great capture! Looks like a busy place that creates SUPER photo Ops!
SheriJ · 2012-06-26: 11:32
EvaLizette Sol catches the beauty in people and make them shine and in some this shine is extra strong :))
A beautiful woman and good seen Dan :)
EvaLizette · 2012-06-26: 12:06
Annbramwell She is very pretty, was she aware of you taking the photograph?
Annbramwell · 2012-06-26: 12:16
Eiram very lovely!
Eiram · 2012-06-26: 14:51
va000119 simplest is often the best,:-))
va000119 · 2012-06-26: 15:45
photodeclair very nice !
photodeclair · 2012-06-26: 16:17
jennyLit great set! probably the only normal beauty to be seen on the boardwalk haha
jennyLit · 2012-06-26: 18:51
joycephotography Great shot & smile...........
joycephotography · 2012-06-26: 21:23
paintbox This girl has a natural beauty. Great capture Dan.
paintbox · 2012-06-27: 00:07
atszabo and what happened next? Do not tell me you just let her go like that?
atszabo · 2012-06-27: 03:45
????? I love it, very cool!!!
????? · 2012-06-27: 15:44
jwendell Her facial expression does catch my attention. This picture would make me wonder what she was looking
jwendell · 2012-06-27: 22:55
honzicek Nice shot Dan!
honzicek · 2012-06-28: 07:37
Keryl Are you sure she wasn't about to flip you?

You really should come up north some time. There's not much here in the way of street photography, but we certainly have some amusing characters Dan!
Keryl · 2012-06-29: 00:00
lukesmom I get your sentiments on this shot, too. And I guess her earrings are ok, but personally I prefer something a bit more quirky and unique :) Just me......But I totally agree with the lesson learned!
lukesmom · 2012-07-01: 22:50
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