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nEvEr fOrgEt / from mArtyrs by David Cardona -a nOn flAsh tAkEs memorial-

nEvEr fOrgEt / from mArtyrs by David Cardona -a nOn flAsh tAkEs memorial- Text at bottom. Two citizens are reading text on the plaque of monument at Journalists Park, for preserve the memory of ten children murdered sixteen years ago in Villatina neighborhood, Medellín, Colombia. Posted a year ago and now like a tribute to victims. EnlArgE fOr bEst vIEw plEAsE
nEvEr fOrgEt

from mArtyrs
a nOn flAsh tAkEs memorial
David Cardona

In mEmOrIAm

In the memory of

“Johanna Mazo Ramírez (8 years old),
Giovanny Alberto Vallejo Restrepo (13 years old),
Johny Alexander Cardona Ramírez (17 years old),
Ricardo Alexander Hernández (17 years old),
Óscar Andrés Ortiz Toro (17 years old),
Ángel Alberto Barón Miranda (16 years old),
Marlón Arlberto Álvarez (17 years old),
Nelson Durán Flórez Villa (17 years old),
Mauricio Antonio Higuita Ramírez (22 years old)

“Murdered On november 15th, 1992 in Villatina, Neighborhood of Medellín

“Colombian Government admits its liability before the OAS´s Interamerican Comisión On Human Rights and Colombian People by this serious fact done by state agents.

“This monument is for preserve the victim´s memory, to repare their families moraly and a way to apologize them. This monument isn´t enough to reduce the pain but it´s a main step to do justice for them and tell to colombian people that this facts cannot be repeat.

Bogotá, July 29th, 2002.”

Translation from plaque on monument

En memoria de:

“Johanna Mazo Ramírez (8 años),
Giovanny Alberto Vallejo Restrepo (13 años),
Johny Alexander Cardona Ramírez (17 años),
Ricardo Alexander Hernández (17 años),
Óscar Andrés Ortiz Toro (17 años),
Ángel Alberto Barón Miranda (16 años),
Marlón Arlberto Álvarez (17 años),
Nelson Durán Flórez Villa (17 años),
Mauricio Antonio Higuita Ramírez (22 años)

“Asesinados en noviembre 15 de 1992 en el barrio Villatina de Medellín.

“El gobierno colombiano admitió su responsabilidad ante la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos de la OEA y ante el pueblo colombiano por este serio hecho atribuido a agentes del Estado.

“Este monumento es para preservar la memoria de las víctimas, reparar sus familias moralmente y una forma de recordarlas. Este monumento no es suficiente para reducir el dolor pero es un paso importante para hacer justicia y decir al pueblo colombiano que estos hechos no pueden repetirse.

Bogotá, Julio 29 de 2002.”

Texto en la Placa del Monumento.

pEAcE Is nOt wAr AftEr WaR, bUt lOvE dOn´t let wAr bE. pEAcE bUt lOvE fIrst!
-David Cardona-

Photo Originally Posted on:

mArtyrs from mEdEllIn frOm fEAr tO hOpE on a pEAcE bUt lOvE fIrst sEssIOns frOm mEdEllIn -a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-

Post Scriptum:

To repeat postings in davidcardona´s Photoblog is not usual but nEvEr fOrgEt is more important for us.

Thanks a lot dear ladies and gentlemen!

bEst rEgArds,

David Cardona
The blUElIzArd OpEn rOUnd tAblE Group

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Nellinka Beautiful photo and commemoration..
Nellinka · 2008-11-16: 09:02
peregol Beautiful pic!!!
peregol · 2008-11-16: 09:35
DancingDolphin EXCELLENT shot! Quite moving.
DancingDolphin · 2008-11-16: 09:37
leocheung Expressive picture.
leocheung · 2008-11-16: 09:43
jennye very moving post!!
jennye · 2008-11-16: 12:10
mariaps Very moving and emotional post. Thank you. :)
mariaps · 2008-11-16: 12:22
noptek Moving picture
noptek · 2008-11-16: 15:06
tomie great shot!
tomie · 2008-11-16: 17:00
kif123 Thanks for the story.
kif123 · 2008-11-16: 19:14
mojaroo what a natural shot and fantastic details
mojaroo · 2008-11-16: 21:10
Askrubies thanks for sharing...
Askrubies · 2008-11-17: 00:25
mystic1 Perfect shot, very moving my friend :)
mystic1 · 2008-11-17: 02:10
balkanbridge Well done!
balkanbridge · 2008-11-17: 02:19
BlueLady Beautiful shot.... wonderful cause!
BlueLady · 2008-11-17: 02:23
ainhoator · 2008-11-17: 02:55
avalon Beautiful photo...
avalon · 2008-11-17: 08:18
MrSaSa coool
MrSaSa · 2008-11-17: 09:58
debbiedeltejo Very touching and moving tribute..........THANK YOU!
debbiedeltejo · 2008-11-17: 09:59
juanzamora Buena foto de reportero en la que se nos da idea del momento que ademas la aclaras en el comentario. felicidades
juanzamora · 2008-11-17: 13:21
miclaud never forget!
miclaud · 2008-11-17: 20:49
Hermans moving post!!
Hermans · 2008-11-18: 10:30
Nukee Great capture and very moving post..well done!!!
Nukee · 2008-11-18: 12:33
nenny76 complicated post :):)
nenny76 · 2008-11-19: 08:28
skrondo bueno!!!
skrondo · 2008-11-19: 11:58
hanafinoor Touched by your shot.
hanafinoor · 2008-11-19: 22:03
????? I like how the little girl is hugging her soft toy tightly as if for some security, very touching shot and worthy tribute.
????? · 2008-11-20: 06:02
baiska impressive post..
baiska · 2008-11-21: 06:18
ashika thanx for sharing such a beautiful story David!
ashika · 2008-11-22: 10:27
JumiElla Good shot!
JumiElla · 2008-11-22: 16:31
josanhjx Great set!!!
josanhjx · 2008-11-22: 20:28
maharba ...not something to forget..
maharba · 2008-11-23: 23:48
emmetan a beautiful moment
emmetan · 2008-11-25: 11:14
Saipanhohhot A wonderful tribute.
Saipanhohhot · 2008-11-29: 02:42
somogyvari Really,powerful set!Thanks for invitation!Never Forget!
somogyvari · 2008-11-29: 05:42
LotoFoto Great capture.
LotoFoto · 2008-12-05: 11:08
cascavel87 poco puedo decir... estas cosas enrabian a uno...
un trabajo impresionante!gracias!
cascavel87 · 2008-12-11: 13:37
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