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Walk on by

Composition in blue, red, grey and green.
I just liked the colours and the composition... had to wait a while for a lone person to walk past in frame.

But will someone tell me what the fascination is for tourists with telephone boxes? While I stood waiting to take this picture there were five different tourists had their picture taken either in the box or beside it. London is full of iconic images - and this is just a phone box!

Does anyone else think that's a bit weird?
MidsummerSilence our telephone booths in the states look nothing like that. they're rather plain.... like this

either way... i love this photos and the vivid colors. nicely executed.
MidsummerSilence · 2007-07-18: 12:47
eljapa Great shot, love the composition...

I guess those people were dutch.. We don't have these nice telephone boxes...
eljapa · 2007-07-18: 13:08
TIM927 Well I dont know in another countries but here in spain telephone boxes are so grey..so dull,,I was one of those tourists taking photos of that wonderful red ones lol...I loved them, they make the city brighter, maybe u are used to them but,,,:))
btw..great shot:)
TIM927 · 2007-07-18: 13:26
sandmoon nice compo, the shadows, the colors, everything is very well balanced. i like!
sandmoon · 2007-07-18: 13:45
slowpete I love how you capture the vibrant colours.
do you never work like the rest of us? ;-)
slowpete · 2007-07-18: 13:46
photoeye telephone booth of sharlock home's time. but i am curious about the side glass shades. any way great photo with a lonely lady passing by
photoeye · 2007-07-18: 15:01
noptek It's very exciting to wait for the right composition and your picture is great.
noptek · 2007-07-18: 15:13

I'll have to post a photo of the phone booths here(South Africa), they are so boring well they are not even a booth really.

lennonf · 2007-07-18: 15:24
SheriJ We don't have telephone boxes in America if we do they are all beat up and trashed! and a scary place to be. Yours look very clean and nice from this view.
SheriJ · 2007-07-18: 15:35
Freyja Colors, perspective...GREAT! Congratulation!
Freyja · 2007-07-18: 15:50
storytaylor cool contrast. vivid colours. very "urban"
storytaylor · 2007-07-18: 19:28
????? Yeah! being american yet having lived in England I can tell you it's the color (RED ha ha ha !) and something people just identify with here.. here they are usually silver and non distinct .. red is so so vivid and well won't go there ..

lovely comp and love the colors .. great shot!!!!
????? · 2007-07-18: 19:55
tricky Great shot, excellent composition and contrast between the colours
tricky · 2007-07-18: 20:16
jet28 It's a bit like London buses - something about the colour! Always reminds me of the scene in "Local Hero" :-)
jet28 · 2007-07-19: 03:44
LampadaMervelha Great composition. Love the shadow shapes
LampadaMervelha · 2007-07-19: 04:58
giulicrevatin Yes, it's a bit weird, the things seem to move, they seem to runaway frome the photo following the girl.
giulicrevatin · 2007-07-19: 05:15
longimanus Ha-ha... these red telephone boxes I`ve seen far before I began travelling in old english movies... they hardly changed with the time.
And weird or not, I`ve got a shot of it too! Silly, weird tourists....
longimanus · 2007-07-19: 07:44
KC727 I love the composition with Blue covered walkway and Red tel. box on the other side. Great work!!
KC727 · 2007-07-19: 09:34
????? Lovely colour composition, green, red and blue!!!!
????? · 2007-07-19: 11:02
????? great composition and perspective
????? · 2007-07-19: 11:40
garysktam Your city telephone booth is a kind of heritage right
garysktam · 2007-07-19: 11:53
ajoeh Nice composition and angle.
ajoeh · 2007-07-19: 22:03
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