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Back street crawler - Havana

I'll start my Cuban set with a few pictures from wandering the backstreets of Havana.

The city is a wonderful, teeming mix of chaotic humanity and crumbling magnificence.

The architecture is a mish-mash of styles, broken down and patched up endless times with whatever materials were to hand.

And the sounds are truly distinctive - the bellowing roar of the old cars mixed with the beat of salsa round every corner. Add a generous splash of rum and that's a heady cocktail!
dontblink Wonderful street scenes, especially #4.
dontblink · 2010-02-02: 13:10
redro These images make me go check my pictures from my old city ...maybe I'll post some of them when I'll have time.
It looks a lot like Romania...unfortunately.
Just replace the old cars with very expensive flashy cars ...the contrast with the old buildings is even stranger.
I mean, I know that for tourists it's very appealing to the eye, but for the locals is just heart breaking.
In one of my visits, while I was taking pictures of an old broken house, my artistic reasons were misunderstood and the owner asked me angrily to stop taking pictures... I tried in vain to explain what I was seeing beautiful in that ruin - he got really mad at me for "laughing at him and his misery ". He told me that if I like it so much I should buy it from him, for he was having no money to fix it or to pay for any expenses and the officials were deaf to his pleas for help and he was just thinking that one day the house will collapse on him and his family. I left of course respecting his request. From the other side of the lens, a ruin is just a ruin.

Nonetheless, I like your pictures and #2 and #5 are super.
Thanks for adding description of sounds and taste....
redro · 2010-02-02: 13:51
storytaylor stunning. great photos. and Cuba rules.
storytaylor · 2010-02-02: 14:12
Allegra beautiful light, strange light, do not seem too hot ... now they are accustomed to think of the tactile sensations of light and I think it is natural to the dress to wear. Glad to see you again
Allegra · 2010-02-02: 14:26
girafferacing You've really captured the character of the place. I particularly like the mixture of arches of different shapes and designs in no.2
girafferacing · 2010-02-02: 14:46
revenant Now that I live in a small village, as opposed to a big city, I feel the density here. You've captured that very well.
revenant · 2010-02-02: 15:58
????? Fantastic set.
????? · 2010-02-02: 17:05
jennye Excellent captures!!
I have always wanted to visit Cuba!! I feel like I'm wandering these streets with you!!
jennye · 2010-02-02: 17:15
????? Fantastic photos. You make me walk there ;-)
????? · 2010-02-02: 17:35
keeyo Excellent - you've captured the busy atmosphere very well indeed. Looks like a place worth visiting....
keeyo · 2010-02-02: 17:40
slowpete thanks for taking us along on the trip
slowpete · 2010-02-03: 00:24
jet28 Wonderful glimpses!
jet28 · 2010-02-03: 03:12
Riyaz welcome back! great set! Thanks for the Tour!
Riyaz · 2010-02-03: 11:36
borogovoi meraviglioso
borogovoi · 2010-02-03: 16:27
longimanus that sounds like Havana keeps all its promises:-) never thought that crumbling buildings with paint peeling off their walls can provide such a charming, unique overall picture. have you had mojito or cuba libre? :-)
longimanus · 2010-02-04: 11:00
DancingDolphin WOW, and here I was thinking that California's density was high!
DancingDolphin · 2010-02-04: 11:44
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