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England 59 - 13 Italy

Apologies for the quality of the pic - iPhone from the top tier of an 80,000 seat stadium.

For those of you in many countries Rugby Union won't mean much - perhaps some analogy of a weird tribal ritual - but for those of us in the more civilised part of the world we are in the middle of the 6 Nations tournament at the moment (a round robin tournament played by England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy) at about this time each year.

I was at the match on Saturday at Twickenham when England soundly thrashed Italy.

I used to play rugby several hundred years ago so for me it's my "winter" sport, with cricket being the "summer" sport... yes I know I'm very "English".

But what can I do?

And yes it was a good day out, and yes much Guinness was drunk...
????? My ♥ is still bleeding and it's not San Valentino's celebration :-/
????? · 2011-02-14: 12:11
revenant You know, I always the pluck of the Italian squad. They try so very hard. One day they going to surprise us.

Thanks for the "union" bit. In my ancient history I used to a winger. Now I'm shaped like the ball.
revenant · 2011-02-14: 12:44
Annbramwell Oh you lucky man.. we could only watch it on our telly and cheer for England... but what a game! and yes, much Guinness was drunk!
Annbramwell · 2011-02-14: 12:50
cariad Ohhh I have a similar shot from Wales England match...but still too sad to post it!!
cariad · 2011-02-14: 12:52
eljapa Sure is different then when i'm taking pictures of Rugby.. i have to jump over the players to avoid them:-)
I kind of became the homephotographer of a local Rugbyteam, its fun to do!! Still dont understand the game... and we don't have a crowd like that, LOL..
eljapa · 2011-02-14: 16:13
slowpete was a good game for England. if they had not relaxed for a while it could have been a different score
all the best for the rest of the tournament
slowpete · 2011-02-15: 00:44
armando What a fantastic photo! Rugby, the world's most exciting game! I'ma big fan!
armando · 2011-02-17: 12:59
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