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The Road to Paradise

Stormy Point Village in Branson, Missouri
Many people across the world travel to the Ozark Mountains to enjoy the lakes, rivers, hills and streams. Here, a few of them followed this winding road to their own little piece of paradise.

wanazza Beautiful scene! Lovely :)
wanazza · 2010-02-20: 21:52
DancingDolphin I've never been to this area so I'm glad to see a picture. Is that a lighthouse???
DancingDolphin · 2010-02-21: 01:49
huiching Wow. The houses in the village built in very similarity!!!

Well planned! ^_^
huiching · 2010-02-21: 03:28
wildduck Lovely place.
wildduck · 2010-02-21: 04:49
lynnsgallery2 UNBELIEVABLE!!! Truly amazing scenery and you took the perfect shot :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-02-21: 09:29
onlyricky this is quiet!:)
I'm voting for you ;)
onlyricky · 2010-02-21: 09:57
Ole365 Amazing view and scenery.
Ole365 · 2010-02-21: 11:15
????? Very nice place!!
It looks really pinturesque.
????? · 2010-02-21: 13:23
DutchMountains Beautiful capture Brenda !!
DutchMountains · 2010-02-21: 14:41
SusieG What a beautiful overview of paradise!
Outstanding capture, Brenda - breath-taking!
SusieG · 2010-02-21: 16:04
NellyBly I would like to visit this place when in your area! This weekend my daughter and I are going to Hot Springs to visit my sister from Mtn View and her daughter..plan to take in Garvin Gardens..hope the weather is good for photos.Great photo of this paradise, Brenda
NellyBly · 2010-02-21: 18:23
BwannaDon Beauty... I am really curious about what body of water this is and... what certainly appears to be a lighthouse.
BwannaDon · 2010-02-21: 19:28
florlavag beautiful city! is this USA? I Love it!
florlavag · 2010-02-21: 19:37
lookagain Have been to Branson several times.....a beautiful area! You did well capturing this scene!
lookagain · 2010-02-21: 20:41
urmysunshine so pretty and quaint
urmysunshine · 2010-02-22: 19:06
kif123 Nice!
kif123 · 2010-02-24: 07:53
PAPADAN Now THIS I find interesting. Most of the world that knows the term "OZARKS", tends to associate it with moonshine, banjos, and ludicrous images of raggedy hillbillys with pointed heads, long beards, and crossed eyes from too much inbreeding. This is a wonderful shot and tells me this would be a fascinating place to visit. My wife and I are recently retired, and have bought ourselves a long dreamed of, older motorhome. We have a nephew in Texas that we are hoping (with The Lords blessing) to visit. You've made it look worthwhile for us to plan a side trip to this area.

Many thanks, Dan
PAPADAN · 2010-02-24: 20:35
pandka Fantastic!
pandka · 2010-02-26: 02:25
esther76 Absolutely beautiful! I am/ and have been a PROUD employee of this company for almost 9 years! I would love to see more of your photography of the area - you can find us on facebook under "Stormy Point Village"
esther76 · 2010-03-12: 15:55
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