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WORLDFEST - Around the World in 4 Weeks

Flags of the World at the entrance
Chinese acrobats in action
Some of the various international merchandise that can be bought
We were SO far from the stage, they were constantly moving, and it was so dark ("no flash photography, please"), it was very difficult to get a clear shot!
This young woman is an incredible violinist, who played the violin while going up and down these sashes like a yo-yo!
The three "Fiery Fiddle" performers from Branson, Ireland and Nova Scotia
A display of painted Russion "Babushka" dolls
We ran into my friend Tricia Turner who was nice enough to take our picture!
This morning, we took off for Silver Dollar City, a turn-of-the-century theme park in Branson, Missouri that attracts millions of travellers each year. It has been chosen second-only to the Disney Properties for quality and was recently featured in a TV special. During the spring, SDC holds a month-long event called "WorldFest". They bring in acts and artistry from countries like Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Ireland, China, Trinidad/Tobago, Germany, and Scotland. The restaurants all serve
"Tastes of the World" - and the park is full of international colors and wonderful aromas!
threepeas Nice post...sounds like fun! I love the colorful dolls.
threepeas · 2010-04-09: 19:54
masaki Wow,you had a wonderful travel and taseted many of dishes!

masaki · 2010-04-09: 20:21
Ole365 Very interesting, and I agree, it sounds like fun.
I have one of the Russian babushka dolls at home. My mother bought it on a travel in Sovjet in the late 80's
Nice images!
Ole365 · 2010-04-09: 20:23
Shaparak I like #7 , ... #8 !
Shaparak · 2010-04-09: 20:50
lynnsgallery2 Looks fantastic...I think you did AMAZING especially considering the low light and movement. Love that last shot of the two of you :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-04-09: 20:59
lgnelson It WAS a fun day. I really like #1 - that was an excellent perspective on those flags and the cutout of the world. Neat series!
lgnelson · 2010-04-09: 21:30
????? Absolutely fabulous!!! They're all wonderful, bright, entertaining and fun! I can actually do number 4! (maybe I'll do it for a PB photo- lol)

My favorite is the last! What a perfect couple and, does Larry know how lucky he is??? I sure hope so!
????? · 2010-04-09: 21:36
SunFlower1990 Fantastic set!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-04-09: 21:47
NellyBly Wonderful shots! I didn't know they held that at Branson! Would love to see it..did you buy a babushka doll?
NellyBly · 2010-04-09: 22:01
DancingDolphin Hi you two! This looks like great fun! My daughter used to collect those nesting dolls, brought back lots of good memories!
DancingDolphin · 2010-04-09: 22:01
kellybee322 #4 is lovely!! Sounds like a really neat event!
kellybee322 · 2010-04-09: 22:12
jennye looks like a fun day!!
great shots!!
jennye · 2010-04-09: 22:52
????? Great shots Brenda. Nice pic of the two of you. I'm putting it up on my wall in my office.
????? · 2010-04-10: 01:18
giancaf nice trip around the world
giancaf · 2010-04-10: 02:38
MoMac Very good circus acrobats despite your difficulty in taking them . They tend to make me tense when watching them act. TFS I like the Russian dolls shot.
MoMac · 2010-04-10: 06:55
Ratcher Love #4 and #5.. ;)
Ratcher · 2010-04-10: 07:50
lookagain Looks like loads of fun and great entertainment! Love SDC and hope to go there soon. This set is full of so much color and excitement :)))
lookagain · 2010-04-10: 09:55
????? This sounds like a wonderful place to visit, and the pictures really re-enforce that. My one reservation was the "Tastes of the World" thing after you mention cotland, hopefully that didn't mean haggis or the "deep fried mars bar", (please, don't ask). You didn't mention England so you are safe from some of our exotic stuff ("jellied eels" say, or the now, thankfully almost extinct "pub curly sandwich").
????? · 2010-04-10: 13:36
????? Impressive shots!!
????? · 2010-04-10: 15:31
????? Your photos are so good in detail, color, and focus. You captured their movement very well, even the one in the dark stage with no flash, that is so well taken. And you both are a beautiful couple!!!! Thanks for sharing, I hope to visit this Fest one day, looks so interesting.
????? · 2010-04-10: 18:38
BwannaDon Very colourful... love the Babushkas
BwannaDon · 2010-04-11: 00:46
fotosalicante bonitos momentos en el circo..!
fotosalicante · 2010-04-11: 06:13
atszabo Looks like a fun place! Climbing the sashes while playing the violin, you wrote Nana about that pretty girl? What a superwoman! That is almost too much from the talent category, don't you feel?
atszabo · 2010-04-11: 12:02
????? Excellent set! I like that #4 is B&W, it adds to the beauty of the pic!!! thanks for sharing!
????? · 2010-04-12: 02:23
wildduck Interesting post!
wildduck · 2010-04-12: 13:19
????? you two are just adorable :):) What a great set, and you got some very good captures here!! You are a very busy lady :):) out there always having all kinds of fun!
????? · 2010-04-12: 16:40
pandka Really lovely shots and couple!
pandka · 2010-04-13: 05:50
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