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The enormity of the Grand Canyon srtikes you the moment you step to the canyon wall! Not surprising that it is one of the "Seven
Wonders of the Natural World"!
Some of the many incredible rock formations across the canyon, which is 12 miles wind and one mile deep!
I was terrified every time Larry walked over to the rim of the canyon because it was about 3000 feet straight down - and NO guard rails!
I just happened to turn around and catch this California condor in flight right over my head! Their wing span is about 5-6 feet!
Later, I saw another one floating over the canyon, but this one was a long way from me!
I liked this dead tree in the foreground, while the Colorado River looks like a small stream at the bottom of the canyon. A small trail makes it's way down to the river's edge.
The small white line is actually the hiking path down Bright Angel Trail, which is over 12 miles down and back to the top and usually requires two days to make the round trip.
We arrived at the Grand Canyon before noon, but it was such an overcast day, we couldn't catch the bright colors that the sun would have given us. However...it is more than magnificent! A lifetime of canyon photography could never capture it's glory! This is my humble attempt!
SunFlower1990 WOW...Beautiful!!!!!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-04-19: 21:38
agandia Magnificent view, Congrats Brenda this set is so beautiful!!
agandia · 2010-04-19: 21:40
????? One of my favorite places. You sad right, no foto can make justice to the beaty, and magnetism of this place. I really want to go down one day, I just need to find another crazy soul to do it with me. You so did so well, These a very impressive shots. They did turned out great. Very well done, Brenda :)
????? · 2010-04-19: 21:42
dontblink I've never been there but definately will one of these days. Amazing views and images.
dontblink · 2010-04-19: 21:51
atszabo I read some place that it is a sight that no photography could do justice to. I am thankful that I had once the opportunity to see it in person! Awesome place, indeed!
atszabo · 2010-04-19: 21:59
threepeas Spectacular photos! My husband is grumblingly envious that you saw a condor...that's a rare find! The canyon looks beautiful even in the overcast light!
threepeas · 2010-04-19: 22:42
RayNvb Lynn, these are just amazing. It must have been breathing taking by the looks of #1 and 3
RayNvb · 2010-04-19: 22:49
netterbutter I completely know what you mean! When I went there for spring break I definitely took around 200 pics in one morning at the grand canyon and none of them came close to actually experiencing it in person! I'm so glad you got to go! I think it's great that with just a 3 week difference in visits the landscape looks so different! I can't see a bit of snow in your shots when it was everywhere in mine and I love the green in #1. It's like a completely different place than what I visited. Great job Brenda!
netterbutter · 2010-04-19: 23:05
????? Wonderful photos Brenda. I love the views and colors ... never been ... maybe one day. tfs
????? · 2010-04-19: 23:06
mystic1 Wow those are awesome shots, love the Eagle
mystic1 · 2010-04-19: 23:43
huiching Stunning views, Brenda. never see such beautiful sceneslike this in Thailand...
huiching · 2010-04-19: 23:49
catdad Great shots, loved the first one , which is heading out toward "Indian Springs" . The Canyon is a beautiful Place !! Been down the Colorado River there, 3 times. cd
catdad · 2010-04-20: 00:27
Contesina Stunning set! I like all pictures!
Contesina · 2010-04-20: 00:33
NellyBly First one is really beautiful...love the condor photo too...how fortunate you caught that! Nope, it's grandeur cannot be adequately captured but you did a great job :-)
NellyBly · 2010-04-20: 00:38
quiksilver1781 stunning shots!
quiksilver1781 · 2010-04-20: 00:54
giancaf in this moment I envy you po a this wonderful show I will not see it never from the alive one therefore thanks to you in order to have shared it
giancaf · 2010-04-20: 01:42
Davorka Brenda, I was breathless ........... I admire you, not just for the photo, but for places where you come !!!!!!! is very nice view, the air!
Davorka · 2010-04-20: 02:37
hannamagnusson It is so wonderfully beautiful!
I hope I will see this in real life some day :-)
hannamagnusson · 2010-04-20: 03:06
Yokai WooHoo! All the pictures are amazing!!
Yokai · 2010-04-20: 03:12
invu69 First shot is awesome!!
invu69 · 2010-04-20: 03:33
cruisingcomet Amazing sights Brenda
cruisingcomet · 2010-04-20: 03:53
jiabjiab Beautiful landscape of # 1
jiabjiab · 2010-04-20: 04:25
acrosstheworld great shots!
acrosstheworld · 2010-04-20: 07:01
bamyan beautiful photos
bamyan · 2010-04-20: 07:03
jtnelso Amazing! I really need to go there sometime. The shot of the condor is a great one! It's huge!
jtnelso · 2010-04-20: 08:05
lookagain OK, this is just a spectacular set, Brenda!! Incredible views.....especially LOVE the first and last! You should have put a parachute on Larry....just in case ;)))
lookagain · 2010-04-20: 09:22
somogyvari Gorgeous !!
somogyvari · 2010-04-20: 09:39
pandka All are fabulous, Brenda!
pandka · 2010-04-20: 10:03
mshafie amazing location.
mshafie · 2010-04-20: 10:06
urmysunshine FABULOUS, that first shot is my favorite; I love the soft tones
urmysunshine · 2010-04-20: 10:08
wildduck Wow, fantastic, awesome place!
wildduck · 2010-04-20: 11:15
????? Excellent shot!
????? · 2010-04-20: 12:04
Ryana I'm in love with your first shot!!
Ryana · 2010-04-20: 12:24
BwannaDon Great shots Brenda, number one is magnificent... I like the muted colors. These exposures are superb.. bright sunlight would have brought with it the problem of dynamic range.
BwannaDon · 2010-04-20: 13:05
GKorts Gorgeous Brenda, up to today I never would have thought about Grand Canyon in combination with the color green. Seems that all the other photos you usually see are from late summer. Thanks for sharing, learnt something new today
GKorts · 2010-04-20: 13:49
mariadamaris awesome!
mariadamaris · 2010-04-20: 13:55
susjustjake isn't this just the most awesome place. No words can describe it! Great shots
susjustjake · 2010-04-20: 14:01
Wasichseh WOW!
Wasichseh · 2010-04-20: 15:56
Eiram Fantastic photos of a fantastic place!
Eiram · 2010-04-20: 16:26
kmack These are beautiful! I just commented on Larry's photos that I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Maybe someday ..
kmack · 2010-04-20: 19:57
lisaliu Wow, these are some of my favorite shots I've seen of the Grand Canyon!
lisaliu · 2010-04-20: 20:00
lynnsgallery2 AWE-INSPIRING!!! Incredible views and SUPERB photography Brenda...I am very very impressed by this set!!! This is definitely a "WOW" post and FP material...CONGRATS :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-04-20: 21:57
thebronzebow Wonderful captures. Makes me want to go back again.
thebronzebow · 2010-04-20: 22:16
????? Excellent captures, especially the one with your hubby in it!
????? · 2010-04-20: 22:35
catdad Tell Larry : First you get a really large raft (Kinda like a green with no sandtraps and drains to the cup", Throw away the titleists, get some callaways, and go for it, and don't 3 putt anything !! Eagle all the par 3's. It's kinda like that !! cd
catdad · 2010-04-21: 01:31
????? Fantastic! I've always wanted to go there.
????? · 2010-04-21: 18:59
????? wow, the tones of the rugged canyons are just so incredible!! How can anything be so beautiful. Built and painted by a very special hand is all I can say. What an imagination He has :):)
????? · 2010-04-22: 08:35
PhotosByPat Inspiring!
PhotosByPat · 2010-04-22: 11:33
girafferacing You've done a wonderful job Brenda - stunning set! :-)
girafferacing · 2010-04-22: 15:41
l0rry Beautiful shots!
l0rry · 2010-04-24: 02:39
kellybee322 You guys got some absolutely spectacular shots! I have got to make it there one day!
kellybee322 · 2010-04-25: 22:43
loulou169 Incredible! Very magic!
loulou169 · 2010-09-25: 15:03
miclaud Oh yes! I vote!!!!
miclaud · 2011-09-03: 21:19
deandrade Fantastiche immagini!
deandrade · 2011-09-04: 04:08
AllieOska Fantastic breathtaking set! Great job!
AllieOska · 2011-09-04: 05:13
tomie fantastic! voted!
tomie · 2011-09-05: 06:24
DancingDolphin Such a gorgeous place and this is a great shot, Brenda... congratulations on the theme win!
DancingDolphin · 2011-09-10: 20:23
????? Beautiful set... congrats!
????? · 2011-09-10: 21:52
renatomartins Congrats Brenda for the 2nd place
renatomartins · 2011-09-10: 22:00
Davorka Congrats B. on the theme win!!
Davorka · 2011-09-11: 00:49
requiemofnothing Congrats!very beautiful!=)
requiemofnothing · 2011-09-11: 05:39
Francesc21 Congratulations!!!
Francesc21 · 2011-09-11: 05:59
marilynx The immensity is overpowering! Quelle chance!
marilynx · 2011-09-11: 08:45
borogovoi Ohh..Congratulations my friend...!!!
borogovoi · 2011-09-11: 10:10
gerodu602 Superbe série!
gerodu602 · 2011-09-11: 12:51
nynkeb So very amazing... overwhelming beauty!!
nynkeb · 2011-09-11: 16:14
Shaparak so amazing Brenda! .... Congratulations my friend :)
Shaparak · 2011-09-11: 22:59
gonia bravo! breathtaking views! the most I like last one.
gonia · 2011-09-12: 04:06
atszabo Congratulations, Brenda! It is so hard to photograph that place, I found!
atszabo · 2011-09-14: 11:50
Lologwadazouk WAOUWWWWWWWWWWWW rien a dire perfercto ca fait rever
Lologwadazouk · 2011-09-14: 16:34
vterezia Congratulations.......
vterezia · 2011-09-16: 03:56
AJGFer You deserve to be publicated in a fantastic magazine of the best photos¡¡¡¡
AJGFer · 2011-09-16: 04:04
Aretrius very beautiful!!
Aretrius · 2011-09-17: 12:13
felixfoto I like very much this pictures, are amazing!
felixfoto · 2012-01-23: 01:30
sweetspy grand indeed!thanks for sharing the pics!being in one of the 7 wonders of the world--envious :)
sweetspy · 2012-01-23: 02:35
CHOSSID Last is beautiful
CHOSSID · 2012-01-23: 06:07
tomie voted!
tomie · 2012-01-23: 16:50
giancaf voted!
giancaf · 2012-01-23: 18:10
sweetspy awesome!!!!!
sweetspy · 2012-01-26: 05:03
lookwhatisaw Seeing those condors is a real honor. When I stare at the length of just one wing and wonder what the comparison would be like to see a "simple" hawk or eagle flying underneath. Your shot of the canyon and the enriched color went right into my favorites. It is like a mural of rich marble. Just beautiful Good work! Glorious.
lookwhatisaw · 2012-01-28: 07:43
danrav Congratulations Brenda on your theme selection!!!! Bravo!!!!
danrav · 2012-01-28: 20:42
jlmphotos My Bad. I wrote congrats on the FP -- I meant on winning the THEME!!! Congratulations!
jlmphotos · 2012-01-28: 21:03
DancingDolphin ANOTHER theme win for this post... it's obviously a winner!!
DancingDolphin · 2012-01-28: 22:03
JustGarden Congratulations on having your photo selected as a finalist in the latest theme contest, Brenda.
JustGarden · 2012-01-28: 23:21
CHOSSID Back to say Congrats on being chosen for the theme!
CHOSSID · 2012-01-28: 23:47
lookwhatisaw Yay! I am so pleased you were chosen. It's really deserving :-))
lookwhatisaw · 2012-01-29: 02:56
Dropblue Brilliant set !!! C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!!
Dropblue · 2012-01-29: 03:09
tomie congratulations! idon't regreat my vote!!
tomie · 2012-01-29: 03:52
breizh Congrats !
breizh · 2012-01-29: 03:55
EvaLizette Wow this is beautiful :)) Congratulations :)
EvaLizette · 2012-01-29: 04:24
borogovoi Congratulations ..............! Great
borogovoi · 2012-01-29: 05:16
gonia special pictures from special place! congratulations! again and again!
gonia · 2012-01-29: 08:39
jenfredsams Surreal comes to mind... That is mind boggling.... I live on the east coast and I have never seen anything like this in person..... I would imagine it may be up their with seeing the Florence Cathedral when I do get there..... Beautiful, jaw dropping work
jenfredsams · 2012-01-29: 19:49
Shaparak Be careful Brenda on climbing!
This beautiful post should stand upper of mine :)
Shaparak · 2012-01-30: 00:50
????? congrats brenda
????? · 2012-01-30: 05:34
vterezia Congratulations
vterezia · 2012-01-30: 11:21
renatomartins Congrats Brenda.
renatomartins · 2012-01-30: 12:05
TheMausHole Congrats!
TheMausHole · 2012-01-30: 14:17
chitomalabanan great set,,simply marvelous
chitomalabanan · 2012-01-31: 07:21
davidcardona Magnificient! Great perspectives and tones! Thanks for sharing and cOngrAts!
davidcardona · 2012-02-01: 23:13
liveandletlive Congratulations my little friend!!
liveandletlive · 2012-02-02: 15:17
????? i do love such natural beauties.
????? · 2012-02-03: 07:22
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