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The drive down Highway 1 across the Bixby Arch Bridge follows the Pacific Ocean with the mountains and the mists.
Rain and wind form these unusual dirt carvings. (To give you perspective, that's part of a black telephone pole about half way down on the left!)
This is the typical view on the way southward
Big Sur belongs to a private trust that forbids any kind of development along the ocean-side of the highway. Yet portions are rented as farm land, so these cattle have a really nice view!
The view driving northward toward Monterey. I think this shot epitomizes Big Sur
The Bixby Bridge is often used in television commercials for car companies who drive their autos over it with the crashing waves in the background!
This was quite a feat in 1932 when this concrete bridge was built along the Pacific!
Wildflowers thrive in the hostile terrain
Down to the sea...
Larry gives you some idea of the size of these giant redwoods at Pheiffer Big Sur Park
I almost had to lie down on the ground to get this shot - the trees are so tall!
This mountainside of flowers was hard to make "crisp", since they were blowing around in a 40 mph wind! I thought it was going to blow me off the hill a couple of times!
Eating at our favorite place along the drive - the Rocky Point Restaurant - we had some of the best views of the day!
Today we drove from Monterey southward on the famous Highway 1 - "Pacific Coast Highway". It mostly follows the coastline before heading inland to some areas of enormous redwoods.

PLEASE forgive me if I don't say "thanks" for your comments for awhile. I want to post as many shots as I can, if only for our memories - but I may not have time to reply to you. I promise to do better soon!!
JustGarden Fantastic set Brenda. Like the eerie hooded creatures marching in photo #2. Looks like you are having a great time.
JustGarden · 2010-06-15: 23:09
NellyBly These are breathtaking Brenda! The shapes in #2 are fascinating..made by rolling water I guess...
NellyBly · 2010-06-15: 23:14
paulamarquis One of the most beautiful drives ever! would love to get back there someday. Beautiful photos!
paulamarquis · 2010-06-15: 23:56
atszabo :o))
atszabo · 2010-06-16: 00:40
lgnelson Neat series! Glad you didn't blow off of the roadside in the wind - it was TERRIBLE!
lgnelson · 2010-06-16: 00:58
TheodoreS #9 is perfect
TheodoreS · 2010-06-16: 01:37
????? #5 and #12 are awesome shots!
#5 is very breathtaking... and #12 is so refreshing. nice, nice, nice!
????? · 2010-06-16: 01:55
MoMac great set , love 5,6 and 8
MoMac · 2010-06-16: 03:56
hannamagnusson Fantastic landscapes, good photos!
hannamagnusson · 2010-06-16: 04:41
Shaparak Amazing view and beautiful shots!
Shaparak · 2010-06-16: 06:55
HoosierAtHeART OH WOW!! Big Sur is such a magnificent place, to me one of the most beautiful places in the world! I have the very same photo as #1 and actually did a painting from it!
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-06-16: 07:07
RayNvb Wow Brenda. These are great. Beautiful place for sure.
RayNvb · 2010-06-16: 08:19
kellybee322 Beautiful for sure!! Love 4 and 5.
kellybee322 · 2010-06-16: 08:49
SheriJ PTL there is no development to happen along the highway to block the view or take advantage of tourist and locals!! great views... I have got to get to those redwoods & see them for myself!! WOW!!
SheriJ · 2010-06-16: 10:18
????? Certainly is!!! (Beautiful)
You don't have to reply to me. I understand "busy"
Wonderful set Brenda!!
????? · 2010-06-16: 10:24
????? you don't need to worry about commenting on everything or thanking everyone;
at least not me anyway; what a beautiful place to visit, I'm jealous!
????? · 2010-06-16: 10:37
jeffcornish Brenda....these are sooo nice! I must go after seeing these!
jeffcornish · 2010-06-16: 11:22
wildduck Wonderful landscapes!
wildduck · 2010-06-16: 12:38
threepeas You did a great job of getting a variety of shots. Fabulous set!
threepeas · 2010-06-16: 16:51
????? Hwy #1 What a sight! I love them all and the wildflowers were very nice. Who's the guy,, does Larry know about him hahaha! (Oh I just kill myself)
????? · 2010-06-16: 19:22
dontblink Wow, great views! Beautiful
dontblink · 2010-06-16: 19:59
????? Magnificent views!!!
????? · 2010-06-16: 20:00
ArtBee Asolutely breathtaking photos Brenda! They are all so beautiful! Larry standing up against that Redwood tree shows their size alright WOW! Fantastic Post!
ArtBee · 2010-06-16: 20:33
SunFlower1990 Fantastic views!!!!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-06-16: 20:48
SunflowerGirl What a phenomenal set! I wish I were there. Don't worry about not commenting/thanking everyone. We'll cut you slack. It has been such a blessing to follow you and Larry on this wonderful trip of yours and thank you very much for sharing so much with us.
SunflowerGirl · 2010-06-16: 22:40
????? Marvelous set, Brenda, # 5 and 6 are my favorite. Agree with SunflowerGirl, thank you for sharing with us, your beautiful journey!
????? · 2010-06-16: 23:58
pandka Beautiful set!
pandka · 2010-06-17: 07:45
365edgar Absolutely beautiful! I love #9 looking down, down, down to the water, and the view up into the trees is superb.
365edgar · 2010-06-20: 00:58
girafferacing Wonderful set. Those trees are astonishingly big!
girafferacing · 2010-06-21: 05:50
lynnsgallery2 The two of you to AMAZING places...INCREDIBLE :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-06-21: 18:14
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