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ALPHA MALE - "The Boxley Stud"

During the rutting (mating) season, this young bull elk named "Pretty Boy" bugles to attract a mate and establish his own herd. This guy was pretty impressive with his vocal talents!
But, wait...who's that other bull elk bugling over there?
Just as Pretty Boy thinks he's got it made, out of the woods arrives the "Alpha Male", named the "Boxley Stud", the big daddy of the herd!
He promptly chases the would-be king back into the woods!
Now it's back to business for the "Stud"...
...protecting the family.
And wouldn't you know? Another coup attempt by a really young male, who quickly runs away from the "Main Man" in the herd!
The Alpha Male keeps his family together by herding up cows who've strayed off from his group.
With all his work done, it's time for a little bugling by the Boxley Stud himself!! "I'm the Alpha Male!"
This week we stopped by a field near the Buffalo River to watch an elk herd that appears around dusk. I thought these shots from about 250 yards turned out pretty well, considering that I shot them in low light with my hand-held Nikon P100, zoomed out to 26x. The late evening sun really gave their coats a lot of bronzed color!
????? Fantastic! ahhhhh....there is nothing like an alpha male!
????? · 2010-10-20: 19:22
????? Awesome! I have expected to see them locking horns.
Can't wait to see the captions!
????? · 2010-10-20: 19:27
HoosierAtHeART Wow! I would never had realized there was elk in Arkansas!
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-10-20: 19:49
SunFlower1990 Nicely captured!!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-10-20: 19:53
photodeclair beautiful set !
photodeclair · 2010-10-20: 19:54
DancingDolphin Jezz... aren't you glad 'real men' don't act like this!!? :-)
DancingDolphin · 2010-10-20: 19:57
jtnelso Great shots, Mom! I'm hoping to see these guys on Saturday. You can learn their names on Arkansas Wildlife Photography.
jtnelso · 2010-10-20: 20:09
photosbydebbie As always great shots girl! I post 5 little deer on "Highways and Byways" and you get the Big Boys....kinda pales in comparison....LOL! Would have loved to of seen this.
photosbydebbie · 2010-10-20: 20:24
JustGarden Fantastic set, Brenda. Thanks for all the information. Are these elks protected?
JustGarden · 2010-10-20: 21:30
bandg8 Nice set !
bandg8 · 2010-10-20: 22:48
threepeas Very nice job...especially in low light! I've seen elk on the north coast of California but I've never witnessed such behavior...that must've been interesting!
threepeas · 2010-10-20: 23:14
karmankwarner Very Nice captures.
karmankwarner · 2010-10-20: 23:31
catdad Great set!! Some really good looking Elk! cd
catdad · 2010-10-20: 23:57
darfoster It's a wonderful sight to see and you got some fabulous shots!
darfoster · 2010-10-21: 00:16
Kozuka Awesome! well done.
Kozuka · 2010-10-21: 01:38
RayNvb Great set and story. Realy good shots considering your situation.
RayNvb · 2010-10-21: 06:17
????? Amazing captures, they came all to greet you :) Luck, and yoy recorded so very well Brenda!
????? · 2010-10-21: 06:43
Lynda Great set
Lynda · 2010-10-21: 08:00
ArtBee Excellent captures Brenda! Close enough to catch the action...far enough to not become part of the action.....haha
ArtBee · 2010-10-21: 09:36
cariad Fantastic...amazing creatures well captured :)
cariad · 2010-10-21: 10:13
Ole365 Incredible set!
Ole365 · 2010-10-21: 17:21
MoMac Love your commentary and fantastic shots on the antics of the herd.
MoMac · 2010-10-21: 17:31
lgnelson Great series, and a great evening to watch the elk at Boxley!
lgnelson · 2010-10-21: 19:20
gonia excellent again!how pretty!
gonia · 2010-10-22: 13:45
onlyricky oh brenda, you made me smile with this set! :)
this is what i call a stud! lol ;)
onlyricky · 2010-10-22: 15:09
beth0110 Brenda! I always love your imagination and creativity :) these really turned out great.
beth0110 · 2010-10-22: 18:34
wildduck Fantastic set!
wildduck · 2010-10-23: 08:33
lynnsgallery2 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! You captured some wonderful images :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-10-24: 20:11
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