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"RED, WHITE & BLUE" - Veteran's Day

I took this shot of the red, white and blue skies over a huge American flag in Branson, Missouri, USA
On every national holiday, our local veterans display American flags all the way around the county courthouse, plus along the side streets. Many of these are memorial flags that were placed on the caskets of veterans who have died - they were donated by family members. This is my photo of a painting that Larry purchased to hang in his office at the bank - it is now in his home office. This week, the flags are flying for Veteran's Day.
This is also my shot of a painting that was hanging in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Little Rock. Enlarged, it has great textures!
Every time I see the flag of the United States of America, it gives me chills. And I've never heard this Johnny Cash song, "Ragged Old Flag", that I don't cry. Larry and I had the privilege of seeing this Arkansas native sing to a small group of bankers in Florida - and he finished his concert with this number. It's always been a favorite of mine - and a wonderful tribute to each American veteran who has served this country through the years! Happy Veteran's Day to all the vets and especially my husband, former Navy Lt. Larry G. Nelson, who received the Navy Commendation Medal from Vietnam!
MoMac WoW fantastic set that first one is fantastic.
MoMac · 2010-11-10: 16:11
karmankwarner Very Nice, Love the Johnny Cashy song....#1 is Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful!
karmankwarner · 2010-11-10: 16:35
????? Oh my gosh... Brenda!
#1 is sooooo stunning!
Straight to my favs.
????? · 2010-11-10: 16:43
????? Great work !very inspiring....
????? · 2010-11-10: 16:44
giancaf very interesting shots
giancaf · 2010-11-10: 16:55
atszabo Great tribute, Brenda! And I just love that voice, so very beautiful!
atszabo · 2010-11-10: 17:12
darfoster Wonderful tribute!
darfoster · 2010-11-10: 17:25
Shaparak Do you know your flag is insulted in some part of world!
I'm sorry! ... I wish the world was managed by elite of wisdoms and noble people!
Shaparak · 2010-11-10: 18:53
inspiredimages Lovely Brenda!
inspiredimages · 2010-11-10: 19:18
mujay #1 . beautiful post . beautiful red sky.
mujay · 2010-11-10: 19:35
kmack The first shot is just beautiful! I love the red white and blue sky with the flag flying!
kmack · 2010-11-10: 21:29
NellyBly Amazing how patriotic the sky is..great capture! Love the other tributes to vets too..my hubby was in the Navy in VietNam also...Well done!
NellyBly · 2010-11-10: 21:46
????? Wow Brenda, number 1 is spectacular. And what a nice set for Veteran's day.
????? · 2010-11-10: 22:19
catdad Beautiful Set , Nice Tribute, Brenda !! Paid my dues, Navy also 67- 72, Vietnam Vet !! cd
catdad · 2010-11-11: 00:03
????? how fabulous!!!! a long long time ago I posted a "ragged old flag" post and that is what this reminded me of before I read the script; that song always makes me cry!!!!! Great pics!
????? · 2010-11-11: 00:04
beth0110 Brenda, you always know just how to say things. beautiful set. (glad the 2nd one is a painting 'cause I was going to say your photo looked like a painting !) great tribute
beth0110 · 2010-11-11: 00:45
Yokai # 1 is really a great shot!!
Yokai · 2010-11-11: 01:03
LotoFoto Beautiful!
I love that painting :)
LotoFoto · 2010-11-11: 02:20
hannamagnusson Beautiful set, the first sky is so dramatic!
hannamagnusson · 2010-11-11: 03:00
Kozuka Fantastic! My fav 1#! :)
Kozuka · 2010-11-11: 04:21
RayNvb Great set Brenda! What a glorious sky you captured. And what better occasion to post it. Very nice!!
RayNvb · 2010-11-11: 05:18
ArtBee What a fantastic Tribute! Excellent post Brenda!
ArtBee · 2010-11-11: 10:09
????? awesome post Brenda!
????? · 2010-11-11: 10:44
Eiram Fantastic sky...and a great tribute!
Eiram · 2010-11-11: 12:29
Gerad Very beautiful and interesting
Gerad · 2010-11-11: 12:53
lookagain Thanks to all veterans who have served....a beautiful tribute this is, Brenda! Hate to say I don't think I've ever heard that Johnny Cash song....I'll go look for it. My daughter, Lindsay, and her HS choir went to Washington, D.C.....they sang "Proud to Be an American" one evening at the Vietnam Memorial - you can bet it was a very emotional experience...
lookagain · 2010-11-11: 16:14
imrepapa Fantastic sky, beautiful pictures!
imrepapa · 2010-11-11: 16:18
Goldbrandi Hello,Brenda!

Wooow!Fantastic shots!
Superb set and nice colors,my friend!

Goldbrandi · 2010-11-12: 11:55
Ole365 A very nice tribute!
Ole365 · 2010-11-12: 14:28
????? A fantastic special set, Brenda!!
????? · 2010-11-14: 01:02
wildduck Great set!
wildduck · 2010-11-15: 11:01
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