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Mystic Theme - "Mardi Gras from Above"

Every one came dressed to "Let the Good Times Roll" or "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler"!
The local high school band marched to Michael Jackson music and stopped to do the "Thriller Dance"
Party-goers posed for my shot
Most of the parade watchers wore beads, but chains??
I think this guy saw me taking his picture...(I dig those green shoes in the background!)
In such cold weather, I wanted to go tell this guy to put more clothes on his sweet baby!
This float boasts a gilded and gold Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz"
This little beauty was waiting for the next beads or candy to be thrown to the watchers
This dog was probably warmer than anyone at the parade!
An "Alice in Wonderland" float. Sorry I didn't get a shot of Alice - the men gave her the "Best (Least) Dressed Trophy"!
I loved this shot of the mask from above and behind!
Lots of people walked and carried decorated parasols on the mile-long route!
Last Saturday we watched a Mardi Gras parade from an outdoor terrace ABOVE the one-way street, filled with young and old party-goers! It was cloudy, 34 degrees F, but felt like 25F! We stood out there taking photos for over an hour and almost froze in place! But, it was so fun to watch all the people having fun!!

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joycephotography Great set.
joycephotography · 2011-03-09: 16:19
mystic1 Wow fantastic captures nice for the theme
mystic1 · 2011-03-09: 16:47
maudlaurens Un set intéressant Brenda ; Carnaval est fêté partout dans le monde !!
maudlaurens · 2011-03-09: 16:48
karmankwarner What wonderful captures...I like the guy who noticed you...He almost looks as if he was surprized to be getting captured...(maybe he was supposed to be at work)...LOL
karmankwarner · 2011-03-09: 18:53
lookagain Tons of fun!!! You certainly caught everyone having a great time!!
lookagain · 2011-03-09: 19:01
darfoster Great fun, colorful set! Thanks for taking us along!
darfoster · 2011-03-09: 20:31
jeffcornish Great one Brenda! You captured this so well! 9 to my favs!
jeffcornish · 2011-03-09: 21:03
DancingDolphin It's always fun to work from a new perspective! I love the umbrellas!
DancingDolphin · 2011-03-09: 21:16
lgnelson Great series - fun day!
lgnelson · 2011-03-09: 21:22
NellyBly Very good coverage from above! All colors and smiles, I have never seen the chains either :-)
NellyBly · 2011-03-09: 21:45
mrmeliska Great color in this set....
mrmeliska · 2011-03-09: 22:44
liveandletlive Great set Miss Brenda!!! I have to ask, did you get any beads????
liveandletlive · 2011-03-09: 22:50
RayNvb I have never been to this happening. I thought that I would get there while I still had some party in me. I think I waited too long!! Very enjoyable set!!!
RayNvb · 2011-03-10: 01:30
jennye Looks like so much fun!! ...and you got some fantastic shots!!!
jennye · 2011-03-10: 06:57
ArtBee Mardi Gras Looks like a blast! There is a celebration every year in Toronto Ontario much like this one but is a Trinidad and Tobago event. Lavish costumes are adorned and diplayed in a parade. There are events all over town. You got some really great shots from the top looking down. Good idea for the theme!
ArtBee · 2011-03-10: 08:24
threepeas You caught some interesting people...nice set! Love the baby.
threepeas · 2011-03-10: 12:48
imrepapa Funny set, great parade!
imrepapa · 2011-03-10: 14:29
miltonjacob lot of fun! nice series
miltonjacob · 2011-03-10: 16:01
cariad Looks like a lot of fun...fantastic colourful set...the parasols are amazing
cariad · 2011-03-11: 01:54
SunFlower1990 Nice!
SunFlower1990 · 2011-03-11: 15:32
wildduck Great!
wildduck · 2011-03-12: 13:56
vterezia well done .........NICE SET!!!
vterezia · 2011-03-18: 13:05
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