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karabana · 2014-10-31: 00:13
LOL! I'm a cat lover, too! And they're perfect for Halloween - orange and black!
Thanks, you're right, they're my Halloween cats.
josy63 · 2014-10-30: 02:40
The second one looks like the Bride of Frankenstein"!
Thanks Brenda. Yes, it is a bit it...
This is the my son’s work... The evolution of people formated by the connected world which would make lose our soul, he says.
girafferacing · 2014-10-29: 18:25
Fantastic photo! "Into the wild, blue (grey) yonder!"
Thanks again Brenda. We popped in again this afternoon and it was even greyer than on Sunday - I hardly believed that was possible!
girafferacing · 2014-10-29: 18:23
Reply ⇔ Dappled light
Soft, simple and serene. Lovely, Helen.
Thank you Brenda!
renatomartins · 2014-10-29: 16:01
The lighting is magnificent and the use of b/w magnifies all the little details so well. I've enjoyed all your recent shots in monochrome.
Thank you Brenda
jeffcornish · 2014-10-28: 17:21
Reply ⇔ Hand-to-Eye
My head feels about that big most of the time!
I know what you mean. My brain is shrinking!
borogovoi · 2014-10-28: 12:25
Reply ⇔ ... Yesterday
You photos always look like postcards - so lovely, P!
Thank you so much, Brenda ... Have a nice day !
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-10-28: 07:54
What a nice set, K! I would like anything you bought for me in #2! I do love hats and coats! :)
Thank you, Brenda. I have the photo of Max Mara shop in Venice and I'm going to upload some day :-)
LouiH · 2014-10-27: 19:03
This is one gorgeous shot, Loui! BTW...the Ozark Mountains where we live are gorgeous - and you'd have free room and board! :)
That is a very kind invitation Brenda, maybe one day we will pay you a visit :-)
MoMac · 2014-10-27: 10:56
Reply ⇔ Two in one
What a lovely image, Moira! Thanks for including the art information, too. I had the privilege of seeing "The Pieta" when it was at the New York World's Fair in 1964!
I Try to take note of who were the artists too, actually these were taken when no one was watching as it was seemingly Forbidden to take photos but many were doing so.