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MoMac · 2015-07-26: 11:36
Reply ⇔ Sister
Precious photos of your pretty faces!
thanks Brenda
GoBlues · 2015-07-26: 08:55
Oh, my goodness - I didn't realize this was the house you were living in! Holy moly - glad you're okay and hope you can get back in soon!
Yes, I live in a basement apartment and currently there are four renters who share a common space upstairs ( a couple and a single girl and a single guy ). The owner/landlady used to live upstairs; but she took a job and moved out of state last year. We were able to move back in on July 1st :), as the engineer feels it will be safe to live in during repairs. Repairs are supposed to begin tomorrow - Monday July 27th!!!
GoBlues · 2015-07-26: 08:48
Reply ⇔ Uprooted
Wow - you really got hit! So sorry for your damage, but the earlier pictures show that it could have been worse for you! Thankful....
Yes, it could have been a lot worse!!! And we all are extremely thankful that nobody was home when it happened :))
angil · 2015-07-24: 02:36
My goodness - where are you going? Looks like a long flight - can't wait to see the photos! (And I adore Diana's voice - and envy her beautiful long legs!)
Final destination is in the last map. :-)
Yves51 · 2015-07-16: 20:12
Reply ⇔ nest building
You did great to catch them in so many different phases of nest-building. I really like #3!
thank you so much...
timepiece · 2015-07-16: 15:01
This was fascinating for me, so I imagine you were excited to see all the intricacies, TP! Thanks for showing us the setting, the piece, and the diagram of it's workings.
Yes it was great and the room steward was pleased to have someone interested in her exhibits to talk to!!!
angil · 2015-07-16: 09:32
Four outstanding shots here, A! The details are so clear, I feel as if I could touch the feathers! Love the third one!
Thank you Brenda. I had to get real close to him. :-)
marilynx · 2015-07-16: 08:58
I tried to capture a hummer moth once, and was an abysmal failure! At least I can see his "beak" in yours! They are so pretty!
I shall try again using Sadhya's help. Mx
MoMac · 2015-07-16: 08:10
My favorite is the last one, with the sail boat and the oil rig. Pretty shades of blue in each, though.
revenant · 2015-07-16: 04:47
I like the lines that seem to extend into forever, but I'm so thankful I don't have to live like that or look at it every day! :)
You and me both.