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kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-09-14: 21:57
These make me feel as if I'm secretly looking into their lives! Excellent angles, rich details and superb compositions, especially #2 and 5.
Thank you, Brenda ! Your words encourage me ! I love taking and seeing street shots because it makes me feel as if I was there and saw their lives, as you say.
NellyBly · 2014-09-14: 18:15
#2 & 3 are beautiful, but I like the softened edit in #4.
Thanks Brenda so much! It is taller than me :-)
MoMac · 2014-09-14: 17:59
Reply ⇔ Sunday gallery
Simply beautiful, Moira! If you added to it, I fear it would distract from the pretty bloom and the lovely line of trees! As is, they compliment each other. I always enjoy your Sunday Galleries!
Thanks very much and I enjoy your bike treks with Larry too, I feel as if I know all America now LOL!!!!
StillBill · 2014-09-12: 21:03
StillBill So you like all the Ohio orange barrels, huh. lol It's always nice when it's done but
we've sure had our fair share of time delay construction the last couple years.
StillBill · 2014-09-12: 21:01
StillBill Just play it by ear. If you don't actually make it to Columbus and
have a close estimate where you guys would be at lunch or dinner
time,,,, we'd love to meet you for that if possible. No pressure. lol
Just see what might or might not workout. Thanks
josy63 · 2014-09-06: 02:16
I was recently telling a friend about Photoblog - and I took her to your site to show her what fantastic photography is displayed on PB! I admire your work so much and this post is another example of how talented you are, Josy. These are truly exquisite and a feast for the eyes!
Your comment leaves me speechless Brenda, but I can tell you sincere many thanks and that I'm extremely honored !
NellyBly · 2014-09-05: 15:40
NellyBly I certainly understand! I would love to be in Nova Scotia too :-)) Guess I'll have to settle for Arkansas this year.
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-09-03: 07:40
Reply ⇔ Entrance doors
I like a set with a theme - and the details in each doorway are very nicely captured, K!
That's it ! The word, DOORWAY ! I was not sure what the word is the most appropriate to the title and I chose, "entrance doors." I have a set with the same theme taken in Paris and Italy, and I'm going to upload some day. Thank you !
StillBill · 2014-09-02: 22:35
As my granddaughter would say, "I yike your yeyyow"!
LOL Thank you ! Aren't they fun !!!
CHOSSID · 2014-08-24: 22:26
This story and shot inspire me to prayer...
I have the Red Alert app on my phone and say Psalms every time they send rockets against Israel..... As well as much of the day...