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karabana · 2014-04-21: 20:13
Reply ⇔ Day 110 - Eggs
"He is risen, indeed!" Sweet set, Kara!
Thanks a lot, hope you had a nice Easter weekend also.
GaryEngland4 · 2014-04-21: 11:24
GaryEngland4 My Grandson is my 2nd chance at (Sort Of) parenthood. I always worked long and crazy hours while I was in the media back then. Now spending time is so important for him as well as for myself ... I can't get that time back that I lost with my children back then while making a living for them. But now that I'm calling the shots (Sorry about the "Shots" pun :-) ,, I can spend all the time that I want with him ...
GaryEngland4 · 2014-04-20: 22:17
Sweet photos of sweet faces! I especially love #3 - you caught a great moment in that one. Inflation - our kids just got a quarter! :)
He's our only grandchild living near us. Think he just might be a little bit spoiled :-)
darfoster · 2014-04-16: 22:40
These are outstanding, Dar! I'm impressed. I stayed outside in the 30 degree weather for about three hours and mine aren't nearly so good!
Thanks, it was soooo cold. I went in and out, but got so cold that I couldn't warm up and had to take a hot bath. The tripod helped a lot!
lookwhatisaw · 2014-04-14: 14:21
lookwhatisaw And a blessed Easter week to you, as well :-)
LouiH · 2014-04-11: 16:17
Very inviting!
Paused on my way to work, so very inviting!
MoMac · 2014-04-11: 12:33
Reply ⇔ snoozing!!!:)
I love this time of year when baby calves fill the fields! Yours is darling!
these ones are in stalls though , not sure they get out very often.
JustGarden · 2014-04-11: 12:22
Beautiful details in the buildings and reflections of the clouds. Where is this, Joe?
Brenda, that would be in Houston. Sorry it took so long to reply, but have had four weeks of visitors in AZ. People trying to escape the winter in the north. Joe
JustGarden · 2014-04-11: 12:14
Back to say "well done, Joe!" A fitting and well-deserved Featured Photo, my friend!
Thanks Brenda. Just finished four week of friends visiting. Whew. Now trying to catch up. Joe
karabana · 2014-04-07: 22:55
Great clarity in the feathers and the reflection, Kara!
Thanks very much.