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SimpleScene · 2016-05-29: 20:48
Beautiful sun and shadows in this image - with wonderful details in the building. Good camera work here, SS!
Thanks so much! It was truly a wonderful place to visit as well.
SimpleScene · 2016-05-29: 20:46
SimpleScene Hey Brenda! I'm excited to see some amazing photos of people from all over the world! Also, thanks for the suggestion. I will update my profile soon. Thanks for the welcome. I'm loving PB so far :)
SimpleScene · 2016-05-29: 20:42
Reply ⇔ Class of 2014
Always a fun scene! We just attended our grandson's graduation!
I agree! Congrats to your grandson for graduating!
popparatzee · 2016-05-29: 20:19
I absolutely guffawed when I saw this post! And I crave those little cookies!!!!
That's what made me get them! lol
angil · 2016-05-29: 12:14
That made me giggle! Great capture and caption!
Nothing like a good giggle. .-))
timepiece · 2016-05-29: 10:00
She deserves that and a lot more! Thanks for letting us know, TP - and wishing BB a super duper day!
Will do - thanks for very nice comment.
GoBlues · 2016-05-29: 08:54
One of my favorite songs! I love when you show us photos of your church, inside and out!
Thanks, so much!!!
marilynx · 2016-05-29: 07:14
I'm as fascinated by the way you do the backgrounds in your work as I am the featured feathers! You always accent the bird so well! This is gorgeous - bright and bold!
Thank you Brenda.
I am so pleased you mentioned the background because the image I was copying didn't have a background, just the white paper.
I asked my husband what he thought as I thought it too stark, as did he.
So the toucan got a soft green/yellow, brown backdrop... when he blends in rather than popping out! Mxx
jeffcornish · 2016-05-24: 09:44
Reply ⇔ Room for Growth
Jeff, you need to publish a book with your wonderful captures and witty captions! You could retire - and I wholeheartedly recommend retirement!!
You are too kind Brenda! Thank you. How about greeting cards too?!! I can only hope retirement is as fulfilling as yours and Larry's! You are my heroes!!!
McMommy · 2016-05-22: 21:27
Reply ⇔ 34/100
That should be on a Hallmark card!
aw, thanks Brenda!