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jinke · 2015-05-28: 10:12
Reply ⇔ 翠玉色の池
I like the varying shades of blues and greens in these soft and serene images.
dogydad2 · 2015-05-24: 16:15
What a cute set! Love your photos of the cowgirls and cowpokes!
Thanks again, Brenda! Yeah, the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, have a plethora of photo ops!
dogydad2 · 2015-05-24: 16:12
Beautiful colors and variety of shots. Have a blessed Sunday, DD2!
Thanks Brenda! Wishing You & Yours, the very best, as well!!!
renatomartins · 2015-05-21: 17:39
p.s. It's SO great to see you here again - I've missed your images, R!
Thank you Brenda for your lovely words...
gonia · 2015-05-21: 15:43
Reply ⇔ House
I absolutely love the second one with the reflections from outside and the lacy curtains on the inside! Good work, Maggie!
thank you very much. I like this house all.Maggie ps greetings for Larry
MoMac · 2015-05-21: 10:26
Reply ⇔ My captures
Great captures of you day's event! I bet the umbrellas are to protect their delicate skin from the sun!
No they are the girls who hold the umbrella's to shade the leading cyclists before the start. LOL like the Egyptians did in the past with their kings but with palm leaves was it to shade or fan them?
maudlaurens · 2015-05-21: 07:26
Reply ⇔ Calins
Elle est si jolie, Maud - la joie de votre cœur!
Merci Brenda !! Oui c'était une adorable petite fille pleine de gaieté ! Elle est devenue une maman, qui adore ses deux petites filles, qui sont aussi jolies qu'elle !!
borogovoi · 2015-05-21: 05:45
Reply ⇔ ... Sunset
How bright and bold - rich and vivid colors!
Thank you very much Brenda, have a nice day !!!
dogydad2 · 2015-05-20: 21:47
dogydad2 Your excellent photos, keep me right there with you! Thanks! Keep on Keepin' On!!!
timepiece · 2015-05-20: 16:02
Wow - such a fun set, TP - making memories! I especially like #11, 13 & 14!
Thank you very much - its always good to look back on holiday adventures!!!