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karabana · 2014-10-25: 17:01
Reply ⇔ I got the job!
You'll be a huge success, Kara! We always told our children, "Do your best!" - it's the most you can do!
Thanks so much, I sure hope so, all I can is my best. :)
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-10-25: 08:13
Great low-light shots, K - love #4. What an adventurous life you lead!
Thank you, Brenda. I've been tried to take better photos at evening / night. I have more photos taken at night during my trip in Tokyo, and I'm going to upload soon. Have a nice weekend !
SADHYA · 2014-10-21: 14:20
These are exquisite, Sadhya! Especially the subtle colors of the first one. Usually I think b/w gives more details and clarity, but between the two of these, I see more in the colored image. #1 to my favorites.
So pleased you like them Brenda. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
McMommy · 2014-10-21: 07:23
Reply ⇔ moving on up
I don't know about the camera....but....the first one is beautiful and the second is wonderful!
Thanks so much Brenda :)
McMommy · 2014-10-21: 07:22
Reply ⇔ she and i
Sweet photo of sweet faces!
Thanks Brenda :)
atszabo · 2014-10-19: 18:22
An amazing set, Agi. It's been far too long since I've come to "visit" you here on PB!
Hi Brenda! So goid to see you visiting! It has been a busy period for me, too, much less time to spend on PB, but even if I do not get the chance to comment, i do follow sour travels here and on Facebook, as well! Glad to see you enjoying your retirement!
MoMac · 2014-10-19: 17:03
I choose the first one because of the composition and the clarity. Are you gonna paint it????
Actually that is what I answered to marilynx's comment. Great minds think alike :)
Not sure if I will paint this actual photograph . But I am looking for an inspiration to paint some flowers again.
popparatzee · 2014-10-19: 13:52
Reply ⇔ handmade
This is an awesome shot, Ken! The use of fabric for the background is a nice touch.
My grandfather's scissors, and his old ironing table, lol
skmarar · 2014-10-15: 03:05
I always like the feeling that mist/fog can add to an image, especially #11 & 14. I would never have dreamed that it would be cold there!
Thick foggy weather accompanied by drizzling rain… in Dubai, mercury was hovering in 110F, so we couldn't have asked for more :)
skmarar · 2014-10-14: 09:38
What an adventure for you! It seems odd to see street lights in what appears to be "the middle of nowhere"! I interviewed Jamie Clarke from Canada who crossed "The Empty Quarter" of Arabia on foot and camel - the fir...
"In 1999 Jamie became the first Westerner to cross the Empty Quarter of Arabia in fifty years. His team of six (including three Bedouin) spent 40 days crossing the desert with a caravan of 13 camels." - that's some effort, Brenda. For my trip, risk was that most part of the distance was two-way road with no street lights. And vehicles were speeding at 160Kmph. So overtaking vehicles, especially heavy trucks was quite risky as it was difficult to judge the speed of the vehicles coming from opposite direction. Otherwise roads were pretty good.