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GoBlues · 2015-08-31: 20:20
Happy for you that all the turmoil is behind you now! Enjoy your "new" home, GB!
Thanks so much!!! Me, too :))
popparatzee · 2015-08-31: 19:03
Reply ⇔ bonita cuba
Your monochrome shots are just great, Ken - always adds such charm or drama to them! Lookin' good, my man!
Awww.... thanks for saying that :). When I was younger, I never had photos of me, and wouldn't let anyone take them. I was" carrying" about 410 lbs then. Couple hundred later, and I'm actually taking selfies. Imagine that.
busybee · 2015-08-31: 12:39
She's heading toward "stunning"! (What is the item behind her of you and the camera? Is it a photo album?)
Yes my sister created this (company on line) done for my 65th birthday last year. It contained a mixture of her and my photography, family and friends, grandchildren, special occasions, also my visits to France and her visits to UK it was a complete surprise and I love it.
angil · 2015-08-31: 11:32
"Mercy Me" is right! That makes me feel suffocated - I can't imagine living with so many other people around! Your images really captured the human crowding.
That's how I felt. :-)
angil · 2015-08-31: 11:31
I enjoy photos captured from moving vehicles - they add a certain "life's movement" to the image.
My intention was to show other parts of India out of the urban network. These are pictures taken by my wife.
revenant · 2015-08-30: 09:45
Reply ⇔ KISS 2
Outstanding clarity in the b/w - and the angle allows us to see over, and around, and through the sculpture.
Thanks, Brenda. This relatively modern sculpture stands at the sea entrance to a port that was totally destroyed during the war. It's quite famous (I'm not particularly fond of it, to be honest), but every article I read about it points out its weight (> 200 metric tonnes). I don't know why they do, but that's the story.
beth0110 · 2015-08-29: 16:02
He's still a cute little redhead! #4 makes my heart smile....
he is a big 9 year old now :) and the red seems like it is going to stay !!! Aidan adores his papa and they have a fun relationship :) He certainly didn't offer to help gut that fish by the way and I was a bit surprised.
gonia · 2015-08-25: 14:23
Your father is very handsome, Maggie - he certainly looks appreciative of the strawberry "cake" (which we would call a "pie")! And that pan that covers it seems to have been used several times for tasty treats! I have some that look just as utilized!
yes [erhaps better word is pie - to bake I use silicone one where I can bike without fat putting on its walls. But for transport old ones were better! My father is old but still he looks nice - handsome. I'm his daughter!
marilynx · 2015-08-25: 02:39
I'm so glad I came to find your Sunday Gallery! The colors and the textures plus the lines of the fronds are just a beautiful combination! Lovely, Mx!
Thanks so much Brenda. Mx
dogydad2 · 2015-08-25: 00:04
dogydad2 My pleasure, as always, Brenda!