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My name is Brenda Nelson and I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA. My husband Larry ("lgnelson" on PB) and I have been married for 44 years - with 2 grown children (plus their spouses) and 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). I'm a Christian homemaker, who also did a morning radio program for 34 years - 3 hours a day of news, music and daily interviews. (Thus, the name "DJ Nana"). However, in June 2009, my husband and I both retired! And we quickly discovered that life is really just beginning!

Larry and I enjoy travelling and playing golf, singing together (we met in a college music group), riding our motorcycle across the country, and doing projects that make a difference in the world through groups like Rotary International, World Vision, and our church.

I hope that God allows us many more years to enjoy each other and His beautiful creation - carrying our golf clubs and cameras! I can't wait for the next great "shot"!



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darfoster · 2014-10-31: 13:02
Fantastic low-light images, Dar, especially #3 & 8! I wish we'd had time to spend in Vancouver, but since we didn't, I'll be travelling with you the next few days!
Thanks so much!
karabana · 2014-10-31: 00:13
LOL! I'm a cat lover, too! And they're perfect for Halloween - orange and black!
Thanks, you're right, they're my Halloween cats.
josy63 · 2014-10-30: 02:40
The second one looks like the Bride of Frankenstein"!
Thanks Brenda. Yes, it is a bit it...
This is the my son’s work... The evolution of people formated by the connected world which would make lose our soul, he says.
girafferacing · 2014-10-29: 18:25
Fantastic photo! "Into the wild, blue (grey) yonder!"
Thanks again Brenda. We popped in again this afternoon and it was even greyer than on Sunday - I hardly believed that was possible!
girafferacing · 2014-10-29: 18:23
Reply ⇔ Dappled light
Soft, simple and serene. Lovely, Helen.
Thank you Brenda!
renatomartins · 2014-10-29: 16:01
The lighting is magnificent and the use of b/w magnifies all the little details so well. I've enjoyed all your recent shots in monochrome.
Thank you Brenda
jeffcornish · 2014-10-28: 17:21
Reply ⇔ Hand-to-Eye
My head feels about that big most of the time!
I know what you mean. My brain is shrinking!
borogovoi · 2014-10-28: 12:25
Reply ⇔ ... Yesterday
You photos always look like postcards - so lovely, P!
Thank you so much, Brenda ... Have a nice day !
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-10-28: 07:54
What a nice set, K! I would like anything you bought for me in #2! I do love hats and coats! :)
Thank you, Brenda. I have the photo of Max Mara shop in Venice and I'm going to upload some day :-)
LouiH · 2014-10-27: 19:03
This is one gorgeous shot, Loui! BTW...the Ozark Mountains where we live are gorgeous - and you'd have free room and board! :)
That is a very kind invitation Brenda, maybe one day we will pay you a visit :-)