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My name is Brenda Nelson and I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA. My husband Larry ("lgnelson" on PB) and I have been married for 46 years - with 2 married children and 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). I'm a Christian homemaker, who also did a morning radio program for 34 years - 3 hours a day of news, music and daily interviews. (Thus, the name "DJ Nana"). However, in June 2009, my husband and I both retired! And we quickly discovered that life was really just beginning!

Larry and I enjoy travelling and playing golf, singing together (we met in a college music group), riding our motorcycle across the country, and doing projects that make a difference in the world through groups like Rotary International, World Vision, and our church.

I hope that God allows us many more years to enjoy each other and His beautiful creation - carrying our golf clubs and cameras! I can't wait for the next great "shot"!



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MoMac · 2016-02-10: 07:08
Great color, textures, and clarity, Moira - I like the little sprig of green on the ledge!
borogovoi · 2016-02-10: 03:21
Very soft and serene, Paolo - a lovely evening setting.
Thank you dear Brenda ..... ;o)
jeffcornish · 2016-02-09: 18:07
The economy over the past several years has taken its toll on PA, hasn't it? Yet, this shot seems so hopeful....
Yes it does Brenda. The economy in the Pittsburgh area has been pretty robust. It took a big hit in the 70s and 80s with the demise of the steel industry. But it has rebounded to become a financial, medical and tech center. The fracking industry has been big too, until recently.

But as you can see the remnants of big industry are still here. The library system here bears the name of Andrew Carnegie and his generosity is seen everywhere. Giving away almost all of your wealth was unheard of back then.
dogydad2 · 2016-02-07: 17:22
Reply ⇔ What the....
What the hay? I'm a sucker for a rearview mirror shot, especially this reversed one! The scene has beautiful lighting!
Thanks, Brenda! This was just a little perception/imagination experiment, to see if I could suspend my normal way of looking at things, which, in this case, would be to just see an upside down photo, but instead have an alternative perception of the image, as being a scene from another world ........just for fun......May be a hangover from my old daze as a "Hippy", in the 60's, ...........(((grin/grimace)))
dogydad2 · 2016-02-07: 17:12
I love, Love, LOVE these shots, Jay! We're hoping to see them for ourselves this summer when we ride Olympic NP - we'll be in touch!
Thanks, Brenda!
I'd love to meet you all, when you're passing through!
As you know, Port Angeles is on the Olympic Peninsula....
Please keep me posted!
MoMac · 2016-02-07: 09:45
They are so lovely and iridescent, Moira! Nice captures!
girafferacing · 2016-02-04: 06:35
Reply ⇔ Dappled skies
There is not a greater shot than a solitary tree - unless it's surrounded by mist and cool clouds!
I agree Brenda! No mist on this occasion but I'm sure there will be a time when there is!
angil · 2016-01-31: 11:07
I assume it's an edit that gave the image such softness - it's lovely. But the poem is especially meaningful today, Antonio - hopeful words.
I'm glad you've liked it dear Brenda
sweetspy · 2016-01-31: 09:14
Gorgeous colors in #2 and beautiful "starshine" in the last one, SS!
thank you @djnana!
I always thought the the star flare is something that is added via photo softwares. But I was able to get it using f=14! ;) was so happy!!!
marilynx · 2016-01-31: 07:43
As much as I like the first one, I LOVE the second! The varying shades of black, grey, and white are so interesting, Mx!
It's only my bedroom light!