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My name is Brenda Nelson and I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA. My husband Larry ("lgnelson" on PB) and I have been married for 46 years - with 2 married children and 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). I'm a Christian homemaker, who also did a morning radio program for 34 years - 3 hours a day of news, music and daily interviews. (Thus, the name "DJ Nana"). However, in June 2009, my husband and I both retired! And we quickly discovered that life was really just beginning!

Larry and I enjoy travelling and playing golf, singing together (we met in a college music group), riding our motorcycle across the country, and doing projects that make a difference in the world through groups like Rotary International, World Vision, and our church.

I hope that God allows us many more years to enjoy each other and His beautiful creation - carrying our golf clubs and cameras! I can't wait for the next great "shot"!



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gonia · 2015-08-25: 14:23
Your father is very handsome, Maggie - he certainly looks appreciative of the strawberry "cake" (which we would call a "pie")! And that pan that covers it seems to have been used several times for tasty treats! I have some that look just as utilized!
yes [erhaps better word is pie - to bake I use silicone one where I can bike without fat putting on its walls. But for transport old ones were better! My father is old but still he looks nice - handsome. I'm his daughter!
marilynx · 2015-08-25: 02:39
I'm so glad I came to find your Sunday Gallery! The colors and the textures plus the lines of the fronds are just a beautiful combination! Lovely, Mx!
Thanks so much Brenda. Mx
dogydad2 · 2015-08-25: 00:04
dogydad2 My pleasure, as always, Brenda!
revenant · 2015-08-24: 13:46
Reply ⇔ MSM II
I adore everything about #1 - the cold structured lines and textures mixed with the softness of the clouds and sea, plus the warmth and life in the birds - all combined to make this a favorite for me. It wouldn't have been the same in color....
Thank you for your thoughtful insight (or is that "insightful thought"?). Much appreciated.
revenant · 2015-08-24: 13:45
It appears as if you have edited part of the image in black/white and the other in sepia! Nice contrasts between man-made and created.
Interesting take on the image. Actually, no. This is northern France, where skies can be steel gray above colourful landscapes.
busybee · 2015-08-23: 15:30
I'm so glad I came to this post - I love seeing your grandchildren almost as much as you do! I told you years ago that Nadine was going to be the Next Super Model!! She's gorgeous in #3!
Thank you yes they are doing ok settling now a little into life with separated parents, we give them as much stability as we can, and coming to stay here is something that hasn't changed for them it is lovely to see them start to smile again...........
Nadine is very good with her brothers they stick together like glue and are always there for each other long may this continue...........
borogovoi · 2015-08-23: 11:48
What a lovely portrait of a family!
Thank you my friend Brenda ........ !!!
angil · 2015-08-23: 05:20
What pretty photos and what powerful prose you coordinated in this set!
Merit to those who wrote this poem. Thank you dear Brenda
NellyBly · 2015-08-22: 15:51
Gorgeous captures, Sara! We've had the fewest b-flies ever this year. I miss them, so I'm glad I got to see yours!
Thanks very much, Brenda :-) We don't have as many either..just a few varieties, mostly these big swallowtails, blue, black and brown.
NellyBly · 2015-08-22: 00:14
The first one is so cute and #3 is so sweet! Drew's still a little doll!
Thanks very much, Brenda :-)