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My name is Brenda Nelson and I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA. My husband Larry ("lgnelson" on PB) and I have been married for 44 years - with 2 grown children (plus their spouses) and 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). I'm a Christian homemaker, who also did a morning radio program for 34 years - 3 hours a day of news, music and daily interviews. (Thus, the name "DJ Nana"). However, in June 2009, my husband and I both retired! And we quickly discovered that life is really just beginning!

Larry and I enjoy travelling and playing golf, singing together (we met in a college music group), riding our motorcycle across the country, and doing projects that make a difference in the world through groups like Rotary International, World Vision, and our church.

I hope that God allows us many more years to enjoy each other and His beautiful creation - carrying our golf clubs and cameras! I can't wait for the next great "shot"!



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CHOSSID · 2014-08-24: 22:26
This story and shot inspire me to prayer...
I have the Red Alert app on my phone and say Psalms every time they send rockets against Israel..... As well as much of the day...
tomie · 2014-08-12: 13:37
Incredible image, Max! One of the best I've seen on PB!
Thank you! Tomie is very sick....He doesn't eat fron 9 days.
tomie · 2014-08-12: 13:37
Incredible image, Max! One of the best I've seen on PB!
One of the best compliment i got on PB !
Yves51 · 2014-08-06: 21:18
My goodness - how proud you must be! They are a magnificent pair together!
Yes i am she works heard for it thank you very much
LouiH · 2014-08-05: 21:53
Reply ⇔ 217/365 white
Looks like a painting, Loui! Very cool capture and caption!
Thanks Brenda, have a wonderful day!
atszabo · 2014-08-04: 04:51
Reply ⇔ Evi's Big Day
What a stunning bride! Is she related to you, Agi! She's a beauty!
She is my husband's niece!
josy63 · 2014-08-04: 01:59
Great captures and caption! The late-afternoon light is warm and wonderful on his beautiful mane and markings. So pretty, Josy!
Thank you Brenda. This mare is a magnificent animal and the light played nicely with her mane and coat. Great moment for me .
AllieOska · 2014-08-03: 12:57
Reply ⇔ Red sunset
Thank you for taking us through all the changes in this fiery landscape in your photos, Allie. Beautiful lines and colors.
I am very happy that you like them :) Thank you very much for your nice comment :)
LouiH · 2014-08-03: 06:39
I love the pure exhilaration in the last one - wonderful capture of the moment!
Dad was obviously feeling the cold more so!
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-08-02: 07:34
Reply ⇔ A summer day 4
Great silhouette in #9, wonderful lighting in #7, but I love the boats AND train in #5.
Thank you for your detailed comment. I'm glad to hear that. I wish I would be in a countryside with beautiful nature, but I'm trying to look for something beautiful in the city even if it's hard to find.