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My name is Brenda Nelson and I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA. My husband Larry ("lgnelson" on PB) and I have been married for 44 years - with 2 grown children (plus their spouses) and 5 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). I'm a Christian homemaker, who also did a morning radio program for 34 years - 3 hours a day of news, music and daily interviews. (Thus, the name "DJ Nana"). However, in June 2009, my husband and I both retired! And we quickly discovered that life is really just beginning!

Larry and I enjoy travelling and playing golf, singing together (we met in a college music group), riding our motorcycle across the country, and doing projects that make a difference in the world through groups like Rotary International, World Vision, and our church.

I hope that God allows us many more years to enjoy each other and His beautiful creation - carrying our golf clubs and cameras! I can't wait for the next great "shot"!



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StillBill · 2014-10-01: 17:44
Oh, my gosh - this makes my heart pitter-patter!
Thanks... It's a beauty !
karabana · 2014-10-01: 02:14
I can NEVER get a good photo of our deer! These are great "white tails"!
Thanks so much. They can be an elusive animal. These were right off the path.
StillBill · 2014-09-29: 20:11
Another wonderful set, Bill. I really love the costumes and uniforms, but also those pretty wooden engines! Great job!
Thank you !
StillBill · 2014-09-28: 12:09
StillBill My brother went over the handlebars a year ago January....broken helmet and a concussion, broken collarbone, broken rib and punctured lung. He healed remarkedly quickly and hope your son does as well. Yes, God is good. I quiver when I see riders without a helmet.
StillBill · 2014-09-27: 20:03
Oh, my goodness, these are great shots, Bill - and what beauties those old planes are! It's hard to believe that we were fighting in the air just two decades after Orville and Wilbur!
I'll have more with them in the air soon. Can you believe they flew
at 15,000' with no oxygen or cockpit back then. So the MC at the
show was saying.
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-09-25: 07:29
Well, look at you! One day you're in Italy and the next in Japan! You show me places that I will never see except through your camera lens, K! BTW...I love the rich details and the light in the second one.
Thank you for your comment during the road trip. Yes, as you say, one day I'm in Italy, and the next day in Japan. Just for your information, I'm not a jet-setter or "celebrity" :-) For me your photos make me feel as if I were travelling in the U.S. through your camera lens and I enjoy very much. By the way, I was listening to the best of Eagles on the way to the office since I read your reply. Have a nice trip, Brenda !
popparatzee · 2014-09-20: 20:48
What a capture - what a caption! So glad that you snapped this one - I always wanted a photo of my great-grandmother's hands - all the stories they could have told!
I'm glad you like it. I thought of you when I pur up my newest one. I hope you like that one too.
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-09-14: 21:57
These make me feel as if I'm secretly looking into their lives! Excellent angles, rich details and superb compositions, especially #2 and 5.
Thank you, Brenda ! Your words encourage me ! I love taking and seeing street shots because it makes me feel as if I was there and saw their lives, as you say.
NellyBly · 2014-09-14: 18:15
#2 & 3 are beautiful, but I like the softened edit in #4.
Thanks Brenda so much! It is taller than me :-)
MoMac · 2014-09-14: 17:59
Reply ⇔ Sunday gallery
Simply beautiful, Moira! If you added to it, I fear it would distract from the pretty bloom and the lovely line of trees! As is, they compliment each other. I always enjoy your Sunday Galleries!
Thanks very much and I enjoy your bike treks with Larry too, I feel as if I know all America now LOL!!!!