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Making my first steps in the portrait world. Made this shot a few weeks ago but had some doubts posting it. Please if you have any tips on using light or other tips to improve please tell me.
This shot was taken with one backlight and a sb600 flash fill in.

DancingDolphin I agree.... this is a fabulous shot!! I love black background with her hair lit up.... the outfit and pose are perfect.... love it!!!
DancingDolphin · 2008-06-06: 17:27
????? truly precious !!! those eyes ..!!! lovely portrait!
????? · 2008-06-06: 18:04
photopoet I have no real understanding about lighting and portraits, but I do know what I like—and I like this . This is a beautiful portrait.
photopoet · 2008-06-06: 20:31
dreamshots wonderful!! I like this lighting..
dreamshots · 2008-06-06: 20:32
????? Very beautiful portrait
????? · 2008-06-06: 21:10
caroq Beautiful portrait, beautiful model!!!
caroq · 2008-06-06: 22:39
mariaps I'm not qualified to give you any tips, but what I do know is that this is an excellent portrait. Everything about it is simply lovely. The dark background and the light in her hair is exquisite. The detail of her face, scarf is so great that I feel like she is right in front of me. Truly beautiful work. :)
mariaps · 2008-06-07: 00:06
mystic1 Wow beautiful portrait, very good capture, love the lighting
mystic1 · 2008-06-07: 02:33
lar10 Nice composition and colors.
If you're into portraits, should consider getting lights other than flash!
Then, suddenly you are not photo amateur anymore ;)
lar10 · 2008-06-07: 04:47
munawwirkhan Love the backlight. Very cool capture I must say.
munawwirkhan · 2008-06-07: 05:42
????? She has magnificent eyes and a beautiful smile, a face angel!
beautiful portrait!
????? · 2008-06-07: 06:41
Kovac Wonderful portrait!
Kovac · 2008-06-07: 07:56
Madoc I don't really have studio knowledge at all.
All I can say is that in this shot, I think that the backlight and the black background look really great, but I feel the flash is a little too «hard».
Madoc · 2008-06-07: 10:29
????? Good shot take her looks from her Mum I see. An all round photographer before long.Keep it up
????? · 2008-06-07: 10:52
vollenda I think it's a beautiful portrait. I love her expression and the backlight. :)
vollenda · 2008-06-07: 13:08
TIM927 all I can say is that the light is amazing, it makes it a wonderful portrait in my opinion
TIM927 · 2008-06-07: 18:24
photoz this is beautiful.. . im an amateur, so im clueless with lights and things.. but this portrait is superb. u did a good job.. . c",)
photoz · 2008-06-08: 00:47
prasadnlv Lovely
prasadnlv · 2008-06-08: 02:42
slowpete wow great work
slowpete · 2008-06-09: 03:18
longimanus The little gipsy girl... she`s got an irresistable smile! You are such a perfectionist! You still have doubts???? I find it perfect... the backlight gives a sunset feeling... Looks great!
longimanus · 2008-06-09: 10:29
mattandbranson I think this is adorable! So fun and carefree! Just perfect for a child's portrait! Lighting can be so difficult. I think for using a flash here this is wonderful! Using a more diffused light might give a softer skin tone that is popular with children, but I adore this portrait and the backlighting is just wonderful!
mattandbranson · 2008-06-20: 17:09
chanchiewsoo Perfect!
chanchiewsoo · 2008-06-22: 00:13
????? great idea with backlighting and pretty girl
????? · 2008-06-26: 17:24
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