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Editing night again.. just wanted to see how this one looked on photoblog. please dont hold back on critics. Trying to learn:-)
????? Amazing edit version! How'd you get the sun streaming through the window to pop so much?!
????? · 2009-01-14: 18:49
astrobrojler Looked good I think ;)
astrobrojler · 2009-01-14: 19:06
focussed I like how the light looks more prominent in the edited version..but I prefer the natural more subdued tone in the wood on the floor in the 2nd shot. Thanks for posting both. Its always interesting to see!
focussed · 2009-01-14: 19:24
ppinho First for sure my friend! Testing, and testing good! :)
ppinho · 2009-01-14: 20:07
kif123 looks GOOD!
kif123 · 2009-01-14: 20:23
DancingDolphin Very nice shot! I like the second version... the soft tones fit the subject so nicely for me.
DancingDolphin · 2009-01-14: 20:23
betsymurphy Awesome!!!!
betsymurphy · 2009-01-14: 21:05
jezterr not sure what you used to straighten out the back wall (i'm assuming the warp tool since the windows a little inconsistent) - but there's a feature in ps that you can use to fix perspectives like this. let me know if you wanna learn more.
jezterr · 2009-01-14: 21:50
mariaps I absolutely love the edited version. Great shot and great work! :)
mariaps · 2009-01-14: 22:24
etodd80 I really like the edit, very well done. The only change I have is that the wood floor looks a bit too orange to me in the edited version. Love those sun rays at the top.
etodd80 · 2009-01-15: 01:20
slowpete I like the saturation
slowpete · 2009-01-15: 03:17
fahimeh2005m Great Work. I like edited Photo. :))
fahimeh2005m · 2009-01-15: 05:07
mystic1 The 2nd shot is better more clear not as dark
mystic1 · 2009-01-15: 05:08
jonggolde Ik vind de onderste foto het mooist van kleur. Het is alleen jammer dat de muur naar boven toe zo erg schuin loopt.
jonggolde · 2009-01-15: 05:40
NellyBly Really nice how the light comes in the windows on #1..:)
NellyBly · 2009-01-16: 12:43
longimanus I just love the edited version and I could only prove that if you would have heard my ahhhh when I first looked at it :-) for more reasons: the sunrays above the window are visible, I like the dark orange of the shades on the wooden floor, so intense and I think the sun is often like that in reality, her shilouettes are swimming in the same color which i find beautiful. Better contrast, more depth. I think anyone who havent seen the original would beleive the first is not edited at all. And what a beautiful model you have :-)
longimanus · 2009-01-16: 12:51
????? Very nice shots!!
????? · 2009-01-16: 22:18
????? A little of FILL in light on the person would have made a difference,the flash off the camera at the side with a cable, but the old saying practice, practice, and more pratice
????? · 2009-01-17: 12:24
petres Yes , sometimes we need to change the saturation, brightness or anything else, but in this case the best is the original. Try, not to pass trough the natural colours . Nice composition ! What you use for editing?
petres · 2009-01-17: 16:07
nadoune Beautiful shots !!!
nadoune · 2009-01-17: 22:21
miclaud The edited one is great!!
miclaud · 2009-01-18: 09:05
qarqafoto so nice!!
qarqafoto · 2009-01-18: 16:34
centurio Adorable moment
centurio · 2009-01-20: 13:10
????? You made it on the popular list! Nice work!
????? · 2009-01-21: 11:48
AnkaAnka so nice! this light!
AnkaAnka · 2009-01-22: 17:06
SheriJ Very nice! #1 Rocks!!
SheriJ · 2009-01-23: 13:32
maciut nice...#1 ;)
maciut · 2009-01-25: 05:37
NAYADES wow!!!!! really beautiful!! ^-^`
NAYADES · 2009-01-27: 10:35
MarMeer Ik vind de kleuren in de bewerkte mooier, maar in tegenstelling tot wat velen hier zeggen, de lichtinval van de ramen juist weer minder.
Tja, smaken verschillen ;)

MarMeer · 2009-01-28: 12:23
sourdragon i prefer the edited version- i'm an addict for supersaturated photos, but i think it might have been a *tiny* bit too much, especially around the girl's arm. the key is to make it look vivid- but real.

you've MASTERED aligning the geometry of the architecture with the photo's frame. i still cannot achieve that perfectly-parallel look, and i've been avoiding architecture for that very reason.

overall, great work :)
sourdragon · 2009-01-29: 02:27
elclic i prefer the edited one, a lot more warmer
elclic · 2009-01-30: 23:07
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